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  1. My graphics card, a GTX 680 (getting a bit outdated, I know), updates via the GeForce Experience program, not Windows. Manually searching geforce.com for the most up-to-date drivers shows version 350.12, and checking my graphics card drivers shows it's version is also 350.12. I have never heard anything about auto-updating of drivers = bad, let alone the worst thing I could do to my PC. Please explain? Thanks for pointing out that I made a blunder with the game versions. In all my frustration, I honestly missed that. If I don't need to worry about patching (thank god) then that at
  2. I haven't tried verifying the files in uplay yet, will try that now. Thanks, I didn't think of that! I did however try the borderless mode, and my graphics drivers update automatically. I keep on top of those pretty well, making certain they do in fact update. I'll check back in in a few, let you know if verifying the files helped. Also, my version of Far Cry 4 is 1.1.0 EDIT: Finished verifying, and while it fixed some corrupted files, it's still at version 1.10.0 and nothing has changed. Still no option to patch.
  3. Today I bought Far Cry 4 for Uplay, via humblebundle.com. So far it's been nothing but a nightmare. When I start up the game, I get loads of black screens that I can only get passed by alt-tatbing out and back in. Once I get into the game, cutscenes also suffer from black screen, and I have to alt-tab again every time I want to progress even the smallest bit. As soon as I get control of the character, in the mansion, I can explore the first couple of levels, but I'm stuck unless I alt-tab again. Then the game triggers the audio cues and the objective update. Next cutscene. Again, once I get co
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