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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Dead Space 1 Mouse Improvement   
    GTA V has a similar issue, someone added this workaround.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in HTTPS   
    We hate when evil governments spy us, regardless of whether we are trading drugs or fixing PC games
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in HTTPS   
    To be fair, my reasons are pretty much just "hurr durr government wants our games" but written with bigger words :D
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in HTTPS   
    I love Ars, such great articles for relatively niche topics :D
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    Mirh reacted to Mars icecream in HTTPS   
    I'm requesting a secure HTTPS connection for PC Gaming Wiki. Like HTML5, HTTPS in becoming a new web standard. I understand that HTTPS is more expensive than plain HTTP, but maybe you can achieve this with the help of my support on Patreon.
    As always, use HTTPS Everywhere browser add-on to force encrypted connection when available.
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    Mirh reacted to LDK in PC Report: Killing Floor 2   
    PC Reports are a series of quick first impressions regarding the technical aspects of a PC game. This report was written by PCGamingWiki contributor LDK. For an up to date account of Killing Floor 2 fixes and improvements, please visit its respective PCGamingWiki article.
    Killing Floor 2 is a continuation of a very popular coop zombie shooter from Tripwire Interactive. The game is just entering Early Access and we are going to take a look at its performance and overall technical quality.
    System Requirements

    CPU: Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz or Phenom II X2 545 RAM: 3 GB RAM HDD: 10 GB GPU: GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 4830 OS: Win7 64-bit, Win8/8.1 64-bit Recommended
    CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz or Phenom II X4 955 RAM: 4 GB RAM GPU: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 6950 System requirements seems to be very reasonable, minimum required CPU is a just dual core and a rather old one. Similar story with required GPU, which is very old mainstream. Recommended specs are little bit more demanding, as a quad core and a newer GPU is needed, but again nothing anywhere close to the current high-end hardware. 
    All the tests have been done on system with Core i7-2700k clocked to 4.5GHz, 32 GB RAM and HD 6870 with 1GB of VRAM, Killing Floor 2 version was 1003, Catalyst version 15.3 Beta. Testing was done in a 1650x1050 resolution, the game doesn't offer benchmark tool, so test run was me playing the first round in a solo mode on the Burning Paris map and killing all zombies which took about one minute. Each effect was tested three times and results were averaged to eliminate inconsistencies between each run.

    Graphics settings

    Graphics settings menu offers wide variety of effects and setting to tweak. Some of the effects require restarting the game, so set them before you enter an online match. These effects are: Environment Detail, FX, Realtime Reflections and Shadow Quality. Other effects can be adjusted on the fly with immediate effect, but I've restarted the game after each change for benchmarks just to be sure.
    Killing Floor 2 supports any resolution, some more exotic ones can be accessed by switching Aspect Ratio to Any. The game supports Borderless, Windowed and Fullscreen modes, and Variable Framerate can be turned on for high refresh rate displays. I've encountered slight problem when lowering resolutions, but restarting game fixed it.

    Field of View
    Field of View slider is hidden under Game Settings options menu. It doesn't say exact degree of field of view, there is percentage adjustment instead with 100% - 125% range. Killing Floor 2 apparently uses vertical implementation of field of view. This implementation works much better on a variety of aspect ratios, ultra wide monitors and AMD Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround setups. Bellow you can see two comparisons, upper one is the game's field of view on ordinary 16:10 aspect ratio screen, lower one is field of view behavior on ultra wide screen. Even when slider is set to 125% on both cases, ultra wide screen properly offers more visibility. Surprisingly there was no measurable impact on framerate. Full resolution screenshots: 16:10@100%, 16:10@125%, 21:9@100%, 21:9@125%.


    Overall performance and image quality
    Killing Floor 2 offers four image quality presets - Low, Medium, High and Ultra. On the Low preset the game performed very well and the framerate rarely fell under 100 FPS. Switching to the Medium setting framerate dropped 30%, same drop was when the High setting was used. The Ultra preset offers the best image quality, but with severe framerate impact of 40% from High and more than 70% from Low setting. The game's performance scales very well with each preset.

    Performance also scales fairly well although not linearly. Doubling the resolution from 1280x800 to 2560x1600 results in 62% framerate drop.

