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    Mirh got a reaction from haquilus in Taxonomy is a waste of time   
    I agree that the benefit/bother ratio is quite abysmal.
    Though, you can see how and why, if it isn't us to be able to offer queries for "games that can be hacked with local coop with a 3rd person perspective", nobody else could. 
    Of course there should be some thought behind, and not "let's just put in everything and the kitchen sink"...
    Lol, that has actually already landed in some pages.
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    Mirh reacted to tyl0413 in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I wouldn't count those or atleast they'd have to be marked differently than platform achievements, since those are less useful, can't be tracked outside of game, usually not accessible by achievement sites ect
    Same way with cloud saves only games with platform cloud saving are shown even though some still sync data with the in game account for example.
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    Mirh reacted to Aemony in Proposal: Move skip intro videos further down   
    “Essential” as a word is fine IMHO, and attempting to separate it into two is just going to cause more confusion.
    For patches, only the latest patch is usually the one being included, and it is essential because updating a game to the latest version /is/ essential. It doesn’t matter what the patch itself includes, just that information on how to update an outdated copy is available. Our articles are also meant to reflect the latest patches alone, and so outdated fixes are removed from the article when a patch have fixed them. So to actually read the article properly, an updated copy is essential. For mods, the inclusion of “non-essential” mods are already an issue and one that is solved by editors simply moving the sections to another more appropriate section. “Essential” here is a good adjective to use as it is clearer than something like “recommended”. I don’t recommend splitting it up because “Recommended” is then going to validate the inclusion of nonsense mods at the top of the article that does not belong there. For improved widescreen support and such, see Video section. For other subjectively recommended mods, see Other informations, etc.
    Adding a recommended section is just going to increase the data on top, not decrease it which seems to be the underlying intention with this proposal.
    An acceptable workaround for skip intros specifically that I can imagine might be doable is to move the larger such sections that includes more than one alternative down to “Other information“ while retaining a link to said section in the “Essential improvements” section. This would solve huge sections while still allowing new users and regular users to easily identify whether such an option is available or not regardless of whether multiple alternatives are available or not.
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    Mirh reacted to Aemony in Proposal: Move skip intro videos further down   
    Pretty much what Mirh said. When I was a wee bit newbie just starting out with PCGW editing I also brought it up and was subsequently outvoted.
    But nowadays I would actually argue to leave it alone over moving it.
    It is often mentioned as one of the key enjoyments of PCGW, meaning it should be featured more prominently than stuffed away in a rarely seen section. As Mirh mentioned it is also for many games the one fix/improvement we provided. And another, for me critical, reason to retain it as is is that it also serves a triple-purpose in basically: provides a basic and understandable introduction to the sort of stuff we might cover for new visitors; are one of the easiest ways for users to follow and implement on their own; are also one of the easier ways for new contributors to “dip their toes” into the world of wiki editing. All around, while the subject matter itself might not be very “essential,” the section itself very much is IMHO.
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    Mirh reacted to Antrad in Taxonomy is a waste of time   
    It says on the home page "PCGamingWiki aims to list fixes and workarounds for every single PC game."
    How is writing that Escape From Monkey Island uses "cinematic camera perspective" help anyone ? In my opinion everything not related to getting the games fixed or improved is a waste of people's time and spreads the project and community thin. Even if it is done with a bot it just makes it harder to keep track of all the constant changes on your watchlist. This site is slowly creeping into Moby Games territory adding stuff like this, the ratings or whatever comes next.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Proposal: Move skip intro videos further down   
    I don't really have a hard opinion, but last time I checked this was the thing most people were more happily commenting about.
    Also, arguably, for many many games it's the only actual fix we offer.
    If any I have always been a supporter of "not having dozens of useless alternatives".
    For example, a command line parameter is definitively better than deleting videos, if not any at least for steam cache verification purposes. Then I would say you get in order ini editing, file deleting and file replacing (and of course then you have outliers like GTA:SA, but I digress).
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    Mirh reacted to Suicide machine in Proposal: Achievements support   
    I like the idea, but for now I am trouble figuring out how would be do it, without drastically extending pages.
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    Mirh reacted to Aemony in SteamPlay/Proton Support   
    I've updated the label to say Steam Play (Linux) instead, and expanded the abbreviation somewhat:

