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  1. Articles I successfully edited today, no idea what's wrong: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Painkiller:_Hell_%26_Damnation#Disable_intro_videos http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Evolve_Stage_2#Disable_intro_videos
  2. I'm trying to create a fixbox for console bind FOV method in the Killing Floor article, but for some reason formatting is always broken. I successfully created two fixboxes today in other articles. I don't know why input settings paragraph is affected. ===[[Glossary:Field of view (FOV)|Field of view (FOV)]]=== {{Fixbox|1= {{Fixbox/fix|Bind FOV command to a key|ref=<ref>http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/forum/killing-floor/killing-floor-general/general-discussion-aa/89046-fov-to-small#post1719136</ref>}} {{ii}} Game's default FOV value is 105, seems to be horizontal. # Open c
  3. Sorry, I didn't notice that Trine Enchanted Edition has its own PCGW article and added content to the original Trine page instead. I see everything I found out has been documented already!
  4. So far I've seen this website in every article about a game using vertical FOV: http://www.rjdown.co.uk/projects/bfbc2/fovcalculator.php I suggest creating a vertical FOV table that can be accessed in the wiki. Looks like that same values apply to same aspect ratio (4:3, 16:10, 16:9), resolution is irrelevant. 16:9 |- ! horizontal FOV !! vertical FOV |- | 110 || 78 |- | 100 || 68 |- | 90 || 59 |- | 80 || 51 I see wiki formatting doesn't work here, unfortunately.
  5. I uploaded Realism Enhanced mod for Call of Duty earlier this week. I'm not sure what happened, did my file got rejected? Should I see all files in my profile, including those pending for approval? It's possible that the file upload failed. I can easily write the description again, but I want to be sure.
  6. Is GOG's affiliate program currently active? I have found no information on GOG.com and looks like the plan has been discontinued. PCGW's affiliate ?pp=708a77db476d737e54b8bf4663fc79b346d696d2 disappears when browsing to another page on the site.
  7. Could we hide stores selling Steam keys by default as all Steam games can be purchased directly from Valve? I know that PCGW has affiliate links for some retailers, feel free to educate me. Is there a list for all retailers used in the availability table?
  8. Existing threads should be moved, of course not deleted.
  9. Couldn't we nuke talk pages and use forums instead?
  10. Feel free to use Google CAPTCHAs, I no longer have nothing against them. "Trusted editors" whitelist sounds great! @Blackbird Blocking stuff is my "hobby" and I may spend my time how I desire. I have always been a fan of minimalism and adding new domains to my blacklist brings great enjoyment.
  11. I block frames because I hate embedded content on websites - I hate embedded YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, social media like buttons and store spam. I'm glad I found a way to get rid of all that content, can reduce load more than adblocking. The reason for blocking JavaScript isn't increased security alone but reduced clutter. Without JS websites can't autoplay video/audio as far as I know and animations are greatly reduced. I turn of depth of field, motion blur, screen effects, lens flare and so on always off in games too. Looks like that PCGW can be used without JS with the exception o
  12. PCGW staff, how you prefer to receive your donations? I allow you to decide. PatreonA commonly used crowd-funding platform for sending monthly donations. + Increases PCGW's monthly donation amount, can positively affect the site's reputation. - 5% fee of successfully-processed pledges + international transfer fees: https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204606125-How-do-you-calculate-fees- - The website is bloated in my opinion Flattr- 10% fee, includes the payment processor's cut. Direct PayPal transaction- I have to transfer money from my bank account to PayPal, my fu
  13. Please don't use Google CAPTCHA. To me they are annoying to solve, when Google redesigned their CAPTCHA system solving these brainteasers often took minutes. I don't use any antivirus on Windows and I block third-party frames be default using uMatrix. I hope you can implement PCGW's own challenge-response test, similar to Steam and Reddit.
  14. I am in no hurry, CAPTCHAs have likely existed since the creation of PCGW. The photos absolutely are hosted in Imgur, I didn't reupload my example image.
  15. Looks like that CAPTCHA images are hostend on Imgur - is this a long-term solution? From Imgur TOS:
  16. Thanks BONKERS. I found out later that forcing AA is not possible, I toggled between downscaling and others methods and likely got confused. Your screenshots look great, how much time does adjusting Nvidia Inspector generally take? Do you create every rule on per-game basis?
  17. The UI is small to the point of being nearly unplayable, see that tiny "Steve Bond" near left corner? I find odd that some objects (above doorway) are more aliased than others (HL with 32x CSAA through Nvidia CP @ 1920 x 1080), 8x MSAA yields similar results):
  18. @BONKERS How does forcing AA through drivers work with GoldSrc engine? I've enabled AA in Half-Life, there's a notable improvement with 32x CSAA, but aliasing is noticeable in 1920 x 1080 and looks more like 4x MSAA to me. I found a HL screenshot, downscaled from 4K:
  19. Do you remember that part where Doctor Challus Mercer appears behind a glass, before unleashing the first The Hunter? I might be wrong, but after reading about the same issue in a walkthrough I took everything as gospel.
  20. I actually forgot about talk pages. Might have happened because everything I've ever written there has been ignored and will likely go unread in the future too.
  21. One thing I'd love to know is if SSD can increase performance in certain titles. Skyrim does stutter on HDD, not an SSD - must have a positive effect on benchmarks right?
  22. When JS is disabled the "text editor" adds "amp;amp;" after "&". I had to disable JavaScript because I had even more issues without. Handling images and text in one post is troublesome and pressing Enter doesn't start a new line.
  23. Can we create a thread for fixes we've found, to be added later? I still find editing the wiki somewhat difficult, often I don't have the time to write paragraphs and eventually I might forget how I fixed the game in the first place.
  24. Do you always get the download page on GCW after clicking "continue"? I want to use crack to disable online features, I'm not sure if blocking the game in firewall is enough.
  25. No matter how hard I try I can't get a crack for Dark Souls: http://gamecopyworld.eu/games/pc_dark_souls.shtml#Dark%20Souls%20v1.2%20[MULTI9]%20Fixed%20Files%203 Please PM me if you have the files. EDIT: Finally managed to download the file (refreshing the page helps), but a crack released on 16-02-2015 doesn't work and the game gives an error when launched.
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