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    Batch script to automatically downgrade the two Steam versions (both international 3.0 and German 1.01) to US 1.00, which is compatible with every mod French, Italian and German localizations are also included Just extract the zip and run run.bat
  2. Mirh

    Creative ALchemy

    Version 1.45.15


    Installs the latest version of Creative's ALchemy hardware DirectSound restoration utility. extracted from Sound BlasterX AE-5 drivers.
  3. Version 1.1


    All credits to Rick Whitehouse
  4. Reinventing the wheel to "sound like wikipedia" (very nice analogy) may even do wonders for SEO. But, moving back to the sake of content itself... that's already covered by Wikipedia indeed? And even more importantly, I don't see in which form whatsoever that would help the general quick and clear readability of the page? Yes, there are games which you could write almost a book with all the essential, initial, procedures - but I would argue most of them just has some stupid specific fix here and there. If really somebody wanted to revolutionize a players life, an applet that scans installed games and preemptively offer fixes to be applied automatically would be it imo. If instead we talk about Glossary pages (look, a distinct reason to keep a separate namespace s:) and similar instead, of course Wikipedia wording would be golden. And we would actually provide some added value. IMO you also seem to mix too much the problems behind verification, quantification, objectivity and.. laziness/stupidity/carelessness of novice editors. I'm at least very glad you could find the time to note down your POV on the new vision® though.
  5. Both play anywhere and game pass seem like properties for windows store. In turn, windows store may also intertwine/equal to UWP (of especial note if we consider it a separate OS platform), but it's OT for this thread imo.
  6. Mirh

    Resolutions specification

    Ok, I don't really remember where I had discussed about this before, but surprise surprise the moment is come. We have a 4:3 only game (not technically "only", but practically you have to), which can -be hacked to- run in 4K resolutions So to sum up, my proposal is to make every row imply a "concept". Widescreen resolution: 16:9/16:10 aspect ratio, as opposed to good old 4:3 "Standard expectations" (aka widescreen resolution?): are all the "common resolutions" supported? (I concede the actual "property status" would have to just reflect actual -16:9- ones) Multi-monitor: Odd aspect ratios, but even if that's not the case, I'd say even being "multi monitors aware" could count (like here) 21:9: Surprisingly, this is not about AR (I mean, put aside stupid games that added hardcoded 32:9 resolutions, once you support multi screen normal 32:9 it should be easy). It's about crazy FoVs. 4K: In one word: density. Which mean "finding a dimensions limit" the game won't exceed (either because it can't or it doesn't want) All these definitions have been chosen to give a better "formalization" to criteria. Albeit this further abstraction layer hasn't any direct results (put aside I guess the bother to read my thought), and for the most part it just traces the already existing ideas, I hope this will make possible to decouple the criteria from the current "state of technology", that's anything but absolute. So, in the future we could avoid a rout like that for high framerate.
  7. Mirh

    Sound and Windows 10

    You are really presenting just too.. odd interpretations. First of all, I'm not even sure how physically sound cards could be "full" 24-bit, considering I'm not aware of hardware even approaching the complete 144dB dynamic range. Second Windows automatically outputs 16-bit (even if 24 bit is selected) if the source is 16-bit. Legitly. Third, and most of all, there are people with thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of equipment, that still couldn't find differences from the lowest 16/44. https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary_talk:Sound#x16_bit_is_just_good_2534
  8. What? Which games have been totally orbit nuked from Steam? Back in topic, I guess like you could even upload it for archival purposes, if that was really your concern, but it seems somehow.. too much of a trifle for game page. Especially if such file was still available from steam repos: https://steamdb.info/app/515220/depots/
  9. Mirh

    Sound and Windows 10

    Ehrm.. My own limited tests picture another situation. It's not super fair to compare dedicated soundcards to a Realtek (even though, this fared relatively good here) but benchmarks made already under Vista shows Creative has more to share with the latter category. So.. I'm wondering how much this is up to the driver, and how much actually the OS. Are you sure all enhancements are disabled? Are the outputs all set to stereo? And could you try normal 16-bit @ 44.1/48 khz? Then I'm also no psychologist, but I feel like you really seem *hoping* too much into clueless explanations (no, Dolby just team up for multi-channel endeavors)
  10. Mirh