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    Mirh reacted to snuxoll in Can't Download (Error code: EX7)   
    Sorry, problem with the community software and our object store - I’ve put a workaround in place to get it going again.
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    Mirh reacted to GameAssistant in GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer - automated game tweaking   
    Hi there! :)
    We talked with Andrew about our program.
    It might be featured later in more official fashion.
    But for now forum post seems to be best way to introduce it.
    Released on Steam previous week:
    We thoroughly analyzed each supported game and in many cases our program
    provides some exclusive tweaks that are not listed on PC Gaming Wiki.
    When there are descriptions of useful changes that are hard to automate,
    we show link that directs to PC Gaming Wiki page.
    In case of disabling startup videos, we always remove or overwrite files, if possible.
    Program also provides cheats, sometimes as tweaks.
    To enable god mode in Outlast 1 exactly 60 properties in INI config are modified.
    Program can override FOV in STALKER games, where DLL file is modified.
    PC Gaming Wiki tells you to download some ZIP, which must be extracted into proper dir,
    and then some batch script must be run and finally proper number must be entered.
    Program is able to:
     - modify config files (10 formats supported: from simple key = value to engine specific)
     - modify registry entries
     - modify binary files
     - set compatibility modes for executables (admin, win xp)
     - set CPU affinity
     - set process priority
     - copy files
     - remove files
     - create directories
     - extract files from archives
     - mark files as read-only
     - show formatted hints
    All changes can be reverted.
    About 200 games are currently supported with more to come:
    Program is moddable, so new games can be added without programming skills.
    Detailed HTML documentation is available.
    Program can download Community Pack with multiple configs.
    Unfortunately, program did not receive much media coverage.
    You can spread the word and get 3 keys. More details here:
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    Mirh reacted to LDK in Double click problem: faulty mouse button repair   
    If you are experienced PC player, you have probably came across a broken or malfunctioning mouse. We are going to look at the unwanted double-click problem and provide detailed guide with many macro photos and video how to fix it regardless of mouse model. Without any soldering and with just basic tools you can bring back to life your older or aging, but once expensive, gaming mouse.
    The problem
    Double-clicking in single click, inability to create continuous line in paint application, difficulty to move camera in RTS, iron sights not sticking in FPS - these are all symptoms of a broken mouse button. Culprit in majority of cases is a component called miniature snap-action switch, or micro switch. This switch contains three leads and a metal with little spring. This metal is jumping between two contacts thanks to the spring and bridging connection between contacts.
    This spring can become tired so it isn't providing pressure necessary to maintain connection. With combination of dirt (dust) and oxidation on the contact areas, it is a perfect recipe for unstable connection and unwanted double clicks.

    Fig. 1 - types of micro switches  
    Tools and tips
    You will need:
    screw driver (type depends on your mouse model, Phillips and flat head should be enough tweezers safety pin, nail scissors or something pointy contacts cleaner or rubbing alcohol any type of glue camera (cellphone will suffice) little bit of time Tips:
    Make several photos of each step, it will help you tremendously in reassembly. Don't use much force, there can be hidden screws or latches and you will break something if you are not careful. Disconnect your mouse from computer and pull out batteries first. Take your time, you do not have be finished in ten minutes. Every photo in this guide is in high resolution, visit gallery for additional details. And as usual, PCGamingWiki is not responsible for any damages caused by following this guide. 1. Mouse disassemble
    This step is unfortunately rather vague, because of each mouse having vastly different design. Be extra careful and look for hidden latches and screws when pulling parts apart.
    First of all you have to find screws on your mouse. Usual places are under rubber feet, in battery compartment and under stickers. Consult Google with a name of your mouse and word "disassemble".

    Fig. 2 - possible screw locations  
    After getting rid of all the screws, upper part of the mouse should come apart. Now it is a good time to clean any oil and dirt from many crevices in the upper cover with rubbing alcohol or soap water (in case upper cover does not contain any electronics). Let it dry thoroughly. Example of mouse insides are displayed on figure 3.

