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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in HTTPS   
    Bumping thread to get Soeb more stuff to do :D
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    Mirh reacted to Vetle in Uplay availability links   
    It should be possible to narrow it down to 3 unique links, 1 for each region:
    ubiemea - EMEA countries
    ubina - USA & Canada
    ubibr - Brazil
    You can visit the other regions by disabling javascript. ubibr and ubina appears to use the same productID so it might be possible to determine where the user should be sent to.
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    Mirh reacted to SURPCAmour in Split/Second: Annoying Cutscenes   
    It most probably is;
    Renamed all test files to disbr [Disney, BlackRock], the first intro file in "bootup" folder in "movies"; and the results are:
    *{PCGWian.bik} (short video made with my camera, converted to .avi and binked): 1280x720, 16, None, OK.
    *{GRAW.bik}: 1280x720, 6, 48kHz,16 bit, Stereo, OK.
    *fade to white.bik from PURE: 1280x720, 31, None, OK.
    *{blk.bik} from blk.png (simple MS Paint file): 1280x720, 1, None, Crash!
    *{blk2.bik} from blk.png and a copy: 1280x720, 2, None, OK.
    *{blkz.bik} from blkz.png: 720x405, 1, None, Crash!
    *{blkz2.bik} from blkz.png and a copy: 720x405, 2, None, OK.
    *{bll.bik} from bll.png: 1200x840, 1, None, Crash!
    *{bll2.bik} from bll.png and a copy: 1200x840, 2, None, OK.
    Here are the files (excluding "fade to white.bik") so anyone could test for themselves.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Non sucky Antiviruses   
    inb4 Mirh "who needs AV anyways?"
    Basic Windows Defender is best of keeping quiet and not interrupting with anything stupid, but I personally felt like it was being far too quiet and found out that cleaner tools like ccleaner may actually make it stop working entirely because some temp files that shouldn't be in use get deleted... >_> 
    Avast with game HDD whitelisted (all stuff put there goes trough virus check and then malwarebytes from time to time) and ads (including the one that invades your gmail signature) disabled and running malwarebytes monthly has been most pleasant experience. Avira seems to be on the same level, but personally haven't gotten around trying it. 
    Worst choise is AVG, not only does it constantly bother you and give false flags from left to right, it also has really bad habit of breaking games, I have actually fixed couple people computer game problems by simply switching AV from AVG to anything else. Ironically, paid solutions are the next worst thing, because free AVs these days are pretty good, they have started to transform into these "computer health" programs instead, which include everything from antivirus, antimalware and disk defrag to facebook wall checkers. 
    That's because it does almost completely differend job. They even state on their website that running both antivirus constantly and antimalware periodically is the best combination. 
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in PCGamingWiki Gaming Events   
    It's occurred to me that PCGamingWiki has never really had a social gaming event, even though we have a solid bunch of core contributors that spend hours hanging out on IRC and on these here forums.
    I'd like to propose the idea of having a PCGamingWiki Gaming Event that is hosted semi-regularly, starting with this holiday season sometime between Christmas/New Year.
    We need to:
    - pick a multiplayer game (accessible, multiplayer, drop-in and out)
    - pick a rough time period
    - set it up and publicise!
    My thoughts:
    - I believe an EU timezone makes sense, e.g. 3pm or 4pm GMT is early morning for west coast USA and late evening for Australasia
    - I think Team Fortress 2 makes the ideal game - we can rent out own password protected server, it's free, it's cross-platform, virtually unlimited players, it's easy to drop in and out, there is also MvM co-op mode
    - other games I think might work - Rocket League (6 players), Left 4 Dead (4 players), Killing Floor 2 (6 players)
    - we have our own Mumble server setup as well
    Please provide feedback and suggestions - I will open up a poll once a few suggestions have come through and we can come to a decision.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    That does pretty much summ it up. If you want high quality video 60 FPS footage then Shadowplay does its thing pretty efficiently and after turning it on there's no need to touch the nvidia experience much. 
