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  1. ​Panda had the best detection rate out of freeware programs when I last checked both AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. ​In my opinion it's most important to use uBlock Origin and uMatrix in the web browser. Proprietary antivirus suites are often malware in itself, I wouldn't be surprised if AV programs often sell every visited URL to third-parties.
  2. ​Excellent work! 30 FPS was the reason why I haven't played the game on PC. Is the frame rate capped to 60 after applying the fix or can I run the game above 60 FPS?
  3. ​I haven't found a better tool for game screenshots than MSI Afterburner (with Rivatuner). Fraps is definitely outdated, and doesn't work with the original Max Payne games for example. Afterburner's UI is terrible, but you don't really have to look at the user interface after you've configured it once. MSI works more often than Fraps, but takes sometimes "empty" screenshots of my VPN app. I would instantly remove the program if I'd find a better alternative, once I wasn't able to boot because Afterburner enabled overclocking scheme. ​If you use "ordinary" screenshot tools like Greenshot
  4. I haven't tried the hotkey, but clearing the cache didn't fix the issue. I've disable offline cache and I still had this issue for months, after restarting Firefox and my computer.
  5. ​As I've said developing mobile app is completely unnecessary, it makes no sense to pour resources to development. Mobile application wouldn't bring in any money. ​If the mobile site is works fine (it does!), dedicated app can actually make the user experience worse.
  6. Yes and many open source programs are unambiguously better than the proprietary alternatives. For example VLC, 7-Zip, qBittorrent, TWRP, Firefox, Thunderbird and the Dolphin emulator. As closed-source operating systems Windows and OS X can never be "secure" and it has been proved that NSA has a free access to MS Windows: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article40836.html
  7. ​The problems seems to have fixed itself, no need to keep this thread open anymore.
  8. ​I'd say that adding this store isn't probably a good idea. Although you can backup DRM-free games, there's no guarantee that the games get all updates for example. /Feel free to lock this thread.
  9. I escalated a claim on Paypal and got already refunded. I hope that the others don't have to go through the same process.
  10. Desura's parent company has filed for bankruptcy: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/245334/Desuras_parent_company_has_filed_for_bankruptcy.php ​http://www.desura.com/.../in-response-to-desuras-bankruptcy ​ ​Two weeks ago I purchased Postal 2 from Desura. I never received any emails from the company and wasn't able to activate my account. I tried "resending" the confirmation several times and cleared my cookies. Steam keys can't be redeemed on Desura without verifying your identity first and I was left with a Postal 2 installer tarball. ​I highly doubt that Desura games get update
  11. Yes, Stallman is the most paranoid person in the world, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Calling Mac OS and Windows as "malware" is a valid point in my opinion. ​This isn't about improving the source code yourself, someone else can and will develop software for others to use. For example the screen capture tool FRAPS would greatly benefit from going to FOSS, the program hasn't been updated in two and a half years but the base is strong. Also, open source software rarely contains malware, ads or tracking because people can and will built the program from the source after chec
  12. ​ Do you mean that the programs that require administrator privileges can now be started automatically on Windows 10? I've moved shortcuts to startup folder, but Borderless Gaming, Flawless Widescreen and SourceGL still won't start with Windows. ​If not, how did you solve this issue? ​ ​
  13. Is it allowed to add "proprietary software" as a con to articles of non-free programs? I can give the Steam client, Gamesave Manager and Windows OS as an examples. You can read more about the term here: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/why-free.html ​ /s
  14. On the PCGamingWiki Syberia page is stated that the game is locked to both 30 and 60 FPS. ​I don't own the game, I hope that someone can test and update the article.
  15. ​ ​I'm also looking for an open source, multiplatform solution for backing up my game saves. ​
  16. ​It would easier to troubleshoot if you were using Windows in English.
  17. Please use can not instead. Cannot is more casual, although still acceptable.
  18. It is possible that unlocking the frame rate has an (negative) effect on gameplay. I've noticed that some Pig Snouts are incredibly hard to fill with pepper. I watched walkthrough videos and everything worked better. Has someone noticed the same? Example screenshots (absolutely nothing works, should be extremely easy):
  19. A fairly good website Adventure Gamers has launched it's own Adventure Gamers Store for DRM-free games (apparently all titles fall in the adventure category). I haven't yet purchased anything from their store, which is run by the site owners. If we find the place trustworthy, is it OK to add the store as an available reseller to game articles? Blog post
  20. I'm requesting a secure HTTPS connection for PC Gaming Wiki. Like HTML5, HTTPS in becoming a new web standard. I understand that HTTPS is more expensive than plain HTTP, but maybe you can achieve this with the help of my support on Patreon. As always, use HTTPS Everywhere browser add-on to force encrypted connection when available.
  21. This only happens outside the forums, the boards work fine. I can't even check my messages.
  22. Can you fix Alice: Madness Returns page for me? "Set the file to read-only" should be the 4th section, I don't understand why the numbering always starts again. I noticed that the game will reset AliceEngine.ini unless the file is set to read-only, I corrected several parts of the guide. Also, is disabling 'radial blur' considered as an improvement? AllowRadialBlur=False line (presumably) achieves that.
  23. When I'm signed in, no page has content. This can be fixed by signing out. Has occurred since yesterday. I've cleared cookies, web cache and history. I had to sign out to add information to San Andreas article.
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