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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in GameFront closure   
    GameFront files have been archived in bulk by Archive Team, so most files should be preserved. These files are also available when browsing the archived pages through the Wayback Machine.
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in AA, AF, Vsync and forcing through GPU   
    It varies greatly, but mostly you need to take Nvidia Control Panel and chuck it out the window as it doesn't do the job. For forcing AA, Nvidia Inspector is what is really necessary.
    As for what works when, as I said it varies greatly. Generally games running on DX7/DX8 don't need special flags to force basic things like MSAA, sometimes SGSSAA/OGSSAA too.
    Sometimes, flags are needed for DX8 games, such as Unreal Engine 2.
    With DX9, 8/10 times you need a special flag to force AA of any kind. Hence the lists on Guru3D/3DCenter.
    Even further, many games might require more specific instructions based on resolution/aspect ratio/whether AA fix is needed or causes problems, etc. Something specific is Unreal Engine 3 games of the last 5 years have had a very annoying trait.
    They ship with FXAA only, and there is no way to turn it off in the menus. If there is, sometimes it doesn't work. And then your only other option is to disable something like Depth Of Field in the Engine.ini. Which acts as a super switch for ALL Post Processing. So you either get FXAA interfering with Forced AA and PP. Or no or only some PP with forced AA working correctly.
    I try to keep on top of this in the list on Guru3D.
    Everything after DX9 is a crap shoot unfortunately. I don't know if it was because of changes to the standard and DXGI that Microsoft made, but in DX10 specifically the number of functions available is vastly smaller and there isn't enough to produce any results.
    So, with those sometimes it works without any bits. But it's very rare. You can enhance AA too, but it becomes dependent upon the MSAA implementation in the game itself, which with DX10/11 becomes very problematic. Especially with the rise of non forward rendering and the increased performance cost of MSAA in Deferred Lighting/Rendering.
    Shortcuts are taken or hacky methods are concocted to gain back performance or some other objective. Which results in lesser quality MSAA or very poor enhancing capabilities.
    Even in DX9, this can be a problem. But more often than not, things can be forced instead or specific wacky work arounds come in to play. (Read the AA section of the Inspector link above for examples with Red Faction 3 and FEAR 2)
    Once upon a time, people had set up a petition on Nvidia's forum asking them for DX10/11 AA compatibility bits. This was stickied in their driver forum with people responding for over 2+ years with no communication from Nvidia nor a final answer other than the thread being unstickied at one point.
    We begged and begged, but nothing came. It was a shame, because personally, Nvidia's driver level AA capabilities are a huge selling point and probably the only thing that has really kept me coming back to Nvidia.
    If AMD had the same level and quality built in, i'd have cards from both vendors probably. I knew that at some point AMD did have some kind of AA forcing functionality, but it was spotty and the quality wasn't that great.
    Now days we are entirely dependent upon Developers to give a rats ass to put some effort into AA. More often than not, it doesn't happen. And even when it does, you still have to essentially brute force Ordered Grid AA (DSR/VSR/Custom Resolutions/GeDoSaTo) on top to get the quality to a very good point.
    DSR/VSR are only saved by their choice of good variable resampling functions for the final image resolved. But it still is only OGSSAA, not the most elegant solution performance wise. That's not to say forcing is any better, SGSSAA in some modern DX9 games has become obscenely expensive due to the hacky nature combined with how games are made.
    If a game uses Unity (In DX10+, in DX9 can often be forced. But it's generally more performance sucking than it should be. For whatever reason, whether Unity is unoptimized crap;look at PS4 game performance. Is 7/10 times poor; or what.),you are basically screwed. Their idea of AA only extends to basic FXAA/MLAA/SMAA1x.
    And from what I understand. Modifying the Engine directly to do their own isn't available or isn't easy. There was some tech demo a while ago that seemed to have some kind of Temporal AA, but dear god it was total garbage in every way.
    Unreal 4's TAA is also equally poor for varying reasons. But Epic doesn't make it impossible for developers to implement their own. (See: Ethan Carter Redux on UE4)
    I digress, moving on to the forgotten child OpenGL. There are no flags for compatibility like with DX8/9, so you are at the mercy of what feature level and how the engine is set up by developers per game.
    When it does work, you just need to set it to override and it just works. With one caveat, for SGSSAA specifically the option labeled "Transparency Supersampling" is fundamentally different than in DirectX.
    At the core level, both TrSSAA and SGSSAA options are actually SGSSAA. What separates them is how they work, TrSSAA(SGSSAA) replays the pixel shading of only Alpha Test/Coverage materials to AA them. While SGSSAA(FullSceneSGSSAA) replays the pixel shading for the entire scene unless specified to ignore.
    In OGL there is only the one, FSSGSSAA. This is used as the option "Transparency Supersampling" And the sample counts need to match. (8xQ+8xTr|2x+2xTr).
    Doom 3 OG and the Riddick games(I think Riddick even works on AMD cards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn8EPiiPpMQ) are examples of AAA games off the top of my head that work with forced AA. While Doom 3 BFG does not or any other games made on IDTech after Brink. (Which ran in DX9 IIRC)
    I wish we could have compatibility bits for OGL and Vulkan too, this would greatly benefit Linux and SteamOS.
    AMD several years ago published a sample and source for their own SGSSAA implementation called "SSAA SF" (SampleFrequency) geared towards a Forward+ renderer.
    The code sample is vendor agnostic and works just fine on Nvidia cards.
    It includes some presentation and documentation on how it works("SSAA11/Doc"). It does automatic LOD adjustment, though if one implemented it in their game it could be adjustable.
    But it works very well and is very performant. I Wish this was used in games. Even if not performant, it's available as a future proof option.