    However there's difference between "high quality" and "lossless". 
    Reason why I can't use shadowplay for some stuff is that it's not lossless and it captures maximum of 60 FPS, I do some frame rate testing with 120 FPS recording and those require to be lossless and with zero frame drops to be accurate. However still use it for simple gameplay footage recording and desktop capturing from time to time. 
    Bitrate? None of the codecs I have used (Dxtory, Lagarith, UtVideo, MagicYUV) can't even have bitrate, only colorspace, CPU cores, nullframes, etc. So you are recording with lossy format? At that point without hardware encoding of course it'll eat up resources. Fraps records with their own lossless format as well, thus filesizes are huge, but impact on frame rates is really low. 
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    Mirh reacted to DrCat in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    Have you tried Afterburner with NVENC like Mirh said?
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    Mirh reacted to Jarppi in Cant attach .exe?   
    Hi, i was trying to upload age of empires 3 demo/trial and i got this message: 
    Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file
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    Mirh got a reaction from Mars icecream in 'Adventure Gamers' has launched a new store   
    To be more precise it's just DRM agnostic.
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    Mirh reacted to Suicide machine in What's the origin of your name?   
    Well, story time.
    When I was like 15 years old, I was listening to a lot of Slipknot. I used to love that band and for a long time, friends just called me Sid - which was a reference to Sidney George Wilson, who is a DJ in Slipknot. Then they years of "Liceum" came (usually you go there, when you're like 16 and it least for 3 years). Feeling lonely and having only few friends in Liceum, I started looking for even more brutal music and since Slipknot wasn't creating anything, I just got tired of listening the same 3 albums over and over again, so I changed nickname to Mr. Suicide. This was related to my playing Half-Life 2's mod - Synergy, where I was really good at playing puzzle and jumping maps. Obviously, to save time, I had "kill" command binded to k key - hence why, I was using this nickname. Year later, I changed school and started listening to a much calmer band - Pain. Imagine moving from a class with 35 people, to a class where there is 11 people and one of which is your brother. The life got so much less frustrating. That however, didn't change the fact, that usually I felt like people just understand me. And one day, sitting alone in a room, listening to Pain, in a song Suicide Machine I caught a line:
    and instantly I thought about using as my nickname.
    And that's how it stayed. Then MLP came and I kind of started using Pony Machine on Steam, but - since I considered it as short term fascination - I decided to stay with a nickname Suicide Machine, where I can.
    So that's it. Oh and avatar comes from a clip for Suicide Machine.
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in What's the origin of your name?   
    Andytizer - back in primary school, no one could pronounce my surname Tsai. It's actually a very common surname in Taiwan, but it's spelled a bit oddly in the romanisation of Chinese sounds in the UK. In Cantonese, I would be called 'Choi'. Anyway kids at school started calling me Tizer, after the softdrink.. and that kind of came together with my first name to become the online handle 'Andytizer'.
    I'm going to guess a few others:
    JRWR - I already know this one, he can tell you himself
    Newmansan - obviously this is a reference to Seinfeld, the avatars speak for themselves - but how did the -san suffix come about?
    Garrett - this is either your real name, or a reference to Thief
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in 'Proprietary' as a negative in software articles   
    VLC is pretty good "get videos working with minimal effort in single package without codec hasshle" but it's still the most hated program with some enthusiastic groups for several good reasons. 
    But those are all good alternative programs, but will most likely not be mentioned in any way on the wiki as they aren't gaming related programs and this is forum section to talk about the wiki, not general discussion. For gaming related things, majority of games are closed source, majority of programs used with games are closed source and majority of games are designed for Windows and if somethings open source or have open source alternative, it's usually already said in some form of said things article and usually in positive matter. Actually not long ago update Aquaria to reflect this. It's still pointless to go trough every single game article writing "isn't open source, not available on open source operating system".
    MPC-HC is open source.
