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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in New graphics options under video settings table   
    Citation needed.
    Aside of that, video settings always seemed to me for raw bare cruel "dur coding" matters.
    Colour blindness is already on the edge, but really.. you can't pretend everything to go there just because you use your eyes to perceive it.
    Then, I dunno, I don't really feel the need for a particular section, those information already are in the other information section without problems.
    But happy to be proven wrong.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in shouldn't we make a glossary page for capping fps?   
    More frames = more updates = less input lag = less tearing.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Mars icecream in shouldn't we make a glossary page for capping fps?   
    More frames = more updates = less input lag = less tearing.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in shouldn't we make a glossary page for capping fps?   
    More frames = more updates = less input lag = less tearing.
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in AA, AF, Vsync and forcing through GPU   
    It will cause issues in some games. And in the majority it will do absolutely nothing.

    First i've heard of AF causing issues in AW. Nvidia has built in overrides for games that have issues with AF, making it so you can't force it unless you disable the lock they have on each profile.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Vetle in Sharing modified game executables   
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in Preventing screen tearing using window mode   
    The way Vsync works with the compositor is independent of the game frame rate. It doesn't  sync the game for you. So it will skip frames as it sees fit depending on the framerate. Even if you cap the framerate.
    So you will be getting non perfect Vsync but with similar input lag as FSE Vsync. Though if you don't notice then that's fine.
    For me, it detracts from one of the pluses of Windowed mode, which is less input lag because no Vsync if you don't want to be playing in FSE.
    So if you want to get that in W8/10, you have to use FSE only to get an uncapped framerate with the least latency. A minor quibble.

    Windows 7's compositor is infamously bad at vsyncing everything.
    What i've tried of W10's isn't too bad tbh.
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Preventing screen tearing using window mode   
    If you want to you could add a keypoint by yourself on any pages where it makes sense, there are no global texts though so this is going to be kinda tedious to edit unless you make a list of the pages you changed.
    You could edit the VSync page and add an {{ii}} at the top and write what you felt was important.
    Copy this and paste it at the top of the page.
    '''Key Points''' {{ii}} Your Text I mentioned something related to this screen tearing thing a while ago on this page.
    "Eliminates screen tearing on Windows due to V-Sync being applied over any windows by default."
    It's too hidden, I also need to rewrite it, I don't really feel like editing things around at the moment though, most pages on the wiki look really bad and in most cases some of the more obscure pages aren't used that often, the current skin also isn't too great which is a little bit off putting in my mind, the wiki looks kinda ugly at the moment, there are a lot of issues I also have with the wiki, I don't have the will to mass edit things at the moment.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Psygnosis; Lander   
    Hi and welcome! 
    Creating article from scratch can seem pretty spoopy thing to do, so I have created article for the game with all the information available publicly and in this topic: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Lander 
    Feel free to fill in more info if you own the game. 
    You can try creating articles in the future if you like, there are always someone willing to fix things for you if you happen to do make mistakes. Easiest way to start is simply copy cheat sheet from sample article that is available in link at the left panel and then just modify the infro from filler to correct one. 
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    Mirh reacted to ThatOneReaper in Editing guide   
    Marioysikax has the right idea. Games that use digital distribution need to have the newest system requirements listed as games can drop support for outdated OSes and hardware (see Space Engineers).
    I don't think we should put a note regarding lost OS/hardware support because it wouldn't really matter for the latest build. Unless there is a way to use older builds of a game legally, there is no point in adding it to the page beyond historical purposes.
    Mentioning unofficial hardware/OS support also doesn't make sense. Even if a game still does work, there might have been a good reason why that hardware/software configuration was not listed (assuming hardware/OS is below minimum specs). Bringing it up may cause users to run the game on unsupported specs and find issues that are not present in officially supported specs.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Armistel in The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript   
    Mhh, why you don't try the demo?
    So if the problem is still there, everybody could help.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript   
    I just tried the demo on Windows 7 and didn't have this problem (AMD R9 270, Radeon Crimson 16.3.2) but I do get that result on Windows 10 on the same system (Radeon Crimson 16.10.1). The Big Fish Games topic indicates this problem is varying between various combinations. You could try changing bFullScreen=1 to bFullScreen=0 (as recommended in that topic) to play in windowed mode, but this doesn't seem to be a total solution either (on Windows 10 windowed mode gave me an almost entirely black output).
    EDIT: I have made a wiki entry based on the available information.
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in AA, AF, Vsync and forcing through GPU   
    Does the same happen with 4xAA selected?

