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    Mirh reacted to Blackbird in Need for Speed Underground 1 random crashes   
    Tested and confirmed from W10 VM.
    The problem is I don't know what exactly gets screwed. Ihave snapshot before installing it, but how do I even compare them dammit.
    Okay figured the solution I think. Installing the .ini files from xi.etc.zip on the site wipes out the drivers completely. This worked in the VM. My PC might have something else additionaly. FIXED
    Now the crashes.
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    Mirh reacted to Expack3 in Editing guide   
    I've been finding a few games, such as the original King's Quest (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/King%27s_Quest:_Quest_for_the_Crown#Version_differences) and Railroad Tycoon II (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Railroad_Tycoon_II#Version_differences), where there are multiple releases, each with their own differences and features. For such games, I've been adding in a "Version differences" subsection to the Availability section so people can identify what version has what. Since such situations aren't covered by the guide, how should such situations be handled?
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    Mirh reacted to Blackbird in Need for Speed Underground 1 random crashes   
    Lol why wouldn't it have a use. Without it MOUSE4/5 buttons are useless. They can't be used as buttons in games without SP. Also the huge button can't be mapped too (I use it to trigger Steam Overlay!)
    I tried disabling every HID device and nothing. One of them disables the controller in DInput games (XBOX_360_DEVICE_00:00). And yes if I stop the SCP [which is no diff than not connecting DS3 in the first place(WIRELESS WOO)] then there is no phantom UP button, but my controller has no such issue by itself. I would understand it if all games had the issue when it's connected, but it's only NFS games. Not even Porsche Unleashed has this issue.
    Basically it's something to do with 360 drivers if I had to guess.
    Also I have no idea, but is XInput Plus even supposed to work? It does literally nothing.
    lol because you don't have nvidia gpu pleb :P
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Unencrypted WD External HDDs?   
    Oh, didn't know about this. I may actually have that kind of model, but it's plugged to my Wii U so it's formatted for that particular Wii U only with proprierary file system so yay for not being able to backup my save files or use 1.5 TB of free space for anything else on that drive! (Because I had 500GB USB powered HDD earlier but Wii U system update broke the compatibility and my data with it, so I just bought Nintendo approved model so I didn't have to suffer like that). 
    Personally would avoid Seagate for same reason, I'm paranoid about losing data with those things. At that point I would buy internal WD HDD and put it onto high quality external HDD USB 3 closure. 
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    Mirh reacted to JJXB in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 FOV (Possible Working Solution?)   
    Current Post with Early (Working?) Solution CT
    Video of a reduced FOV table in effect
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in 165Hz/240Hz screens?   
    I would assume that exactly the same way that 144Hz. That means on game articles stating 60 FPS and 120+ FPS support and noting possible frame rate caps and anomalies (like game changing monitors refresh rate, physics going haywire, things being sped up or game speed being tied to frame rate). 
    Having that info with vsync information also helps with G-Sync/Freesync monitor owners, because to take advantage of those displays vsync needs to be disabled and game not being capped at 60 FPS. 
    Also I'm certain this has been discussed many times before already and I'm still in favor of FPS cap field instead, but right now current system works fine enough and people can more easily contribute as not everyone have machine to test does the games frame rate cap at 300 FPS or at infinity. 
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Editing guide   
    Ummm... Your sentence doesn't make much sense... 
    If console version is somehow directly connected to PC version, wiki does cover it. See Portal 2 for example. Or if game is available for browser as well, it's usually covered in availability as well, even though wiki doesn't cover browser only games and there are several games that either started as browser only games or have both browser and dedicated versions being up to date. 
    I would also say that if some of stores selling PC version of the game includes PS2 version of the game with the purchase, I would most definitely mention that as then you could get two copies of game for the price of one! Same with store including Android version, store is offering more for your money at that point. Covering other platforms exclusively on availability table would be dumb, though I must say that covering mobile only games is basically already happening thanks to windows store and universal apps. But saying "this store offers all plus version for your phone" is beneficial. 
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    Mirh reacted to Oubadah in DRM Status Complications   
    Say a game was released released with a disk check, and then had that patched out later by the dev. Should that game be listed as using disk check in the DRM section of it's wiki page? This is the case with a lot of Unreal games for example. Since almost no one will be using un-patched "1.0" versions these days (in fact it's difficult to even find retail versions that aren't re-releases and CD check free out of the box), it seems to me like such games should be described as not requiring CD checks in the wiki.
    And speaking of re-releases, the single "Retail" field strikes me as a little inadequate at times. Unlike Steam etc. there is rarely just one retail version. For older games there can be several retail versions, all with completely different characteristics. For example, all the legacy Hitman games were listed as having DRM (which they did originally, and even in subsequent releases), but there have since been re-released combo disks containing 100% DRM free versions of the games. Would it be better to have multiple "Retail" fields, identified by name and/or publisher/year, or just put that all in the notes for retail (which could become rather bloated)?
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in Editing guide   
    Of course, he's not implying we should include fixes for mobile games.
    It's just to properly assess stores "capabilities".
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    Mirh reacted to Expack3 in Release date and publisher for non-English releases   
    A better example would be the OS X release for Earth 2150 (see http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Earth_2150). Who would believe a (at the time) 15-year-old game would get a Steam-exclusive OS X release with virtually no fanfare unless it was referenced?
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    Mirh got a reaction from RaTcHeT302 in <path-to-software>?   
    The thing is especially useful when talking of other programs.
    Especially I remember I had to manually write <path-to-uplay> some time ago.
    Now that's there, but I'm not really sure there aren't other corner cases, like origin or yuplay, or something else.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in <path-to-software>?   