    Image quality even on the Low settings is very good. Lighting is dynamic, some textures are blurry and there are only basic reflections. On the other hand, the Ultra setting have textures very sharp even on 1600p, environment has more objects and realtime reflections are also present and very apparent. Below are comparisons from three currently available maps. Full resolution screenshots: Paris Low, Paris Medium, Paris High, Paris Ultra; Outpost Low, Outpost Medium, Outpost High, Outpost Ultra; Lab Low, Lab Medium, Lab High, Lab Ultra.



    Controls settings menu in the Killing Floor 2 offers basic mouse sensitivity settings, there is no mouse acceleration or smoothing toggle, but I haven't felt any additional mouse processing and aiming seems to be very precise. Keyboard binding menu offers basic key binds, only one key per action can be set. There was an issue with Caps Lock key, the key was binded to the Voice Chat by default and cannot be binded to anything else unless Voice Chat action is binded to other key first.
    Controllers are also supported, but buttons cannot be reassigned.

    Killing Floor 2 Audio Options menu offers three volume sliders for Game, Music and Voice Chat volume. The game supports surround sound setups and positional audio worked flawlessly on my 7.1 system. The audio quality is exceptionally good, the everything sounds very authentic. Killing Floor 2 is probably taking distance of the sound source and applying some filters on it for added realism. I was very surprised how good the game sounds.

    Performance analysis
    In this section we are going to look at how each effect impacts framerate and how does each setting looks on screenshots. Be sure to check full resolution uncompressed PNGs linked in each section. There are full resolution screenshots linked in each section for better comparisons as the images in the sliders are compressed. Be sure to check our gallery for additional screenshots and graphs.

    Ambient Occlusion
    Killing Floor 2 offers two ambient occlusion methods - SSAO and HBAO . SSAO adds very subtle shadows to the corners and around some objects. HBAO is much more pronoun and these shadows are much more noticeable. Full resolution screenshots: AO Off, SSAO, HBAO.

    Performance impact is around 10% for SSAO and almost 30% for HBAO from Off setting. As usual this is rather performance expensive effect, but not very noticeable with SSAO setting.

    Texture Resolution
    This setting affects quality of textures and can be adjusted in four levels. On Low setting some textures are very blurry and lacks any detail (glove on the screenshot for example), but other textures are surprisingly sharp and detailed even on Low. Larger quality boost comes with the High setting and the textures are obviously the sharpest at Ultra setting. Full resolution screenshots: scene 1 Low, Medium, High, Ultra; scene 2 Low, Medium, High, Ultra.

    Performance impact depends highly on amount of VRAM available, average framerate drop is only around 5% for each additional level. But heavy stuttering started to appear with High setting on my 1GB card.

    Shadow Quality
    Killing Floor 2 offers four levels of Shadow Quality settings. Each level increases resolution and view distance of the shadows. At Low setting some of the shadows are barely visible and the rest is very blurry. With each additional settings level, shadows are much nicer, sharper and farther visible. Full resolution screenshots: Low, Medium, High, Ultra.

    As usual, shadows have substantial impact on the performance. Medium setting causes around 7% framerate drop, High setting costs 16% and the most expensive Ultra setting costs 20% of performance.

    Environment Detail
    This settings affects how many objects are in the game world. These objects have no impact on the gameplay, usually they are there just for decoration (chairs, garbage..). Full resolution screenshots: Low, Medium, High, Ultra.

    Performance impact wasn't measurable, This is probably due to the fast CPU in the test rig. I'd imagine this setting will have much more pronoun impact on dual cores and CPU with weak single core performance.

    Character Detail
    Character Detail setting affects model's level of detail. Polygon count is higher with each setting level, but it is not very noticeable directly in the game. Full resolution screenshots: Low, High, Ultra.

    Performance impact of Character Detail was only 5% for High setting and 8% for Ultra setting.

    Texture Filtering
    Texture filtering offers few filtering methods, unfortunately I haven't noticed any difference. There should be massive reduction of blurring on a distant textures, but the textures looks exactly the same. Performance impact is negligible for all but Anisotropic 16x setting where it is 13%. Full resolution screenshots: Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic 4x, Anisotropic 16x.

    Depth of Field
    Depth of field setting offers only Off and On options. If turned On, DoF just blurs the gun when aiming down the sights. I'd like to see more of the blurring dependant on distance from player, but otherwise I much prefer this implementation. Some games have DoF forced on everything that is little bit farther from the camera just to hide horrible low resolution models or billboards however Killing Floor 2 is using DoF correctly. Performance impact is around 7%. Full resolution screenshots: Off, SAT DOF.

