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  1. Ah, I obviously should have dug a little deeper before posting! I'm actually very familiar with SMW (or was at one point), that's what STEP is using for all the mod categorization and guide tables. I'm glad to hear that you guys are doing it right, although I guess I should have expected that given how well the site is doing in general. I definitely agree that more user friendly presentation would be great to see, when I get a bit of free time this weekend I can throw together some of the basic ones and make them as presentable as you can with giant tables/lists. As far as advertising th
  2. Hey all. So I was reading this thread over on reddit that was asking about which games are known to support high frame rates and I thought "I know who has a giant list of games with this kind of info, I'll bet there's a category for this!". Unfortunately upon arriving at the Borderlands 2 page, I was disappointed to see that categories for game properties/attributes have not been implemented. That should be fixed! When I was working on Project STEP's Wiki we wanted the same functionality: sort and categorize pages based on the properties defined in infoboxes and templates. This can be
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