    "Navigate to program installation folder" sucked, and that's why we uses path to game even there now.
    Said this, it should just be about template:path displaying whatever you wrote when it can't recognize the argument.
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    Mirh reacted to Expack3 in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    I'll defer to Mirh as to whether OBS and MSI Afterburner are the only currently good and free alternatives. :)
    As to whether the HDD upgrade means OBS will become better than MSI, no. You should keep using MSI Afterburner for gameplay footage. Streaming gameplay footage, however, is where OBS shines as a free (and open source!) program - and is another topic entirely.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Expack3 in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    Wait wait wait.
    The best thing you can do imo, is losslessly record your game.
    Then convert the result with HandBrake, either to make an MP4 container or reduce size (x264 is the best thing out there, aside of h265 stuff)
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    Mirh reacted to Expack3 in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    If you have a spare 1TB or greater hard drive/hard drive array you can use, I'd use uncompressed video and save exclusively to that hard drive. Why? You'll be quickly accumulating gigabytes of hard drive space just for a couple of minutes of footage. Otherwise, what you have selected in terms of compression is good; that said, if you have a GPU which supports one of the hardware-based compression schemes (Intel Quick Sync, AMD VCE, or NVIDIA NVENC), you may want to try one of those as well. They'll give you great quality with minimum lag since your GPU's on-board H.264 co-processor will be handling the compression.
    As for the other options...
    I'd use "full frame" frame size (unless you're doing 4K, in which case you may want to keep it as-is). Cap the frame rate using both the setting which just says "Framerate", which sets the video's FPS, and the Framerate limit setting, which sets the FPS the recorded game will be limited to while recording (using multiples of the video's framerate from 0 to 5, with 0 representing no cap), to either 60FPS, the maximum effective FPS for YouTube, or the FPS limit of the game you intend to record. Quality should be as high as your system can handle (i.e. 100% quality if your system can record without issue, something lower like 90% or 85% otherwise). Multithreaded optimizaiton should be left at "automatic" since AFAIK it doesn't suffer from the logical processor detection issue Outcast 1.1 does (see its article for more details). Enable the dedicated encoder server. What this actually does is tell RTSS to create a separate process which seamlessly bypasses the issue of using 32-bit codecs with 64-bit games and vice-versa.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in %SystemDrive% and %USERNAME%   
    With default setup, they are indistinguishable from each other, after all "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\" is then same destination as  "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\" 
    I actually noticed this behaviour in MGR because I tried it with my new setup and all my regular folders are under "X:\" and they are moved via legit way, so that windows variables work. MGR simply forcifully created new Documents folder and dropped its files under there instead of my actual Documents folder under X. 
    Another game that had some odd behaviour when this was done was Revenge of the Titans and was actually Java bug, where %USERPROFILE% was gotten from desktop folders parent path, meaning that game dropped it's save files in the root of my X drive all the time, because desktop folder was "X:\Työpöytä\".
    So indeed %USERPROFILE% may not always be used by the game if user has moved their folders around. 
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    Mirh reacted to Expack3 in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    After prolonged testing, they stink by comparison. For doing lossless game recording, MSI Afterburner is just as fast as the other tools while using less memory. (Plus, I have no need for lossless compression, hardware-accelerated or otherwise, as I'm not doing any 4K+ recording.) Top it off with the non-existent price tag, and I can see why you love it so much.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Including executables with no copy protection   
    Many gaming sites merely report what they've read elsewhere, so the initial association of SafeDisc and SecuROM has been repeated ever since despite Microsoft's own documentation making no mention of SecuROM.
    Microsoft's changes only apply to the SafeDisc driver (secdrv.sys), so this doesn't even affect other driver-based systems like StarForce.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in Uploading fullscreen images instead of cropping them   
    1: Osu! and Metal Gear are definitively better in Mairo's crops.
    2: the question is who are the screenshots really for?
    Editors to cross check templates? People who owns the game? Strangers without the game?
    My answer would be more of the later (you don't look at ss if you can just run it).
    From this pov it's not important whether they look disorienting to people accustomed to uncropped view (i.e. normal owner/player)
    I'd also love to see people more capable to word their feelings, for example ugliness. d:
    ps: very nice work even with Transistor
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    Mirh reacted to JJXB in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 FOV (Possible Working Solution?)   
    Post in the thread if you wish to read it there
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Split/Second: Annoying Cutscenes   
    If I had to mod the game I would probably go insane. Mass Effect 2 had a similar thing too.
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    Mirh reacted to Blackbird in Battlefield 2142 Gamespy Replacement Up and Running > Battlefield2142.co   
    This isn't from the same guys running battlelog.co is it? The design is awful.
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    Mirh reacted to JJXB in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 FOV (Possible Working Solution?)   
    sorry for radio silence on this but i can only work on so much before hitting a brick wall of "can't think". came back to it today and i got it *less* screwy with the detection somehow along with adding ways of monitoring some of the incoming and outgoing numbers. Help on this would be much appreciated however since the post i'll link to explains why i've run into another zone of confusion over how edi+30 and any values that might modify esi+30 are also affecting edi+30.
    Aforementioned progress post with details
    if you'd rather i post the contents of what i posted verbatim in the future, i'll be willing to do so but i can only do so if i know that people would rather i do so.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 FOV (Possible Working Solution?)   
    The workaround on the Steam Community guide adds letterboxing and affects HUD/menu positions. A fix that changes the actual FOV values would not have these negative effects.
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in GOG Galaxy users can now rollback any game updates   
    There have been plenty of times where I'd rather rollback, GTA SA is a very recent example.
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