    Does it do the same if you put the intro videos back?

    Are you playing in Windowed mode? That might be a possibility. Try FSE.

    Also: On try a 16:10 resolution or 4:3 too, you never know.

    I'm surprised the CSAA option is working for you. Do you have a Pre Maxwell card?

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    Mirh got a reaction from Mars icecream in Outcome?   
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Talk pages   
    You serious, nuke talk pages?
    Forums are all but directly connected to games/articles themselves.
    For the records, if any, newer mediawiki (coming not soon®) has them better.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Generic Troubleshooting Page   
    That would depend on the complexity. Disabling processing methods like f.lux would be under basic since it's all about eliminating third-party interference. Other stuttering causes will be more about determining bottlenecks or choosing between driver versions, so that would be more of an advanced thing.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Mars icecream in Lost file upload   
    Soo... The file was first uploaded on codfiles 12 years ago.
    And no wonder it's broken: it is literally 6.679.131 bytes of zeros.
    This is also repeated in basically every mirror I could find online.. How nobody seemed to complain is quite a mystery.
    There's also an older version of the mod available. It can be found here.
    It's sounds only though. And for some reason it wasn't reported on dev page.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Replace vertical FOV calculator website with a FOV table   
    Because that's mathematical calculation that is publicly available, I do not see reason why we simply can't have our own calculator made? 
    Similar to how we should have screenshot comparison section on the site. 
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Outcome?   
    I have added a basic mention to the Origin page (under other information since this is not essential nor specified as a solution for a specific issue).
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Generic Troubleshooting Page   
    @@Cptmold There are no unfixable bugs :*
    Said this..
    I see what we are saying here with admin rights, and I see what soeb have been saying. But the wording seems too.. redundant. Mobile chips are feature complete with desktop since.. I think at least a decade. And anyway lacking opengl/directx support could cause crashes and all. But I wouldn't say if it's just for "slowness". We should link quite improve how we mention driver updates. In that case I'd be wondering whether to link AMD/Intel/nvidia pages or GPU page instead of just directly the websites.. But then what about all the other drivers? And basic troubleshooting is totally windows specific. As I said above, troubleshooting landing page should first handle that. And w10/8/7/vista pages should just be sub-mentioned in advanced troubleshooting. Aside of this, I think Media Feature could just link to Windows page. Noticing we have a specific physx entry.. I wonder if we couldn't automate the insertion of a fix in pages, once somebody writes the info in middleware table? EDIT: and seeing how amd has crap dx12 dll, something for this too Is it normal that I see no mention to some glossary pages like these, that would quite lower the clutter in the "hub" page? Willy-nilly, whatever you think W10/8/7/vista pages should be meant to teach.. In their current state, especially the first one, are all but -quite- advanced. And.. I don't think anybody really understood what basic really is. Tentative structure
    ↗ Links (sound, controller, display..) Linux............... Windows basic troubleshooting** ↗ ↗ ↘ Advanced troubleshooting Troubleshooting landing page (with OS selection) → Windows good practices* ↘ ↘ OS X................ Cosy Windows[Vista/7/8/10]*** → Advanced windows  
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Generic Troubleshooting Page   
    Following an IRC discussion with Mirh and Soeb I have updated User:Garrett/Troubleshooting to have each OS page cover the applicable fixes for that version.
    EDIT: As Mirh noted above, the most generic information would go under basic/advanced troubleshooting pages. Things like ensuring you have the latest drivers and OS updates applies to every platform. The OS-specific pages would then have just a very basic section (currently called "First steps") reinforcing the bare minimum of installing the latest updates.
    Much of this content is mostly still written based on the reader already having an understanding of the topic. Descriptions should be longer and/or clearer as required. As always, feel free to edit/expand/etc. as needed.
    In that situation another possibility would be to have a template that provides the instructions directly, e.g. {{error|d3drm.dll}} turns into "download d3drm.dll and extract the DLL into the same folder as the game's main executable". This would be faster than linking to the troubleshooting page which is just going to direct the reader to that file anyway.