    Fig. 3 - Logitech MX700 without cover  
    Now look for micro switches that needs fixing. You have to have clear access to them in order to properly fix them so additional disassemble could be required. Usually there are few screws, that holds everything to the plastic base, internal connectors, scroll wheel, that can be easily put away etc. In some cases there can be hard connection between boards that cannot be non destructively disassembled. Again take a lot of photos during your work for future reference.
    For example in figure 3, Logitech MX700 is very complicated mouse with three layers of PCB's, two of which has soldered hard connection (4 pins directly above scroll wheel and on the left of D-3 component) and soldered flat cable between two other (upper right corner, white cable). There are five fixable switches on this mouse and three unfixable.
    Vast majority of manufacturers are using Omron type switches for main buttons (see figure 1 and 4). There is a possibility of finding smaller, four pin surface mounted switches, that cannot be opened and repaired without soldering. These can be also found in Xbox 360 controller.

    Fig. 4 - Omron type micro switch  
    3. Opening the micro switch
    So you have located faulty switch and ensured enough access to it. Opening it is fairly straight forward. There are usually two latches, that has to be lifted separately (figure 5). Some manufacturers has these latches on the long sides of the switch (figure 1).

    Fig. 5 - location of latches on the Omron micro switch  
    Insert your open safety pin or point of scissors under the latch to unlock it and lift one side of the switch cover slightly (figure 6). Do not try to lift whole cover up just yet, you'll break the second latch.

    Fig. 6 - one latch unlocked and cover slightly lifted  
    Do the same on the other side of the switch so you'll get situation displayed on figure 7. Rotate the mouse (or part with the switch) so the white pin on the top of the switch is pointing down.

    Fig. 7 - both latches unlocked and both sides of cover slightly lifted  
    Now you can pull cover away from the base. The white pin is loose in the cover and can be easily lost if not handled upside down. At the end, you'll end up with situation displayed in figure 8.

    Fig. 8 - uncovered switch and detail of the white pin  
    4. Metal spring fun
    You can see insides of the switch. The part, that needs fixing, is the long metal with spring in the middle and It needs to come of the rest of the switch. This is another not very difficult task, lay the switch flat, as shown on figure 8, hold the part without the spring with two fingers and twist the metal to the side. It should go fairly easily and you'll end up with bare metal with spring (upper left side of figure 9).

    Fig. 9 - Metal with spring and prying spring  
    As the fix itself you'll need to pry the spring little bit. Lay the metal piece flat, hold it as flat possible with tweezers and pry the spring up just a little bit. There is very little strength required, just fraction of a millimeter should be enough. Clean the contacts on the metal with alcohol, do the same with pins on the base of the switch.
    Now for the tricky part: you have to put it back together. See figure 10 in full resolution for more details. There are two grooves on the two metal pins on the base of the switch (numbered 1 and 2 on the figure 10). These grooves are corresponding with cutouts on the metal, also numbered 1 and 2. The hammer needs to go between two most right pins.

    Fig. 10 - grooves on contacts and metal spring detail  
    The easiest way I've found is to place the hammer first, then place the metal into the groove 1. Spring is resting on the middle pin, just above groove number 2. Situation on the top left, top right and bottom right part of figure 11.

    Fig. 11 - reassembling metal with spring on the switch base  
    Now for seating the spring into its groove. Take the tweezers or small screw driver and push the spring down into its place (rest of figure 11). This is especially tricky move, as you have to push with enough force to push it down, but not enough to over push. If you over do it, you'll have to start over. When you manage to seat the metal properly, try to click it few times so you know, it is working OK. Seated metal is displayed on figure 12.

    Fig. 12 - properly seated metal spring on the switch base  
    Whole process of opening and fixing the switch is captured on a video. Be sure to turn on HD for best details.
    4. Testing and reassembly
    Close the switch and make sure, you are putting the cover the right way. White pin should not be directly above the spring. Consult your photos for proper orientation. Unfortunately you have to fully reassemble your mouse to do proper testing. Screws are putting the right amount of pressure on the micro switches and without them you could get another faulty clicks.
    Sometimes sound of the click and force needed to achieve button press can change slightly depending of force used on prying the spring. Try to open it again if you are not satisfied with results.
    The best way to test success of the fix is in any paint application. Create a blank document, pick any color and create any random shape with the button, you've just fixed. You should get continuous line if the fix is successful. Glue back the rubber feet and enjoy your fixed mouse.

