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  1. Perhaps if you stated your OS, drivers and components it would be a start.
  2. I don't want to be that guy, but I thought we had dismissed this solution already with XInput Plus, due to the bugs and problems it caused here and there?
  3. You know, help could come faster if we had some specific error or bad behavior to work on to begin with. As usual with old games, the normal "random" recommendation is to check dxwrapper or dgVoodoo2.
  4. Borderlands is UE4 though. Nothing to do with RL. If the port gearbox already made isn't available, it's probably just due to them wanting to focus on windows in the first days of steam release.
  5. You can even use a license such as the MPL if you want to cover your ass against "predatory forking", you know. Assume I wanted it to work on windows XP, or ARM, or whatever? I'd just feel awkward to me to be banging my head against a game.. Groping for whatever chink in the black box I may be able to spot from the outside, and knowing deep down my tool of choice has the same fundamental downside.
  6. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen here, and a long time coming. I had always imagined a FlawlessWidescreen-like UI, but even this super-sleek one is nice. And I have no problems with selling it at a price (in fact if there was a closer collaboration with PCGW, it could be as well somehow somewhat integrated with our patreon) But is it open-source? Because otherwise it doesn't really feel "ours to own".
  7. It's not really out of nowhere. It should be part of their work into a new memory allocator. Also, just as a matter of fact and very technically speaking, reclocking is a thing even on maxwell. It's just that it can only work safely in situations where the gpu isn't in charge of its own cooling. Mhh no. Nir/sfn only supports dx11 cards for the moment (if not even only evergreen). And even then, I'm not sure it gets past opengl 4 as for feature sets working in full. d3d9.evictManagedOnUnlock got fixed though. It may seem a small thing, but that's actually the hopeful setting that might solve out of memory issues in many 32-bit games.
  8. I'm actually more concerned about achievements to be honest :s For a long time, GFWL was the only "service" on pc that supported them (and I still appreciate its design for them). Also, I guess like this finally means retail users won't need to keep their DVD in the drive anymore? Craaazy.
  9. While everybody is hanging on a mysterious tweet by Bioware (which depending on the mood, is each month working on a new remaster/remake of one of their games), PC gamers already have everything that is needed for a full 4K 999Hz 21:9 VR experience. Seriously. We only miss HDR /s More about this courtesy of Eurogamer. The only meaningful downside in my opinion, is that ME2 and ME3 DLCs bundles (even on sale) aren't costing any less than 25€ together. Which is objectively nuts after a decade. And when you can get the whole trilogy for less than half. But that's EA gonna EA. Shootout to our resident member @Methanhydrat for also being part of these modders.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/etiih3/update_on_refunds_for_macos_and_linux_players/ They are simply transitioning to dx11 at the end of the day, lol. Which makes porting to opengl non-trivial on UE3 (or at least this is the impression I get from developers and observation). And with OSX being out of the way for other reasons, I could see why it couldn't make commercial sense for somebody not-that-super-much caring about the community.
  11. There's also open flash Anyway, just like shumway, any one of these thingies are going to hit a roadblock if browsers don't implement content handlers Internet explorer will be with us for the decades to come to be honest.
  12. It is possible (for as much as I don't think google tracks "eyes time"), still I was just saying I really don't feel like I can help with that. If really we needed some better "welcoming" of users, I'd rather have more key points if any. If you want to make a wikipedia-like introduction, explaining the game genre, how the game plays and whatnot.. Seriously, what's the point for somebody that already ideally has the game in his hands? And if you are going as far as to imagine a future where people would straight look here for info rather than wikipedia itself.. I don't think we really can and should compete.
  13. The communities should be "useful" probably, rather than just big for their sake. Though I guess most of times, there really isn't a difference between the two ideas. And "just having a presence on a big website" shouldn't necessarily qualify you either. If the game is on steam, ok, its community pages are an automatic go-to place for everybody. But just because a subreddit exists, if it's not "busy" I wouldn't see much sense into it. I would argue that's already enough to cover without any "need of arbitration" 99% of games. That's smart - considering most of time those don't provide even information. For the remainder, I get you'd like a conversational introduction and I (sorta) see where you are coming from. But I personally struggle to see any way in which this wouldn't sensibly dilute the clarity of fixes and everything else.