    Anything that isn't in the game to use should be marked "Hackable" IMHO. Or a new icon and setting should be come up with to replace it. Like "Driver Override Nvidia" "Driver Override AMD" or "Driver Override Both"
    If the driver offers a higher quality or in general better method than available in game, then it should be noted what is in game but higher quality is available.
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    Mirh reacted to Prod in Partnership with StrategyWiki   
    I'm Prod from StrategyWiki.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about us.
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in Net Market shortcut after installing Diablo Hellfire?   
    Wow blast from the past, 1998-era stuff. I love this guy's tone and reaction to have an unsolicited desktop icon added to his computer, he'd have a heart attack if he bought a new Acer or Asus laptop with all the bundled crapware on it.
    Anyway a Sierra advertising shortcut sounds about right as Hellfire was published by them and not Blizzard.
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    Mirh reacted to Vetle in Is this article up to standards?   
    Haven't personally seen this in the wild, ex: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Super_Street_Fighter_IV:_Arcade_Edition#Video_settings, http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Battlefield:_Bad_Company_2#Video_settings. I would reserve the 'hackable' tag for things where you would have to edit a config file, registry key or use an external program.
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in Nvidia flags on the wiki (AA, HBAO+, etc.)   
    I actually personally know the exact function of most bits.

    This is one reason why i've been able to find fixes for a lot of games that are more troublesome to get the best quality available. (IE: Two Worlds II, Patrician IV, Final Fantasy XIII to name a few off the top of my head)

    These hexadecimal values are just masks for functions within the driver that tell it to look for , how to apply AA and do certain things when these functions are assigned to any given driver profile.
    (0-9, A-F. Each value may have one more functions combined. For example 0x000000C0 , the C is the combination of looking for RGBA8 Render Targets and Not downsampling AA'd Super buffers before being used for resolved. Take away RGBA8 and this ends up being a value of 8 instead. Do the opposite and IIRC it's a 4
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in AA, AF, Vsync and forcing through GPU   
    That was already standard.

    They are not gods jeez
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Add VR HMD Support, Play-space, and Inputs   
    The Template:VR support upgrade is now live. Note that the editing toolbar VR template option contains the old template (this is part of the skin--Nicereddy/Soeb/etc. will have to update this). All games have been migrated to the updated template.
    EDIT: The List of VR games is now live.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Ridix786 in Dual core games   
    Dual core fix which we have a way better updated version here.
    For as much as I know (it should hook every standard windows reporting interface), it may also be able to trick Ghosts.
    Said this, the actual request itself, isn't any particularly different from "a subset" of this.
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Outcome?   
    I always forget about that page. It doesn't work for all UE3 games though, there are some cases in which other parameters are required.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Controller button layout   
    Also, it's like if you forgot there's that controller with open source driver, bluetooth, rechargeable battery and accelerometers... which isn't exactly what I call "technically inferior".
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    Mirh reacted to Silent in Controller button layout   
    Because the controller is more pricy than X360/XBone/DualShock 3/4 yet feels so much cheaper compared to these? :P
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Add VR HMD Support, Play-space, and Inputs   
    See User:Garrett/VR support/sandbox for an initial overhaul. The new rows reflect the types of VR data listed on the Steam store. The associated input types are displayed when set to false.
    The VR template is now far too long when editing, taking up 39 lines (Video settings is currently the longest at 33 lines), so I'm in favour of retiring the uncommon devices to keep things manageable (some would fall under tracked input devices).
    The new data types will propagate an automated VR game list--see User:Garrett/VR for an initial version.
    Feel free to post any thoughts or suggestions regarding the wording, layout, feature support, or whatever else.

      Unusual cases like the PlayStation Move would go under tracked input devices with a note about the specific controllers. EDIT: similarly, Razer Hydra is merged into tracked motion controllers.
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    Mirh reacted to Mars icecream in Spec Ops: The Line - lot of goodies in 'SREngine.ini'   
    I found a lot of undocumented tweaks in Spec Ops: The Line's config files, you can disable bloom and motion blur for example. I may add the information to article at some point, or someone else will.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Mars icecream in Alternatives to FRAPS?   
    Which is pretty odd, considering latest MSI aferburner version (I installed today) came with 6.4.1
    Or.. try to reset settings, or OBS for as much as I feel like it's too specific for another kind of "userbase"
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in Add VR HMD Support, Play-space, and Inputs   
    Steam just implemented these for the store pages themselves. Only about 30 currently say they support any of them, but the feature is only a few days old. It may be worth looking into implementing these for PCGamingWiki.
    For example Windlands uses a few of them. You can search for games that support the HTC Vive explicitly, or the Oculus Rift explicitly, or Seated/Room-Scale/Standing. Tracked motion controllers is also a new one we don't currently support (AFAIK).
    See here:

