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  1. can you please also change my old username Voodooman to v00d00m4n (0=zero) like one i have here?
  2. Man i like your fixes and really greatful for them, but how do you think you should improve them? Well ill give you a tip - learn the concept of asi loaders and plugins many games use nowadays, its easy dll injection solution, that is well thought for you, all you have to do is port all of your fixes into dlls, because trainers and loaders\launchers that require to run external program are uncomfortable old clunky way to modify game run time code, as well as direct patching of any game files is bad idea, everyone does it with dll injection nowadays and gta modding community made asi dll mods a
  3. due of dynamic nature of Internet, providing external links instead of local copy may lead to case when external link will die, nobody will have copy anymore, author will vanish from face of earth or will have no source or interest anymore, and fix will die. I think it a vital requirement for FUTURE PROOF PC GAMING, to have every tool and patched mirrored here.
  4. Guys, to avoid such false positives use passwords for archive and publish passwords on download page. I suggest to use standard password as domain name without zone - pcgamingwiki, this will force server-side bots and avs to skip file.
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