    Killing Floor 2 offers only FXAA as its anti-aliasing method. This is only post processing filter and not a proper anti aliasing method. Fortunately KF2 implementation is done fairly well and jaggies are moderately blurred without impacting sharpens of the textures. Performance impact is around 9%. Full resolution screenshots: Off, FXAA.

    Realtime Reflections and rest of the effects
    Realtime reflections adds reflections on some surfaces. This effects is very performance expensive, but it is well worth it as the game's world becomes much more realistic. This is the most demanding effect in the game, turning reflections On results in more than 40% framerate drop. Full resolution screenshots: scene 1 Off, On; scene 2 Off, On.
    Rest of the effects have negligible performance impact and I haven't noticed any visual difference.

    PC version of Killing Floor 2 is very well done. The option menus are offering many setting to play with, controls are spot on and the sounds are awesome. Optimization is also very good as the game scales nicely and performs well. For a game, that is just entering Early Access, this is very polished product. Developers are actively pushing updates (I've downloaded two large updates just last week) and if first Killing Floor taught us anything, devs are not going to abandon Killing Floor 2 anytime soon.
    PC Reports are a series of quick first impressions regarding the technical aspects of a PC game. This report was written by PCGamingWiki contributor LDK. For an up to date account of Killing Floor 2 fixes and improvements, please visit its respective PCGamingWiki article.

    Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed our article and want to us create more articles, more often, please consider donating to PCGamingWiki's Patreon campaign:

    Click here to view the article
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Feature Transfer Error on GTA V   
    This is a read error, so there might be a physical defect in that disc. You could try copying all discs to a folder on the computer and then running the installer from there. Alternately, you can redeem your product key and download the game instead (according to Rockstar Support).
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Handling software incompatibility   
    This is another clear case for a generic troubleshooting page (as you've suggested in another topic). Game-specific conflicts with vendor software would be exempt, of course. Very widespread issues with vendor software (e.g. Samsung Magician stealing focus) would be better off on a general page as well.​
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Issue with Kotor 2 widescreen   
    Someone changed the previous instrucitons.http://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_II_–_The_Sith_Lords&oldid=105436#Widescreen_resolution
    They were messy before but I swear, I remember getting this thing to work. I have no idea if I ommited something.
    I don't remember using any mods.
    Edit: My edit didn't save again, blah. Did you ever get this fixed anyway? I didn't look too deeply into it.
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    Mirh reacted to Suicide machine in Issue with Kotor 2 widescreen   
    OK, so - I tested a thing with my CD copy of the game.
    Squ1zZy 2.1 exe file is required, as it's the version working with his patch (probably because of the resolution values being stored at specific addressees).
    Still, I don't fully get, why both it and Uniws is required for that, since essentially, what Uniws does is replaces bytes with desired resolution value. I'm gonna try to see what exactly Squ1zZy_ResPatcher does.
    OK, so I've placed his file and compare it with a hex editor with a file after changes. Here are the results.

    Basically his patcher replaces 2 bytes responsible for width and 2 bytes responsible for height - pretty normal stuff. Oddly enough the original values are for 800x600.
    This however raises more questions. Why do we need 2 patchers instead of one?
    To keep things straight. Since you brought the patches, first KOTOR and compatibility.
    Does the game start after you use Squ1zZy exe and his patch? If so - go to swkotor2.ini and edit Height= and Width= under [Graphics Options] section (although you can edit the ones under [Display Options] as well).
    If it requires setting up compatibility - that's odd, because 2.1 version works just fine without tinkering on Windows 7.
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Issue with Kotor 2 widescreen   
    I don't see the point in disabling UAC, couldn't you re-enable it just in case? But I presume you did that.
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in PCGamingWiki Skin v3.0   
    Adding on to the above, the Home page will also be rebuilt from the ground up. Hopefully loading a lot faster than the current home page by relying less on external scripts (twitter, YouTube, IPBoard).
    EDIT: Also we made it sort of work on mobile!
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    Mirh reacted to Nicereddy in PCGamingWiki Skin v3.0   
    I really like the tabbed system requirements table idea, so I'll keep pestering Soeb about that one ;)
    As for the border, I personally like the drop shadow from a stylistic perspective, and I think it has enough contrast to be able to differentiate. I can increase the darkness of the drop shadow if you think that'd help, but I'm going to be a bit stubborn about changing it unless there are any other alternatives besides the border.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in List of Local Multiplayer Games overhaul   
    As mentioned in the Co-op / play distinction topic I have made a sample overhaul (sandbox) for Template:Network/Multiplayer which introduces modes parameters (replacing the dedicated co-op and hot-seat parameters). Such a change would then provide information for a modes column on the local multiplayer list overhaul.
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    Mirh reacted to RaTcHeT302 in Adding Itch.io to store list ?   