    Sound and Windows 10

    Please, really, it seems like you are going all over the place with buzzwords. "Hardware offload" is a thing again starting from ~W8. But putting aside this should be mostly targeted at power saving needs IIRC (I had written it already somewhere).. could we please stop to fetishize the word hardware? There's nothing intrinsically better (and EAX is also supported in OpenAL games for the records) Windows 7 discrepancies also still doesn't make sense tbh. If you say ASIO/OpenAL/WASAPI exclusive mode are good, then it's certainly not the driver, and it must be indeed something the OS does. But I'm pretty on the relative sure side microsoft wouldn't be so dumb to screw up even the simplest of the plain test cases... And please take notice, every "test article" before 2012 is mot since that's when they released an important fix. There seems to be truth over the mixing being kind of forced though.. Even though I'm not sure anything of that could still explain *noise*. Could you check any whatever combination of bit depth and sampling rate please? p.s. W10 doesn't seem flawless either.
  11. Mirh

    Sound and Windows 10

    Windows 10 also has (supports) DRM for audio, and in no way I'm seeing how that would apply to analog outputs nevertheless. Why in the world would you be so sure about it responsible for quality degradation? For as much as I know it may be as well you are using different drivers. EDIT: or the fact different Windows versions come with different APOs enabled by default. Then I must admit I had initially underestimated W10 improvements. Every application should indeed save off some millisecond, by merit of a reworked audio engine. In addition to that, querying and selection of lower buffer sizes should also be possible. But I'd be wary about greatly underlining this, since it requires for software to be updated with IAudioClient3, and for driver to support DEVPKEY_KsAudio_PacketSize_Constraints My hats off for the testing then.
  12. Writing down the important revelations of the discord chat: So many, many, many games have very lazily determined (if not hands down wrong) system requirements. The most straightly patent ones being OS/Dx version and HDD/RAM space. Default, unless proven otherwise, would always be official system requirements of course. Nobody is asking editors to cross-check the hell out of every possible hardware combination. If by any chance though, any incongruence was to be spotted, we could "fix" them, just like we fix the actual games themselves. The individual change would have to be marked as "Verified by user X" then, and I cannot see how anything of value would be lost. ... Proceeding with the reasoning, with time (and enough agreement on what could count as "minimum", say 640x480@30fps w/ lowest available settings) this could even be extended to CPU/GPU. Contrarily to how I was banging my head above, there shouldn't really be to bother too much on "how to emulate lower specs". If somebody comes out with a data point, good for him and the game. Otherwise with the "official first" policy, we could do as well just fine as without. Heavy hacks could be mentioned in other information section, but just like standard policy is not to consider "true" those things, neither should they enter the "straight" table. *Then* after all of this, we could think to some "threshold of potato-ness" (be it explicit "runs on a pedal P4 microwave oven" or implicit "runs on a very slow CPU"). Which nowadays could even be automatized with parsers.
  13. Mirh

    Anti-Aliasing article revamp

    Nice presentation about the advances of the last decade (too bad talk pages are broken) http://www.iryoku.com/research-impact-retrospective-mlaa-from-2009-to-2017
  14. Mirh