    View full article
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in Proposal: Remove wikis from General information   
    The thing about GOG and Steam 'Community' is that it is the name of the page, we just link them with that name because it's what their titles are and it so happens that these titles are descriptive. However they are essentially forums with threads and replies.
    I am open to the ideas of discussing Community vs Unofficial but this should be a separate thread with a proposed outcome.
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in PCGamingWiki's 8th birthday and winter giveaway   
    We are about to turn 8 years old, and we have achieved a hell of a lot in 2019. This is a post is a thank you to the community that makes PCGamingWiki happen. As in true PCGamingWiki style, we are celebrating early by giving out some presents right as Steam's winter sale begins. Spend wisely and I hope that you all have a good PC gaming winter break! Here's to 8 great years of fixing PC games.
    For our Editors - £10:
    AlRayes_BRN Baronsmoki Cptmold Hawaii Beach Jigen123 Marioysikax Mars icecream Nccvoyager Nicereddy Rose Silent SirYodaJedi For our Moderators - £25:
    Aemony Blackbird Expack3 Garrett Mirh Snuxoll Suicide machine Vetle Extra special bonus for Aemony, Rose and Snuxoll of £25 extra each.
    If you feel that anyone else deserves a reward please send me a message.
    To claim your reward, please add Andytizer on Steam and send a PM on Discord if you haven't received anything yet. Bear in mind if we are not already friends, then you will have to wait 3 days in order for Steam trading to be enabled.
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    Mirh reacted to Mastan in Wasteland 2 FREE for the next day on GOG.com, Winter Sale has begun   
    And if you already own "Wasteland 2 Director's Cut", then you can get Wasteland 1 for free.
    Open your account page https://www.gog.com/account in web browser, click on "Wasteland 2 Director's Cut". Open dropdown menu "More", select "Serial Keys". There should be Wasteland 1 gift code.

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    Mirh got a reaction from AmethystViper in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Oh, nice. Now this will be another source of easy misunderstandings and FUD, when trying to discuss the technical aspect of the things.
    And I'm betting some website will have made an article somehow describing securom has "gotten broken" and at the same time "already got broken by windows 10".
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Players trying to launch Tron: Evolution are now met with a message telling them that the 'serial key has expired'. This applies to the retail version as well as the Steam version which is delisted from the store. Players who previously bought the game can no longer install the game, and are met with these messages when attempting to install:

    The cause of this problem appears to be Disney not renewing their 'subscription' to the SecuROM activation system for this game. This means that even existing owners of the delisted game cannot install it for the foreseeable future.
    User SillyWalk gives us ths update from SecuROM support:

    User raidebaron received this message from Disney Games & Apps Support:
    Tron: Evolution was never very popular, receiving a very low active player count on Steam throughout its life. However there are legitimate purchasers out there who want to play the game even 9 years after release. Hopefully Disney will be able to resolve the situation or else this is going to be another one of those black marks against DRM and another reason that legitimate game owners are 'punished' for buying games, whereas those who pirated this game arguably get a better DRM-free experience.
    Check out our Tron: Evolution wiki article for more information on the game, including its reliance on Games for Windows - LIVE DRM, as if you didn't need another reason not to be able to play the game.
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    Mirh reacted to Andytizer in TweakGuides shutting down, rehosted by PCGamingWiki   
    Koroush announced recently that TweakGuides, one of the best sources of PC game tweaks, is sadly going to be shutting down. 
    Koroush has graciously allowed third parties to mirror the TweakGuides website under the Creative Commons Attribution International (CC BY 4.0) license. PCGamingWiki articles contain multiple references to TweakGuides, and we have decided to mirror and preserve the content so that our links are not broken when the main site goes offline.
    You can find the mirror at tweakguides.pcgamingwiki.com and all the Wiki's internal links have been updated to the new address.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Blackbird in Proposal: Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Play Anywhere property   
    Both play anywhere and game pass seem like properties for windows store.
    In turn, windows store may also intertwine/equal to UWP (of especial note if we consider it a separate OS platform), but it's OT for this thread imo.
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    Mirh reacted to Aemony in Sound and Windows 10   
    I don't think this is really the case any longer, based on my testing with my Hi-Res Audio certified DAC and headset.
    That DAC have a visual indicator that showcases what sample rate and bit depth, and in shared mode it will _always_ output as the selected format according to what I've selected in the Advanced tab of the output device (24 bit, 96 000 Hz). In exclusive mode through WASAPI it'll output whatever format is configured in the player, regardless of the source itself (tested and verified using Foobar2k and the foo_out_wasapi plugin.
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    Mirh reacted to Funkerwolf in Sound and Windows 10   
    Hello everyone, I would like to clarify why my editing in the article on sound is constantly canceled?
    Here is the evidence on the pictures below about the difference in sound on the spectrograms.
    As you can probably notice, that on Windows 10 samples are more identical to the original, rather than on Windows 7.
    Used materials in this tests

