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  1. https://github.com/PCGamingWiki/overclocked I'm currently creating my own website, I have no experience in web development (currently there's only one image up on my site). I'd love to use PCGW skin, but how? I don't know what extensions are used. This is what I'm trying to achieve:
  2. Version r43


    ​T4M mod for World at War, official forum thread: http://ugx-mods.com/forum/index.php?topic=8092.0 ​The forum requires signing in for downloading files (to be able to see links to be exact, the files are hosted elsewhere). ​ ​Main mirror: https://mega.nz/#!VgkVXR6C!lhXepQ04axlVZ7i-yMY-J97twwpCdgql_VpDMjFRAZo
  3. ​I disable JavaScript for security reasons. Usually I prefer web without JS, no autoplaying videos or audio, can get past paywalls and other limitations and websites load far faster. There's one minor issue on PCGW, "links" that can be used to directly link to article paragraphs disappear: ​ ​ ​
  4. ​I did check that the "recommended" tweaks work, I also captured comparison screenshots. ​The link doesn't take my directly to any message, but If you mean Bonkers' longer post - yes, I have read it.
  5. ​I have avoided creating discussions on game pages because I feel that the threads are completely ignored. The posts aren't promoted anywhere. ​ ​But sorry, I removed the same, false information from this article: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Enemy_Front ​It's possible that the game doesn't use any AA, it sure looks like. There's a line "r_postMSAAEdgeFilterNV=1" in system.cfg.
  6. ​Oh, the config files contained stock Unreal Engine 3 stuff. I managed to turn my character transparent. The game is a bit dull and only a couple of hours long, I don't have much interest in the title anymore.
  7. I would have never believed, but I have fallen in love with FXAA, Nvidia's driver-level FXAA. I disliked post-processing anti-aliasing because of negative, blurry experiences in some games, but now I understand it's all about the implementation. According to Nvidia FXAA can be forced to all applications and the performance hit should be near 0%. I will always use FXAA when I have no performance to spare! ​ ​ ​Enemy Front with FXAA
  8. In-engine cutscenes play. I used a registry tweak to run the game in 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 resolutions aren't listed: http://www.wsgf.org/dr/godfather ​Unlimited FPS fix on WSGF completely breaks the game - the FOV is incredible high and some areas aren't rendered, the game is running several times faster and there's audio delay. ​ ​
  9. Glad to see that someone has found a fix: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Godfather#Game_crashes_after_copyright_screen_on_modern_Windows_versions ​Does "FMVs" mean all cutscenes? If "extra clips" are those short movie clips in the menu, I don't really care.
  10. Is donation money used for port reports? The articles have been high quality and often surpass traditional media as the majority of online journalism is click-driven, honestly I don't have much to complain about the articles you write. ​I hope that one day you have one or more full-time editor who does nothing else but tests PC games and writes PCGW articles.
  11. ​If PC Gaming Wiki has an official Facebook page, I'd suggest removing it. I've understood that FB page's posts are only visible to a minor share of followers, unless you purchase a subscription. I think there are far better ways to use my donation money.
  12. That was beautiful. I always assumed that AMD has similar driver-level AA forcing capabilities, are they completely lacking on that front? ​I want to start playing games in 4K, when using Nvidia DSR the results are excellent. To me downsampling looks better that 4x MSAA, I see almost no aliasing. Can you tell me if actual 4K resolution will look as good as downsampled image?
  13. ​Of social media services I personally use only Twitter, I deleted my Facebook account a couple of years back. I'm wondering of anonymous followers are in anyway beneficial to anyone - I never tweet, I don't have any followers and my account is set to private. The only reason I haven't deleted my account is the willingness to "support", I've read that one Twitter/FB follower is worth of several dollars on average. An "average" follower probably means an active account with a large fanbase, though. ​ ​Is there any need to keep my Twitter account around as I'm not worth more than +1 foll
  14. ​Can you quickly describe when I'm able to force AA from the drivers (Nvidia)? I know forcing anti-aliasing doesn't work with the newer DirectX games, but I've had major success with older games. ​Linux uses OpenGL, does this mean any potential changes? ​ ​ ​ ​Postal 2: Paradise Lost
  15. ​ ​Yes they do, that's the point - console games that have native 60 FPS support.
  16. ​I've emulated these games using Dolphin, all run at 60 FPS: ​ ​Super Mario Galaxy ​Super Mario Galaxy 2 Donkey Kong Country Returns New Super Mario Bros. Wii Mario Kart Wii
  17. Emulators are at their golden age, I've had great results with Dolphin. Generally the console games are locked to their original frame rate, on some systems (PS1, GC, Wii at least) under 30 FPS (PAL games have lower frame rate, higher resolution than NTSC standard). There are frame rate hacks in existence. Could PCGW start collecting console games that run at 60 FPS? I can help with testing. ​ ​----- ​ Once I found an actively updated post about 60 FPS Wii games on the Dolphin forums, but wasn't able to find that thread again.
  18. ​I recommend disabling the following options, all are enabled by default: ​AllowRadialBlur=False ​MotionBlur=False MotionBlurPause=False DepthOfField=False ​I tried disabling bloom, but it seems to remove also the light shafts and the game looks relatively bland as a result. But lens flare is an effect many people dislike: ​LensFlares=False ​I don't know exactly what "distortion" does in Spec Ops, may be related to heat haze: ​ Distortion=True FilteredDistortion=True​ More interesting stuff: ​[Engine.PhysicsLODVerticalDestructible] MaxDynamicChunkCount=1000 DebrisLif
  19. MODS: Please remove the code from this post, I can't do it currently. The forum software can't apparently handle long strings of text, I should have use a plain text hosting service. My browser is prone to crashing on this page.
  20. I found a lot of undocumented tweaks in Spec Ops: The Line's config files, you can disable bloom and motion blur for example. I may add the information to article at some point, or someone else will.
  21. ​The FOV slider currently works in borderless window mode. I'm playing the game at the moment, can you fix the article?
  22. ​Can you tell me how to take screenshots with OBS? I have the latest "multiplatform" release.
  23. ​ ​I did not found 6.4.1 version of Rivatuner, 6.4.0 seems to be the latest: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/rtss-rivatuner-statistics-server-download.html ​MSI Afterburner has now been updated to the latest version. ​ ​I've had this issue well over a year. I've tried alternative programs for game screenshots, but they never works as well. Fraps doesn't work with the original Max Payne games among others, "general" screen capture programs don't play well with DirectX, Steam can only take screenshots when the overlay is enabled and didn't function universally with all app
  24. ​ ​Once again this issue popped up - MSI Afterburner is taking blank images of my VPN app, for some incomprehensible reason this has happened with both "F-Secure Freedome" and "NordVPN": ​ ​ ​ ​I have now "excluded" the VPN application, let's hope this actually works (EDIT: does not): ​ ​
  25. ​I've encountered three games that have a custom AA flag: Dead Island, Spec Ops: The Line and Serious Sam II. I changed anti-aliasing behavior flag to "none" (default) and forcing AA still has no effect. I do not know why this happens and I hope that both AMD and Nvidia users can test those games. I've edited Dead Island and Spec Ops: The Line articles and removed the information about forced AA method. I'm not entirely sure if Dead Island has some (subtle) form of anti-aliasing enabled (screenshot), but Spec Ops likely doesn't. ​ ​I'm not asking for other forms of AA, I want to know w
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