    The DRM column and its purpose

    So.. I kinda skipped most of the post. Indeed, most of those threads should just be disregarded, given it's mostly me arguing ad nauseam with some this-much-craze dudes - and a normal person shouldn't have much to learn from them (though there are thoughtful insights here and there). Now remembering everyone DRM means "Digital1 Rights Management" (where management is arguably an euphemism for "restriction"), I'll just post some axioms I hope everybody will agree2: f* law or EULAs: this is just about principles upfront paying is not restricting one's rights accounts protecting paywalls aren't restricting one's rights requesting use of a specific software for download/transit/retrieval is not restricting one's rights3 (we could argue whether present lack of an open source alternative is restriction - but then what's you to stop from doing something like this?) moreover installation nor [whatever it is] preparation should be restricting one's rights. Only there is where the game appears and is granted to you, physically4. ... External "dependencies" aren't necessarily restricting one's rights. Being portable is usually a consequence of being drm-free, but I concur "failure"4 to be so may not strictly offend [Functionally5 unnecessary] external external dependencies (as in "material", like a cd-key6, or "the net") for game to function are restrictions of one's rights7. Obfuscation or anti-tampering of binary code is not restricting one's rights8(might be controversial: but assuming you condone "proprietary", then this is not any different than selling you a phone with a "low iFixit score") Machine-specific "locks" are restrictions of one's rights (not much per simply se, but more because they require aforementioned external stuff to further work) Drm-free might still be hackable, for the records. Say, ubisoft games bought on steam not requiring the latter if launched with a switch, or safedisc ones with unsafedisc. You might notice I listed those claims "in order" from "source" to "end use" (kinda). With a blank wonder in the middle, which would correspond to whatever happens from "everything has been downloaded" to "everything is 100% ready to be played" The only wonder I'm left with, personally, is *how* "first launch" should be considered separately from previous phases9 And similarly, when "the starting point" can be considered the installer (if present), instead of the actual game unpacked files. With these considerations (I'm tired, sorry) making up a perfect definition of drm shouldn't be that hard. Once we get that carved in stone, all the aforementioned examples should simply come consequential. And even without, well, I think operationally we'd still be good to go - in the meantime.
  15. So.. you may recall back this winter I started a really tough rediscover of the ancient Aureal 3D audio technology. After what initially seemed very good progress I slowly realized I was only touching the tip of the iceberg. Besides those crappy (which should get a little cleanup in the future btw) solutions on PCGW i linked before, no other advancement could be done without some programming skills. Moving ahead with time, last month, I did some akin digging out about ATI -old- truform technology Even this time even when I thought I was almost there.. I was wrong more than ever and, again, no results without programming knowledge. But I wasn't alone though now. Expack3 was phenomenal helping in the research and he even suggested something which could be truly decisive. Given both of us are too noob for the venture... and given we wouldn't probably receive so much attention.. what if we could launch a sort of development project with PCGW sponsorship? We are unknown in the programming world, but there's sure to be at least a few potential developers who've heard of PCGamingWiki and who know their business The reasons for all this well, seem obvious: And there's even more things that in my opinion would be worth to ask to an advanced developer, besides truform: Aureal3D sound API Proper DirectX ≤ 8 support on Windows ≥ Vista wasn't a windows problem Xinput controllers having both triggers working in DirectInput games Xinput plus is a thing Then of course there would be plenty of channels where the "offers" could be advanced: Reddit, Wine mailing lists, Vogons are the first which come to my mind So, is this somewhat feasible? Am I asking too much? Thanks for reading
  16. Mirh

    Replace "EAX support" with "3D Sound"

    Oh look, that's me. It has nothing necessarily to do with 3D or HRTF (for as much eventually, every reverb EAX adds may contribute to the illusion for example) Anyway, long story short is that the eax "row" originated way before we had the middleware/api proprieties. It could even make sense to move everything there then.. But I must say I'm not totally sold to the idea. I mean.. Nowadays who the hell cares? API is almost always XAudio2 - "encyclopedic" would be almost an overstatement of its importance. Rightly, it's in the other information table. But assume we were talking about DirectSound, Aureal or even OpenAL? In that case a link to sound card glossary is mandatory. And it would totally deserve a place in the main audio settings section (especially given the usual connection between this and surround) In the past I had just suggested to rename the field's name.. I wouldn't know now. Maybe a good first start could be resuming the "what's even in a middleware" discussion. See you all somewhen else
  17. Mirh