    I guess it makes more sense now as to why the wiki would have such a storefront.

    Here's a blue rectangle if you can't see it, because red circles are overrated.

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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in Co-op / play distinction   
    I have updated the example with a new line as suggested.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in "Requires Testing" Feature?   
    Template:Citation needed can be used to visibly mark unidentified information. The parameter can hold the reason for the challenge.
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    Mirh reacted to ThatOneReaper in Editing guide   
    For Windows screenshots under 8/8.1, use a light blue colour (labeled "Colour 12" in the preset colour list). It retains the colour theme of the wiki, while ensuring high contrast with text.
    It should look something like this:

    On another note, please provide screenshots in English if possible. It limits their effectiveness with the wiki majority otherwise.
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    Mirh reacted to Suicide machine in Question related to the atiumdag.dll download   
    Experiment. Cause I was surprised to see this older file improve performance slightly in Enter the Matrix, not to mention make Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Incoming playable (idk, what they screwed up with Direct3D and Zbuffer in 12.9).
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in Analysis: Why Steam isn't DRM   
    On the contrary, the redundancy I see here would be having to mention steam as a DRM for every game distributed through the service.
    You already said all with the word "Steam".
    Besides, if we deigned to mention DRMs for each specific game (without big generic pages like these), I believe the thing we should target to analyze is the game.
    And probably few will see the subtle difference here, but I believe our point lies between:
    considering a DRM something that it's imposed to you considering a DRM something that limits you
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    Mirh got a reaction from Marioysikax in Analysis: Why Steam isn't DRM   
    And this is what happens with Steam DRM-free games as well.
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    Mirh reacted to Garrett in PCGamingWiki Skin v3.0   
    Mirh has suggested that the wiki should have hover tooltips for references like on Wikipedia. This would definitely be a great addition. This feature is handled by the Reference Tooltips gadget which currently isn't installed on either the normal or dev wiki.
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Analysis: Why Steam isn't DRM   
    That's pretty much where it boils down to: does requirement of client application for download count as DRM? 
    And I would still say that method of getting game files doesn't effect on does game have DRM in itself - they are seperate issues. I can download Sims 2 Complete collection with Origin, easily play it trough steam as non-steam game or put it on USB and play at friends house, at that point it definitely doesn't use Origin as DRM, but I still required Origin to download those files in first place. If game refuses to launch if that client isn't running and logged in with right account at that point it becomes DRM. 
    I can understand perfectly dealing againts Valve as they basically have monopoly on PC gaming at the moment and with direct downloadable installers you do have bit more control over your purchares, but like I said, download method doesn't mean that downloaded product magically has DRM because it was downloaded or installed differently. 
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    Mirh reacted to Marioysikax in Analysis: Why Steam isn't DRM   
    Well if you download game trough any service digitally you always need some kind of account or key to access the download. Humble doesn't require account but even that gives you download URL to email with unique key to download DRM-Free stuff. Only difference in Steam is that they download that stuff with client to dedicated folder and they want you to open the game with that client of course. 
    Now with availability of course if someone sees steam on the list they can assume they need steam to download the game. It would just help to see that if they decide to buy trough steam that those files would work even without steam running. 
    So I stay with my first post that in most cases steam is indeed DRM, but if game can be ran without it afterwards it's DRM-Free and that's why there's that list of DRM-Free titles on steam here.
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    Mirh reacted to Mirh in Editing guide   
    Actually I find moving/deleting/renaming the least preferable option. Assuming the parameter (or an in-game setting) to control the intro doesn't exist, .ini editing should be the first fallback thing, since this way (say) Steam file check won't be triggered by the change of the game resources.
    Sure. So should we use a comma or a slash between them? Or should we say just rename?
    Or is there any word that could vaguely replace these three words altogether?
    I reworded it better now. What I meant was the actual part where you say: open cmd, open regedit.