    The current implementation has the applicable fixes covered directly (as Soeb suggested) so there is no backtracking through the inheritance structure.
    I started with Vista because it is the oldest version still supported by Microsoft and is the origin of most issues. I'm not opposed to a page for Windows XP if there really is interest in that.
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in Are discrete soundcards worth buying for modern games?   
    If you care about audio quality to a high degree, then it's still very worth it. Especially if you can swap op amps to your preferences.
    Dolby Headphone is great , I wish more devices used it.
    Though a lot of onboard soundcards these days also offer DDL and DTS Connect for those with 5.1 optical receivers. (Different from DolbyHP)
    Is it necessary? Probably not for the average person.
    I work with audio, so it's worth it for that alone. ASIO dominates for working with audio.
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    Mirh reacted to BONKERS in AA, AF, Vsync and forcing through GPU   
    Ah but there is no pretending. They DO exist.
    Nvidia users have access from Inspector ; for games DX9 and less, and older OpenGL games; to force the following forms of AA (Depending on compatibility shown in list based on flag or without)
    Some can be used standalone, some can be combined with others, some require being combined.
    MSAA (Multisampling)   2x,2xQ(Quincux),4x,8xQ Standard MSAA
    CSAA (Coverage Sampling)  8x,16x,16xQ,32x. Requires same compatibility as MSAA. If it works with MSAA it will with CSAA generally. Though this is pointless as there is no gain in quality/perf these days really and you are limited to pre-Maxwell GPUs
    OGSSAA (Ordered Grid Super Sampling)  1x2,2x1,2x2,3x3,4x4. Standard brute force SSAA with built in texture LOD adjustment.(Which in some games works against it). It has some downsides though, it can be very costly in some games and can be limited by the standard Box function resolve.
    In one specific case, I remember OGSSAA worked better in Sonic All Star Racing Transformed, better than SGSSAA did. In L4D2, without any bits using 4x4 looks amazing, though slightly soft. Using bits brings it back to normal sharpness.
    HSAA(Hybrid Sampling)  4xS,8xS,8xSQ,12xS,16xS,32xS Hybrid Sampling (Referred to internally in the driver as Mixed Sampling)combines OGSSAA with MSAA and the naming schemes are based on approximate level of SSAA the combined pairs give.
    4xS - 1x2 OG + 2xMSAA (1x2x2=4)
    8xS - 1x2 OG + 4xMSAA (1x2x4=8)
    8xSQ - 2x2 OG + 2xMSAA (2x2x2=8)
    12xS - 2x2 OG + 4xOGMSAA This one is a bit of an oddity, it is listed as using 4xOGMSAA, so internally I assume they are doing some trick to use the OG sample pattern for MSAA as well(rather than the standard rotated pattern), reducing cost but quality as well. When you use this mode IIRC, the effect is even visible on an OSD. With a slight offset
    SGSSAA(Sparse Grid Super Sampling; aka FSSGSSAA)  2x,4x and 8x. SGSSAA requires the use of matching MSAA mode (IE: 8xCSSAA =/= 8xQMSAA) to work, though you can get away with 4xMSAA and 2xSGSSAA for some games as 2x+2xSG is not very good.
    SGSSAA works by replaying the pixel shading for N number of samples per pixel for the entire scene. So 8xSGSSAA has 8 samples, each pixel has it's shading done 8 times.
    SGSSAA is actually called FSSGSSAA, (Full Scene Sparse Grid Super Sampling Anti Aliasing) and TrSSAA is just SGSSAA. Since they are the same technique, but TrSSAA is selective SSAA of Alpha Tested objects only. But in OpenGL TrSSAA is actually FSSGSSAA. Confused yet?
    There is no Automatic LOD adjustment here, some games need it. Some don't. Some people prefer it, some don't.
    You can also use SGSSAA to trick the driver so you can force positive or negative LOD biases without actually using SGSSAA as well. (Say you have a game that has an excessively negative LOD bias for Texture MIPS, you set say 2xMSAA,2xSGSSAA, set it to application controlled;Enhance if that doesn't work; and then set a positive LOD bias for the game profile. And it will do the trick)
    AMD also created their own version of this for use with Forward Plus rendering engines. Called SFAA https://github.com/GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/SSAA11/releases it works basically the same way. And includes options for auto LOD adjustment
    You can read a little more about SGSSAA in the attached TXAA Power Point Presentation
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/8kbi1mnc3ol2ko8/GTC-TXAA.ppt (Don't share this elswhere)
    TrSSAA (Transparency Super Sampling; aka SGSSAA, in Open GL TrSSAA is FSSGSSAA)   2x,4x,8x. These require MSAA to be enabled(But not sample matched), and are the same as SGSSAA but only for Alpha Test surfaces. In OpenGL, TrSSAA functions the same as SGSSAA in D3D. Meaning you get FSSGSSAA
    TrMSAA (Transparency Multisampling)  This is the same concept as TrSSAA, except instead of applying selective SSAA to Alpha Test surfaces, they are Multisampled by the current MSAA mode.
    You can read about this here > https://www.nvidia.com/object/transparency_aa.html
    FXAA (Fast Approximate) -Needs no introduction. API agnostic, however you can only enable it when forcing AA when you are using "Enhance Application Setting". You used to be able to do it when Overriding, but was broken in a driver.
    HSAA can be combined with TrSSAA,TrMSAA or SGSSAA
    MSAA can be combined with TrMSAA or TrSSAA. SGSSAA requires MSAA
    These are all very real individual techniques that anyone with a decent Nvidia GPU has access to.
    So there is no pretending here.
    No contradicting, you can in fact import profiles. However, all this will do is import pre-defined settings made by someone for a profile in Inspector.
    If we were to do such a thing, there would have to be multiple profiles(One for MSAA,etc) made for every single game that requires special bits. Not accounting for games that have special requirements.
    Just making profiles for every game that only import the Flags needed wouldn't solve the problem of telling people what they can do with those bits once they are imported.
    Making an AMD inspector I don't imagine would be hard if the individual knew what they were doing and had the same access to query the driver I suppose.
    I mean, if we went straight to Nvidia and had them put the list of flags in the driver. It still leaves the problem of , as i mentioned, what can the user do with it if they aren't familiar already?
    Sucks, but I don't really see a way around that, save for some radical overhaul from Nvidia directly of NVCP that also integrates these bits and allowing multiple per given game and giving tool tip explanations.