  14. I couldn't concur more with this. Especially for older games, it's invaluable to know where the last survivors use to hang at. Because once upon a time we had a douche (or maybe it was two) war editing, and nobody of us was knowledgeable of such community, and somehow rather than just ban him for *uncivil* and completely reckless behavior, somebody thought that if we had a requirement for officiality, then a reasonable person wouldn't have attempted such edits in the first place.... But by all means, wiki means you can and should question the rules too. And indeed, it doesn't make sense. General information should provide, you know, information (put even aside whatever psychological argument you could do about "what does the user need on top of the page"). And "being official" is just so completely tangential to it. The official Mass Effect's answers.ea.com website could be probably beaten by an *archived* copy of the old bioware forums probably. And TES games without nexusmods are like a planet without a sun. And so on. Then, of course it's not so automatic anymore - but nobody is forcing anyone to add info, if he's not sure. And I'm not seeing the point in listing communities separately. Unless perhaps a game had like a dozen, all equally worth.. But at that point does it even make sense if they are so widespread and diverse (e.g. minecraft)?
  15. False Then of course, not every wiki can be as thorough as ME one. But if any this should be the determinant factor. Is that an actually useful resource, perhaps with many people to get in touch with, or is just like ten not-even-finished pages? I'm really desperately in need of an answer to this too.
  16. Mirh

    CD audio tracks

    Many pages already have a fix for the issue. It would be good to have a general how-to (in addition to these petty issues) before putting a scare point. And in addition to ogg-winmm (and its forks), it seems like even DxWnd is into the game. Maybe @Suicide machine is gonna be able to tell more.
  17. Would be better if "key generation" or something like that was mentioned already in the title, because the idea that the average joe immediately get is instead that there's something broken with the "software" on their system.
  18. Somebody should finally release a handled x86 console (GPD only did potatoes till now, for the records) Ray tracing and VR of course. Linux gaming. And no, I really don't see gaming moving predominantly on the cloud. 15ms is a good network latency. Not so much if it's display or input latency.
  19. I don't necessarily object in principle to broadening the scope of the wiki, though perhaps you should write down your vision for the records. For example, ages ago I was already giving "strategy advices" (for as much as due to bugs), but uh.. I'd hope we aren't entering into competition with strategywiki any time soon? Anyway back in topic, I think I see now the "search a puzzle game to play in coop" idea. But is it actually realistic? Because perhaps it's just me to be detached, but if I had a friend irl and I wanted to play with him, I would just search for the couch gaming list. I wouldn't really care if I'm shooting in first person like left 4 dead or isometrically like in lara croft and the guardian of light. Or I'm not shooting at anything because it's rayman. Insofar as the game is good at supporting and encouraging us. I know some "very clumsy" individuals that are super-not-good with any kind of keyboard/controller then, which may usually prefer some genre rather than another.. But a "doesn't require much coordination" dedicated property would be way better in this scenario. And I cannot think to anything else the genre would matter tbh.
  20. "Modes" can still be somehow functional to fixes. In the sense that, if a game is 2D, some video settings rows perhaps may not apply. "Genres"? I'm starting to loose the sense of the wiki. Did the discussion about becoming general purpose happen while I was AFK?
  21. Oh, nice. Now this will be another source of easy misunderstandings and FUD, when trying to discuss the technical aspect of the things. And I'm betting some website will have made an article somehow describing securom has "gotten broken" and at the same time "already got broken by windows 10".
  22. Reinventing the wheel to "sound like wikipedia" (very nice analogy) may even do wonders for SEO. But, moving back to the sake of content itself... that's already covered by Wikipedia indeed? And even more importantly, I don't see in which form whatsoever that would help the general quick and clear readability of the page? Yes, there are games which you could write almost a book with all the essential, initial, procedures - but I would argue most of them just has some stupid specific fix here and there. If really somebody wanted to revolutionize a players life, an applet that scans installed games and preemptively offer fixes to be applied automatically would be it imo. If instead we talk about Glossary pages (look, a distinct reason to keep a separate namespace s:) and similar instead, of course Wikipedia wording would be golden. And we would actually provide some added value. IMO you also seem to mix too much the problems behind verification, quantification, objectivity and.. laziness/stupidity/carelessness of novice editors. I'm at least very glad you could find the time to note down your POV on the new vision® though.
  23. Both play anywhere and game pass seem like properties for windows store. In turn, windows store may also intertwine/equal to UWP (of especial note if we consider it a separate OS platform), but it's OT for this thread imo.
  24. You are really presenting just too.. odd interpretations. First of all, I'm not even sure how physically sound cards could be "full" 24-bit, considering I'm not aware of hardware even approaching the complete 144dB dynamic range. Second Windows automatically outputs 16-bit (even if 24 bit is selected) if the source is 16-bit. Legitly. Third, and most of all, there are people with thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of equipment, that still couldn't find differences from the lowest 16/44. https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary_talk:Sound#x16_bit_is_just_good_2534
  25. What? Which games have been totally orbit nuked from Steam? Back in topic, I guess like you could even upload it for archival purposes, if that was really your concern, but it seems somehow.. too much of a trifle for game page. Especially if such file was still available from steam repos: https://steamdb.info/app/515220/depots/
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