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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in Editing guide   
    This is wrong in several ways. 
    Most importantly, when the you recommend different OS's for both Min and Recommended it creates the impression that it has different functionality and works better on the recommended OS.
    EVEN though in those cases it is functionally 100% the same and is recommended just the same.
    Key point. Raiden IV, on Steam, min and recommended are both listed as Windows 7 AND 8. On GOG 7/8/10 are all listed on both.
    Why on earth would 8 or 10 be more recommended or important? They wouldn't be, because they aren't. But listing ONLY them as recommended will create potential confusion for people.
    (EDITED: Whoops)
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in Nvidia: Can't override anti-aliasing flag   
    They do work, either you are doing it wrong. Or Windows 10 is at fault. (It has broke a few things here and there). (EDIT: Turns out, whomever put this information on the pages for NVCP is wrong)
    And Forcing AA (With any listed compatibility bits)will only work with DX9 games in WIndows with NVIDIA cards only, it will not work for DX10+,  and any in game-AA has to be disabled 9/10 times to avoid any conflict. Many OpenGL games you can force AA in, but many you can't. And there are no bits for that.

    And I can personally confirm AA working without issue in 2/3 games you listed. I haven't tested Spec ops in a while, but I do recall it worked with some minor issues.

    I'd REALLY appreciate if you didn't remove information  in the future just because it doesn't work for you. Open up a discussion on the game page (it's right next to the "Page" button and discuss it! :) . Even if someone edited the page to say to use NVCP was blatantly wrong. This needs to be fixed.

    For Future reference, please see these threads and ask questions there if you have issues with forcing AA with Nvidia cards>
    Nvidia Inspector introduction and Guide - Guru3D.com Forums
    NVidia Anti-Aliasing Guide (updated) - Guru3D.com Forums

    To be forcing AA correctly, you have to be using the correct settings in Inspector.
    Example Sometimes on a game by game basis, there are further specific requirements. Usually these are noted. . NVCP will not work.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Early Access and cancelled games   
    Would it be more viable to simply alter EA and TBA to allow inputting of date? At that point if game has been on early access, alpha, beta, etc. it would still be possible to see when game was made available and user themselves to determine is the game dead or not. 
    After that we can do whatever with either state, keypoint or availability noting, probably with latest version, release of that version and last time updates were checked. Though I guess state tag would make things bit easier to have in one category if someones looking for these games as list and also is bit better indication as it's big bar on top of the page. 
    I'm also still bit againts of removing zero funcioning games. I do understand idea behind that as if the game can't be played, then there's nothing to fix with it, but they most likely do not take that much resources, may be useful for some (if nothing else then at least to inform that game is unplayable) and some games could even be resurrected by modders or official party. 
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Early Access and cancelled games   
    I start to wonder if {{ii}} in key points can't just be enough.
    Or perhaps having availability table showing the note when there's not even "retail" entry.
    I'm pretty against that point.
    You mark a page for deletion because it's "old" as in surpassed.
    Not "old" as in.. just ancient.
    Even with no way to play the game, it doesn't hurt to have a reference for what it has been. You never know.
    On the other hand, with a game which has never even been released.. I can't see what that has to do with us, given the concept of "fixing" couldn't even apply.
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    Mirh reacted to Expack3 in Early Access and cancelled games   
    Firstly, no, you're not seeing things - Expack3 is, in fact, back. Not sure it'll be permanent, but while I'm here I figured I might as well contribute some constructive opinions....
    I could see a shared naming convention being used for these games. The fact they have release dates and not "Early Access" dates would be sufficient differentiation.
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    Mirh reacted to Blackbird in Spam site redirects on mobile site?   
    Some reddit people complain they get redirected to some dubious websites on mobile.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in External "Ease of Use" Feedback   
    Those are usually called user surveys which every single company makes, if you have Windows 10 with default settings or Origin running, even they pop up surveys from time to time. 
    Problem is that people usually do not want to take surveys, because they take time and are boring. This is why those sometimes offer something at the end, was it free stuff, discounts or being able to take part of raffle. 
    One other way to do things would be "give feedback" button, but being wiki site, what's the point with that when you can edit stuff yourself or open up discussion. Feedback button is also pretty prone for trolls and spambots. 
    Best thing to do is to provide as friendly enviroment as possible, so people want to join in and improve stuff. From technical side, wiki and semantic mediawiki can be really scary things which already may prevent many from even thinking about editing. 
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in HTTPS   
    Ruh roh: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2016/01/login-forms-over-https-please/
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Text Editor Standards   
    Pretty sure it has always been CTRL + T until W8.1 at least.
    Perhaps it's just W10 that had this finally fixed.
    Anyway, why you no Notepad plus plus ? stupid ipboard
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