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  1. I think what others are saying seems to make sense. I remember years ago, I posted stuff on adding the PS3/Mac exclusive DLC to PC versions of Batman Arkham Asylum, and ultimately that ended up being okay (there's a similar thing out there for Arkham Origins but I never got around to messing with it). I think the deciding factor might end up being asking the publisher/developer like how someone did for BAA. If we can get an okay from them, it's probably okay.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure, aside from maybe in the case of abandonware, where the dev doesn't even exist anymore.

  2. For people who aren't aware, there's a neat project called Flashpoint that's seeking to preserve Flash, Shockwave, and other browser plugin based games by downloading them and putting them into a client. It already has a lot of stuff in playable state. Here's the homepage for the project: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/

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