    Source sound

    Windows 10 on Realtek

    Windows 10 on Creative G1

    Windows 7 on Realtek

    Windows 7 on Creative G1

    The peculiarity of this behavior in terms of sound in Windows 7 was caused by the introduction of DRM at the development stage of Windows Vista, which is also easily confirmed by reading the development literature.
    To carry out this test, recording through the line input via the built-in sound card with the help of Audacity was used and then the results were transferred to the schedule through the Spek.
    The conditions were the same (Volume 80% output and input) and the same player Foobar2000 on default settings (no asio/openal and ks with wasapi exclusive for output) was used.
    For very talented people, I note that the sound system has remained the same since Windows Vista, but has been significantly reworked: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/windows-10-has-better-sound-quality-than-windows-7-on-my-computer-not-necessarily-yours.789224/
    Especially it is important for the old and not-so games that use DirectSound.
    And for those who like to listen to music, and especially in a high quality, because windose 10 does not force you to use all sorts of workarounds crutches mentioned above.
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    Mirh got a reaction from WilliamauUndip in Non sucky Antiviruses   
    Yes, definitively.
    AVs are necessary with 95% of people.
    My hate was more towards ad blockers, not only for the usual moral implications I see, but now even for this alleged security.
    Oh, and it's nice AV are also addressing this kind of issues. Even though I wonder if there couldn't be a correlation with the fact F-secure is among the most false positive prone solutions out there.
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    Mirh got a reaction from WilliamauUndip in Non sucky Antiviruses   
    This is just conspiracy with no actual proof at all.
    We are no longer even in the early 2000s, and not even porn sites have shoody ad networks anymore.
    In fact, my anecdotal experience, suggest me 90% of annoyances (what noob users usually call "virus") is just spamware, installed by things like softonic downloader, or java installer.
    Which neither AV, nor ad blockers can stop
    The remainder 9.999% on the other hand, is actual malware that for god knows which reasons has been launched by the user itself (fake cd cracks, infected email attachments, bad torrents)
    And I'd say just 0.001% of infections actually manages to be so apocalyptic to come from the browser itself.
    Thankfully, in my year and half without AV I didn't encounter even one.. but had I have to be against a Pwn2Own level participant, I'm not sure even complete AV suites could save me.
    Also, is this sponsored advertising or what? Because I just checked and even though, I mean, detection rate is still reasonable, it's far from the top.
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    Mirh got a reaction from WilliamauUndip in Non sucky Antiviruses   
    Anyway, I guess avira it's fine.
    EDIT: more critics
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    Mirh got a reaction from WilliamauUndip in GTA 4 mods   
    So.. I have really no clue what we are into, but I guess it wouldn't be bad if you could log the game with process monitor as done here.
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    Mirh got a reaction from Jabphash in Non sucky Antiviruses   
    Yes, definitively.
    AVs are necessary with 95% of people.
    My hate was more towards ad blockers, not only for the usual moral implications I see, but now even for this alleged security.
    Oh, and it's nice AV are also addressing this kind of issues. Even though I wonder if there couldn't be a correlation with the fact F-secure is among the most false positive prone solutions out there.
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