    Moreover even if the registry hive names link to game data, the usual noob won't intuitively think that there's that extra caveat that is the wow6432node thingy
    I reworded this point better too.
    Actually, what I read is "Please do not add in links or information specific to pirated or cracked copies of a game". This, imo, seems to include even this fair use.
    I even found an additional point
    [23] Possibly mention how to test surround sound (even if you have just a single speaker) and... possibly even EAX
    Speaking now of the actual guide, I think the following could be improved:
    "This ensures that in the case of a browser crash, work is not lost."  Actually, Firefox already saved my life tens of times. I can even save & quit it while still retaining my edit. So this may be mentioned (idk for other browsers)
    Spelling check. You might want to suggest browser built-in spelling check. This page add them to firefox for example
    Then, what's the practical difference between Alt+Prt Scr and Prt Scr ? "On Windows, pressing Alt+Prt Scr will capture the active window only."
    And as I already complained once I find silly to recommend FRAPS every damn time. I mean, is there anything that it can do better than, say MSI afterburner? I'm not against alternatives, but if it's free and it has everything that the former has... why this?
    "Screenshots should be taken at the native resolution of the monitor." Why this? Swkotor would look awkward with its huge bezels on the sides.
    "Screenshots should show only what the game natively supports. Avoid screenshots of the game with unofficial patches or mods."  I would say, unless it's an essential improvement.
    "[...] all screenshots should be taken with possibly keyboard/mouse prompts visible or gamepad prompts visible but not both." What do you think?
    "If the cursor cannot be hidden completely, move it as far off to the corner as possible."  ... or take different screenshots with the cursor in different places and merge them. Besides, I believe that if you move the cursor as much as you can on the bottom right corner of your monitor it disappear.
    "Before editing, make a backup of [...]" I don't know.. should we really tell this? Is there really a serious danger? And shouldn't -if this is the case- this be already part of "can operate a computer at a basic level" knowledge and common sense?
    "If a fix requires a particular class of program (ex. hex editors).." ... then maybe we would have better to have a page for that particular operation that requires that class of programs. We could then link the words "hex editor" or "UNIX-aware/advanced text editor" to this page (so that the correspondent for every OS can be specified too)
    "If a fix requires major configuration file modifications (>10 changed lines).. " I feel stupid all of a sudden
    "Once extracted, open <File Y-2> with <program name> or other <program type>." I believe the 2 things are mutually exclusive (so a slash or brackets may underline this), because you either recommend a specific program (which I guess will be the only one existing for that game) or a class of programs (like above)
    Besides, I would propose a list of file that ideally we should say nothing about their opening. I mean.. .txt and .ini are the first two examples that come to my mind.
    "Use the (Insert command here) command line argument" Should we say command line arguments, or parameter, or switch or..?
    "Do not list game engine middleware (ex. Havok Physics) under the Engines section" This always make me sad
    "The |winehq = field is meant for [...]"  You may explain you can find the application id here
    "While not common, fan games and major mods for a series can be added in if it is worth mentioning." Interesting point....
    "Games using a digital distribution service (ex. Steam) will have that service act as the DRM." Not so fast. And this should be really underlined.
    "Major community mods" This can mean a lot of things. Imo, if this mean something unavoidable to have an hassle-free experience it's fine there (i.e. Unofficial patches for The Elder of Scrools games, SilentPatch for GTA, installers alternatives for 64 bit systems..). But if it's "just" a total conversion (like ViceCityStories PC Edition) even if really major, I guess it's better to list in other information section
    The same also applies for game-specfic utilities
    Speaking of the Video Settings.. contrarily to the way WSGF classifies widescreen status... if a game has a stretched image... couldn't we say "widescreen" is true, whilst "quality" is unsupported?
    Speaking of the Audio settings instead... I feel like EAX support property should have the name changed, with something more generic. I mean... or maybe we should specify OpenAL and Aureal 3D support somewhere else (API ?)
    And while looking at Direct IP row... I was thinking... is pressing a button to open the console really so clunky to deserve hackable tag? :/
    "(released on September 10, 2009)" This may be a bit misleading since it almost seem like in this date the 5000 series began and ended
    And last but not least, where should we list something like these. I mean, they are not the usual confined fixes and are almost essential sometimes
    EDIT: more on the middleware/engine/suite distinction
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