    Yeah, my Inspector page would basically be a mile a long. And would be more of a regular Wiki page (Introduction, options by category) than the standard Game Page layout.(My thread was so long I had to get the admin of the site to extend the character limit)
    .So standalone would work best. I'm gonna start on that.
    As for the AA page affair, I think a simple Nvidia Anti Aliasing Bits page could work.(Things could be redirected there.)
    I just need to basically format the page as a table with multiple columns.
    That reminds me, for DSR as well, there are a few hacks you can use to bypass the pre-determined ratios to get basically any Resolution you want based on axis multipliers or resolution%(DSRTool). DSR can be combined with any of the above forced AA methods, and works functionally well up to 16x resolution (4x4).
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    Mirh reacted to JJXB in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 FOV (Possible Working Solution?)   
    Okay. i did finish up a solution (with help of someone at the Cheat Engine Forums) in .CT form but never got round to putting it into an external executable. i might end up posting one but as it is right now? i've uploaded it to the files area and will see about posting the link to it once it is approved there.  I will share the description of the file here too though:
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    Mirh reacted to Vetle in %USERPROFILE% Doesn't See All Folders   
    That's by design. The folders aren't actually inside of %USERPROFILE%.
    Those locations are referred to as 'known folders', you can create a regular folder with a special name to access them (format: Name.GUID). Sadly there's no environment variable that holds the location of these folders.
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