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  1. I'm having severe issues with Game Copy World. If I get redirected after pressing "continue", I'm thrown to a shady adsite instead of download page. I won't disable ad/script blocks.
  2. I don't understand why save files shouldn't be added to a website called "PC Gaming Wiki". I also fear that GameFAQs' parent company CBS Interactive will close down both GameFAQs and GameSpot in the near future, GS recently expanded to movies and errors in articles and in video content have skyrocketed.
  3. Durazno downloads are hosted on Google Drive instead of the program's Github page, I find that odd. Durazno hasn't been updated since 2013 and works fine on Windows 10.
  4. I found that tool just recently, can you tell me how it is used? I could test with a few games.
  5. Can Steamworks DRM be removed by users, or only circumvented by emulating Steam?
  6. What does that mean? Has the console-exclusive Burnout Paradise DLC been successfully ported to PC? I tried Vanity Pack back in the day, but car position on the minimap was completely off afterwards.
  7. I found out that even Mirror's Edge doesn't apparently use DRM on Origin, or there is no .par file that is Origin's equivalent to steam.dll. I'll trying moving the files to another computer, maybe it really is DRM-free. Now you can grab the entire Syberia series from Steam for 3€, but I don't necessarily want to buy if Steamworks DRM is used: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/8224/
  8. Is archiving all smaller mod files/game fixes PCGW's goal? That mod was uploaded to Dropbox, they often take popular files down. I understand that you don't necessarily want to host files in several gigabytes, but don't know where to draw the line.
  9. I don't know that site, but I just noticed you can upload save files (console versions included) to GameFAQs.
  10. I don't know if this has been discussed before. Many games have "in-house" file types, can be almost anything under the sun: .xom, .sve, .pro, .cde, .fqh The website doesn't allow uploading such files and I have to compress them for no real reason. Can the file type restrictions be disabled completely? I tried uploading `SaveGame.xom` today.
  11. For some reason save files are absent on PCGW, I honestly don't know a single trustworthy website for downloading them. For example, completing the Worms Ultimate Mayhem campaign can take over 20 hours and is required for unlocking all multiplayer maps and customization items. I didn't have the patience and downloaded a save file from dark corners of the internet (a file host link in YouTube comments) and saved over 20 hours in the process. Can we have a new section for "100%" save files in articles?
  12. I'm not sure if I uploaded a Saints Row 3 mod recently, I remember having issues with the file type and had to compress for no reason because PCGW didn't accept the file. I don't see the upload on my profile or in recent files, can someone check?
  13. I found a way to unlock all (?) DLC in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). I don't know if this is legal, but there's a similar tweak for Alice: Madness Returns under essential improvements: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Alice:_Madness_Returns#Unlock_DLC_Dresses_and_Weapons
  14. Installing Steam (the client is mentioned) is forbidden by my workplace's ToS. They only refund "non-working" games, if you don't simply like the game you won't get your money.
  15. I think there should be a new paragraph that tells if a client is mandatory for downloading: How could this information be harmful to anyone? I own several laptops and I'm not allowed to install Steam on my work machine, but the games aren't directly forbidden. When the game isn't using Steamworks DRM, I can move the files over. It would be extremely helpful to have this information at hand, I rather buy from Steam than from GOG because of latter's non-existing refund policy.
  16. I'm not sure if this is exactly true, but I've heard that older games are easier to run in Wine than on modern versions of Windows. If you have a Linux/OS X installation lying around might be worth a try, easier than purchasing and installing older Windows OS.
  17. Can you TL;DR? Can I mark Steam games with no DRM as DRM-free?
  18. Many articles contain false information about DRM, if the game is available on Steam they seem to be marked as using Steamworks DRM by default. The Steam client by itself isn't DRM and is only required for downloading the games. For example Running With Scissors doesn't use DRM in their games (Postal 3 is owned and developed by by Akella): http://steamcommunity.com/app/401680/discussions/0/357287304428353574/ ( UPDATE: RWS deleted the DRM paragraph and at least Postal Redux can no longer be played without the Steam client) Every RWS game article claims otherwise. The Shovel Knight page also
  19. 1,554 downloads

    A mod mentioned in the PCGW article, downloaded from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xdrnscv8c7gjxjw/aim_assist.xtbl I had to compress the file because the site didn't allow uploading "aim_assist.xtbl".
  20. The difference is that the VLC Windows build ships with libdvdcss and plays encrypted DVDs out of the box. Don't know about Blu-rays.
  21. I'm 90% sure you're using a cracked copy on WinRAR, paying for the program would be somewhat stupid: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/winrar-winzip-7-zip-magicrar,3436-13.html But each to their own, I wouldn't be surprised if that uTorrent (Pro?) is fetched from torrent sites also.
  22. With " enthusiastic groups" you mean people who get compressed anime flicks from torrent sites I assume? MadVR rendered may offer superior image quality, but it's a pain to install and requires a lot of processing power. I watch some DVDs and will expand to Blu-rays in the future, for me VLC is extremely useful as it can break DVD copy protection easily on all operating systems (disk in and play), as far as I'm aware there's not an easier method available at least for Windows.
  23. I don't know why the IP address of an anonymous article editor has to be publicly visible. My IP is surely saved in the history of dozens articles as I wasn't able to edit articles when signed in the past: http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/topic/1166-when-signed-in-i-only-see-blank-pages/ If I PM the moderators my IP address, can it be scraped from the site and replaced with my username?
  24. I don't agree, asking for help is completely acceptable. I've already struggled quite a bit. I've donated over 50€ to PCGW and I think this kind of question is maybe more than justified...
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