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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in 120hz, Unreal games and SmoothedFramerate   
    Well of course it would be applied only the games that the fix works. Thing was there's many of those games ::)
    Yeah, 120hz is most common used but 144hz seems to be new standard and there's even 240hz monitors available. Then you have games like Payday which allows cap to be increased up to 135 which works with 120 but is under 144... Maybe just "High frame rate" would be good enough and comment is it limited to certain amount (many games also use 91 especially with online play) or is game completely uncapped.
    That may be the main problem as people don't seem to know which is actually better: completely disabling the smoothing or just raise it to match closer to monitors refresh rate? Some even suggest just raising cap to 999! :D
    What I usually seem to find is that solid number on fps counter is far better than jumping uncapped one. That may also be the reason why so many devs but that "cap" in there in first place! Uncapped fps may sound like wonderful idea but usually it's actually worse. Also smoothing isn't cap as cap only locks framerate to certain number where smoothing tries to minimize spikes and smooth out gameplay overall. 
    What I would do is to place smoothing value raising as main fix included in game specific pages and then linking to engine: page which also includes more depth explanation (if even needed) and disabling cap fix.
    Most data on internet is inaccurate and said by random guys who got it working by editing config file and there's no solid data on which actually is the best. I guess that's just the case as higher framerate monitors aren't that usual.
    As with Mass Effect page that crashing was edited by Tmpltd and then just carried over with edits. He's also the one that made the value 120 for some reason and added note about mod clipping audio and longer loading times so it may have been just him messing his computer. I can't find any evidence game actually crashing just because of this. 
    I made first version of the fix. I would would love if someone ironed out spelling errors as said I'm not native english speaker <3
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in Moving Controller and Emulator/Emulation pages to "Controller:ControllerName", "Emulation:ConsoleName", etc?   
    I think "Hardware" may be too broad. "Emulation" doesn't really fit under the Hardware category. At the same time though, one could argue that something like the Oculus doesn't fit under "Controller". I think it'd be okay to create "Hardware" for our GPU pages, etc. (which are currently also fairly underused), "Controller" for a generic namespace to put input devices, and "Emulation" for emulators/emulation of specific consoles. As for my logic in using "Controller", it's really just that it sounds better than "Input Device".
    I'd definitely support the use of forms for this, it'd make everything a lot easier.
    I think, even in that case, we could just list only that emulator on the PS2 page (since I'm assuming it's the most used and upkept?). There's not much else to put on a page about consoles other than their emulators so I still think it'd be preferable to keep them joined together.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in standardising game data   
    That could be done, but XP's end of support is fast approaching (April 8, 2014), by which point it is of lesser importance.
    Paths used on pages should be written for Vista and newer, include Wow6432Node when applicable but omit VirtualStore. If XP saves in a completely different folder that can be noted below the table as needed.
    The game data page will eventually cover all the minor differences. I've added some of that now.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in standardising game data   
    A game's installation folder can be reached in a couple of clicks so it isn't necessary to list the paths on every page--once you know the concepts they can be carried over to every game using that type of storage. The game data page will cover all of this; I've added some very basic details to it now.
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in most/all games misbehaving help   
    I'd just like to note the irony of this thread, we have become the forum upon which people try to get their issues fixed.
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in "Not Applicable" Option for Settings Templates   
    I've seen multiple ways of dealing with settings which are N/A or Not Applicable, most of which are not preferable for various reasons. Sometimes editors will just delete the "unknown" and leave that line blank, or simply delete the line entirely. Both of these aren't preferable both for wiki automation using bots and simple aesthetics.
    I'd like to propose an N/A option alongside the current true, false, and unknown options. This would be usable for multiple cases. Games which don't use the mouse wouldn't require mouse acceleration, games which don't have voice acting wouldn't require subtitles, and games which are 2-dimensional wouldn't require an FOV slider. I think this would be much better for unifying all settings templates across all pages, so that there aren't any pages which have only a few rows on their table due to the irrelevance of many of the settings.
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    Mirh reacted to Pridit in [Suggestion] Input Settings - adding default controls   
    Controls can tend to span on depending on the game - which is why I don't tend to include any screenshots of controls unless it's one page, the average article would be increased in length significantly if we did this as standard (especially with how different games have different menu styles typically including scroll bars making the capturing process time consuming) so I'll have to be opposed unless there's a better method to incorporate them into articles. Perhaps instead of screenshots, a collapsible table might be a good route to go?
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in Single screen multi-player   
    Hey - we ain't wikia :D.
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    Mirh reacted to Pridit in Port Report: Splinter Cell: Blacklist   
    I actually don't mind Uplay that much, sure it's unnecessary but the UI is clean and sleek and it's not too much hassle to get into and boot a game. It's one of the lesser more intrusive DRM out there. Aside from issues in the past I think they've improved the client a lot and personally I prefer it over Origin. I actually have no issue with the Steam overlay, maybe this is a game-by-game basis but I've played several Ubisoft games that require Uplay to launch it without any issue, specifically the Assassin's Creed series.
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