    NoCD Patches

    In some safedisc games, you can pulls off the feat of using "unpackers" (unDRMers? deDRMers? have fun with acronyms) For everything else, you can refers back to the continuation of the second thread Mars linked, which is here. We aren't totally "passive" on this front, it's just that we are so perfectionist, that if we really have to spend time doing it - at least to do it in the most scalable way possible.
  18. Version


    All credits to arct, DarthTon and spazzarama Try master131's Extreme Injector if there is any problem
  19. Mirh

    Editing guide

    Yes, I do know (it's not the first time I edit the wiki :*) My more profound question was: what would be the point of this distinction in the first place? Then I just went on trying to make up for an answer.
  20. Mirh

    Editing guide

    And indeed I wanted to make clearer the criteria in the first place? "Hackable for anything outside, Native for anything inside". Yeah, so easy! Then, do in-game console count as native? Oh, and what about those games where you can write commands in normal chat by just putting a slash before? My personal take on the matter has always been "simplicity" (or difficulty if you want to see the question from the other side of the coin). I mean.. why else should the user care about the status otherwise? Curiosity for its own sake? It has to serve a practical need first of all, and whatever "I shouldn't worry" about the feature, or *effort* is needed seems it. But this "native" TR madness really pushes the boundaries of the examples-based rule. Not only it is tedious, but also counterintuitive (command line switches seems arguably a cakewalk). Now, IMO the only way out seems redefining the goalposts of "effort": either we take a hard stance on the matter [aka, everything that isn't blatantly overwatch-settings-levels easy, showy and self-explanatory is hackable(but imo, this would fit a hypothetical PCGWKids, if any)] or we relax a bit the norms, say either (or a combination?) of:"no external tools needed" (no notepad; but game icons, and so parameters, should considered as "parts" of the game, and thus count as native) "shouldn't take more than 10 seconds" [to do] "shouldn't take more than 5 seconds" [to read how-to] Cheers.
  21. Mirh

    Editing guide

    Mhh, yes I know the general story. That's why I asked this in the first place. This feels worse than simple commands/parameters on many different of the aspects I always thought native/hackable distinction to be expected to answer, E.g: time wise it's very long. Difficulty and explanation-length wise? Games with consoles enabled by default (or simply toggleable in-menu) look way easier to handle. What other parameters are there then?
  22. Mirh

    Generic Troubleshooting Page

    Wtf? Since when were we caring for official damns? :s If any, the only criteria I'd see to hide something is popularity. But this only if space was really all that constraint. For the remainder, wow, pretty nicely of a good page. Do we have statistic for most searched fixes btw? xD In hindsight, it's smart to already present there some.. flesh, I mean especially basic troubleshooting (which in your connotation is what I was imagining as "good practices") And I was also going to critcizie you for duplication "install directx"... But yeah, you are totally right instead: unless they see the "error window" buzzword, some people will never really get it. but aren't sound/controller/graphics pages a bit too much hidden?
  23. Mirh

    Steamworks DRM in articles

    For the philosophical mumblings, you can check the threads I linked in the second post. My personal interpretation of The Dichotomy is that seriously nobody in their right minds care for impositions, as long as they aren't limitations (and I mean, possibly not even stallman, given 99.999% of games are closed source in the first place, so "highest freedom" is already a lost cause). Especially given.. what's the point of mentioning steam requirement for download if that (and more?) is already mentioned at purchase time? You could have a point then, in a kind of {if(platform=steam)&&(drm=free)}=="note explicitly this doesn't require steam/create a shortcut" check. Which in an ideal world would be redundantly useless.. But I guess quite a lot of people are probably missing that.
  24. Mirh

    Large files

    But did the download actually end at the 2.6GB mark, or earlier?
  25. Mirh

    List of PCGW issues

    Not a problem with the wiki itself, but hey.. Ipboard sucks: Has problems with plus sign and apostrophes in links [the latter could be fixed in new version] Has problems with downloads (timeouts?) That long-standing mysterious thing where sometimes you are offered the wrong page/file