    WinRAR is actually Trialware so it's not even technically free, even though everyone uses it because of the lack of time limit in that trial. I would also like to boycott the whole thing because of proprierary rar format and the newest RAR5 version of it... 
    µTorrent became so bad after version 3 that every single friend have either downgraded to 2 (and using old software is bad in long run) or moved to something like qBittorrent or Tixati. BUT it has "the Fraps syndrome" if I would like to call it, as because it has been popular for so long, many will use it for that reason only instead of seeking out alternatives. 
    Chrome is basically open source as well, but with Google features implemented on top of it.
    And "nothing to hide" isn't good respond to anything, though being foilhat about everything isn't good thing either. 
    TL;DR: Open source = Good, almost nothing to do with wiki, period.
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    Mirh reacted to Mars icecream in New skin - PCGamingWiki: Overclocked   
    ​As I've said developing mobile app is completely unnecessary, it makes no sense to pour resources to development. Mobile application wouldn't bring in any money.
    ​If the mobile site is works fine (it does!), dedicated app can actually make the user experience worse.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Sharing games among PCGW users in order to fix them more easily?   
    All digital games are specifically for single person use only, so sharing them in any manner is as illegal as just downloading illegal copy from the internetz. Even GOG.com and other DRM-Free stuff. 
    As this is wiki, better approach is just get more editors on board who have their own game library and those who do not own the copy of the game will just rely on (trustworthy) references and doing general cleanup (layout, grammar, adding references, etc.)
    Not to mention that "PCGW users" are bit too broad group. People would join in just to play games for free at that point. 
    Only service allowing sharing is Steam and that's Family sharing, its only purpose is to share games with family members withing same household, if you start to share it with random people you are violating their rules. Not to mention you need to log in at the same computer at least once and sharing passwords (and basically using remote desktop) is also againts steams SSA. Of course people have just been taking advantage of this feature as steam doesn't heavily monitor anything, but it doesn't make it any more allowed. 
    Steams Family sharing is basically same thing as Playstations local accounts. If single local account with PSN account connected to it has the game, everyone on that machine can download and play it. I have actually been using that feature to get JP and US stuff and play them with main account. 
    Lending a physical game to a friend might be the only legal scenario, but I'm pretty sure that would be almost impossible scenario, not only because PC games aren't physical that much (as physical games are basically codes in box) but also location differences. 
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    Mirh reacted to Armistel in The Nations problems   
    I solved the problem
    dv2.ca file the Spanish version for some reason it does not work on windows 7
    if you have a version in English and the dv2.ca replace it by the Spanish, the game is in Spanish and it works, I sent a Picture
    That if you have been unable to get the gold content (bonus map) it can only be played in the German or English version     Thank you very much to all   with this method the spanish we can play this game in our language in today's computers   other compatibility issues are less fixed and XD  
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    Mirh reacted to Manticore in Windows 10 Threshold 2 - games crash   
    Removed Nvidia drivers with DDU. Deleted every Nvidia related folder from C:\. Installed only the 355.98 driver, without PhysX or GF Experience. Games still freeze.
    This guy has a similar problem, only with Modern Apps running full screen rather than games. I'm starting to think that MS simply screwed something up with the November Update...
    OK, I've found something. There's a neat tool in Windows called Event Viewer. Now please excuse me as I have Polish Windows, so my translation may not be accurate.
    Anyway, the same moment the game freezed, an event appeared in the Event Viewer under System section. I've attached a screenshot below. Please don't ask me to translate this, because this sentence was clearly written by a monkey, not a Polish person - the language is so broken that I, a native speaker, can't understand it. The message says something about lack of privileges for user ZARZÄ„DZANIE NT\SYSTEM (user ID: S-1-5-18) for CLSID {D63.... etc}. It also says that this can be modified by MS Management Console.
    So this wasn't driver issue after all, this has something to do with privileges. Now the question is - how the heck do I fix this?

