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  1. No freezes, CPU usage back to normal. Menu is still disappearing, but at least I can play now. I'm also WTF, because like I said all other games were working fine without this "VT-x". But a friend of mine advised me to check if it switched on when he heard about 100% CPU spikes, said that it might help.
  2. Solved it! After I switched on Intel Virtualization Technology in BIOS everyting worked fine! Its strange, because that option was disabled all this time and it didn't prevent me playing all other games.
  3. Well, the games with GFWL started to crash, but otherwise - nothing happened. The other programs that were using it are fine without it now.
  4. I thought that was a system file... A lot of software on my PC is using it even now, according to Proccess Explorer, such as Firefox, Windows Media Player, MiniLyrics. What is this file? Can't find what its supposed to do.
  5. Well, I never used this software, so I don't exactly understand what you want from me ))) I've logged everything about the game process into the .pml file, maybe it will help. https://mega.nz/#!iltXhCIQ!FtIoAO8erLKdDQCMeMwxMDYU0XMABY43dOGs82O01yg (I've run the game twice, and shot on some targets, then Alt+F4 out of there.) I've also pulled out my GTX 460 and tried to play on Intel HD 2500 to see if something will change, but it didn't.
  6. Well, it's the Steam version, so I suppose its patched. Renamed the folder, the game created new "settings" folder and it keeps resetting them again. I have disabled sound device, I don't have any input devices I can turn off, it didn't help.
  7. I can't run it in windowed, I wrote this already, I can't change settings, they keep resetting. Anyway, here's what happens (I made three shots, marked them as 1-2-3). The CPU1 is at 100%.
  8. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Nail'd are working fine. i5-3470 3.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, GTX 460 1 GB.
  9. Don't know even where to start. OK, from the very beggining:) First of all, the menu doesn't work properly (see attached screenshot). It won't display, unless you hover a cursor over it (update: and it seems that some of the hud in game also is missing, from the health and ammo count to the vertical line on the sniper scope). Second, I can't change settings. I've changed only resolution, cause everything else already was set to high. it said that it requires restart to apply new settings. After restart I find out that all settings are set to low, and resolution is wrong again. Another try,
  10. You can force FXAA in Spec Ops: The Line. To force MSAA you need to use Nvidia Inspector, Mass Effect 2/3 compatibility flag. For the best picture you can combine both. Something like that probably exists for other two games too.
  11. Thanks, I will try to play it today and will reply if there are glitches or not. Update: Well, I've played about ten missions and didn't see anything unusual. Thanks again for the fix. Now I have a good reason to replay the game.
  12. Back in 2001 (I think) I was registering my first e-mail. And The Terminator was my favourite franchise (not anymore - thank you very much, Salvation and Genisys). But the name was already taken, so I added OST as in "official soundtrack" - it was the best I could come up with at that moment :) And since then I use "TerminatorOST" even if "Terminator" is available.
  13. I have 4 GBs of RAM. In first areas of the game (Commonwealth, for instance) it runs decently, but in places like Diamond City it begins to stutter so much, that it becomes unplayable.
  14. Yes! It works (with Borderless Gaming 8.2)! Thank you. I'm not very familiar with borderless gaming, so I didn't try it before. Pity, it could've saved me a lot of time and nerves :)
  15. That was the first thing I did. I usually play at 1280x720 or 1366x768 to gain more FPS, but it won't work now too. No, windowed is without bars. Haven't tried borderless, to be honest, because I saw on wiki page that it's "impossible".
  16. I've tried it, but the game can't even launch at windowed mode for some reason. Update: deleted "default.cfg" and suddenly the game did launch at windowed mode. But when I press on "default settings", its black bars again. At least the windowed mode is working now. Still better than a stretched image in fullscreen.
  17. 1920x1080 is my monitor's native resolution. Again, the game worked fine previously. I could set, for instance, 1366x768 or 1280x720 to set higher settings and stable FPS, and there would be no black bars. But now it's on all resolutions. But it's just this particular game, every other game works like before.
  18. No, the game is already fullscreen, except with black bars at top/bottom. How to get rid of those?
  19. Well, I played this game successfully for several years now, and suddenly after recent reinstall it won't go fullscreen properly. Any resolution I choose (including my native 1920x1080) will result in black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen. I tried to edit default.cfg as it was listed in the wiki, removed saves, reinstalled game several times - no dice. It's just this one particular game, which was working fine for years and suddenly it won't. And I didn't change any hardware as well, everything is still the same.
  20. But why would you want to remove them? They're only like 30 seconds each.
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