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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in Editing guide   
    I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Editing guide   
    Actually Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition and Mighty Gunvolt vsync introduces so massive input lag people notice it (talking near one second) and indeed disabling or forcing vsync externally, did fix the issues not only for me but for others as well.
    Problem was that my monitor was 144Hz and those games are capped at 60 FPS, so that input lag wasn't there with the monitor. 
    That's still the same IP board bug that is super annoying.
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    Mirh reacted to Blackbird in New skin - PCGamingWiki: Overclocked   
    All DRM tooltips in general need more specific ones, but nobody responded to me :(
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in TAA and TXAA?   
    They are completely different. TXAA uses MSAA and adds a temporal filter and custom resolve filter.

    I'd say TXAA's closest relative in any way is UE4's TAA, which also uses MSAA in a very basic way. Though in practice UE4 TAA is extremely poor in quality (The same can be said of Unity 5's seemingly new Temporal AA solution as well).
    TXAA itself can vary depending on the game as well, due to customization on things like the filter width on resolve. But also is extremely dependent upon how well MSAA is implemented as it depends on it. Most times these days in a modern game, MSAA is of very poor quality. Corners are cut, shortcuts made to try and make it more performant while sacrificing quality. (Which is clear in the new AC game. The game already saps up performance as it is. It would just make them think it would make them look bad if 4xTXAA/MSAA made the game unplayable even on the highest end of GPU).

    TAA is a bit of a misnomer as well, as that's just an ambiguous descriptor given by developers when they don't have a proper designation for their specific take on it. (Most times it is fairly poor anyway. I can count the number of games on one hand that have implemented any form of temporal reprojection for AA without poor quality and major issues.) Though, UE4's just takes that route.
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    Mirh reacted to Tmplt in Fallout 4, possible 48fps lock fix.   
    I believe the Creation Engine is based upon the Gamebryo engine, which was used back when they made Morrowind. Extending an old engine without creating a new one will result in bugs, unless they rewrite the old parts.
    Don't quote me on this, though.
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in What are the wiki screenshots used for? What uses do they have?   
    The Black Ops III page has a few extra screenshots for things I would otherwise skip.
    Are some of these pointless or should we actually put up even more settings on the wiki articles?
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in PCGamingWiki collaboration with Gamesplanet   
    Have spoken to Gamesplanet and they've followed through on our request for keys, we have:
    Fallout 4
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
    Star Wars: Battlefront 3 (to be released soon)
    Also we have 3 Anno 2205 keys to use, 2 of which we'll be doing a promotion/giveaway.
    Hopefully this is the start of a good working relationship, and means our November is going to be very busy!

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    Mirh reacted to Blackbird in PCGamingWiki collaboration with Gamesplanet   
    So how will the fact that they have 3 different language regions with separate prices handled? Or is this UK region only?
    Also only thing I "bought" from them was the glitched Dead Rising 3 that was free. :D
    Good on them for not revoking it!
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in PCGamingWiki collaboration with Gamesplanet   
    After some fruitful discussion with Jean-Phillipe from Gamesplanet - digital PC games shop, we've come to a collaboration agreement that will benefit both parties:
    Gamesplanet will be providing access to their full digital library of games (including future AAA releases). These codes will be distributed and used to help PCGamingWiki to fulfil one of its main goals: to create and keep articles of fixes for PC games up-to-date.
    In exchange, PCGamingWiki will be adding Gamesplanet to our Availability table, and doing some cross promotion.
    To support the endeavour I'd like to encourage PCGamingWiki supporters to add Gamesplanet entries to relevant game pages and help show our appreciation. 
    The new formatting is explained here and is as follows - for example Fallout 4's entry would be:
    {{Availability/row| Gamesplanet | 2838-1 | Steam | | | Windows }}
    If you are interested in receiving these new review codes for writing up PCGamingWiki articles, please refer to the Assignments forum. We have a very busy November 2015 coming up and no one has made claims for the big AAA games yet, e.g. Fallout 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, etc. Please refer to Assignment Guidelines for more information about how to request review codes.
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