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  1. There are potential use cases for this information:

    • generic .exe names such as "game.exe" and the Half-Life 2 engine's "HL2.exe" may prevent game-specific tweaking by methods which strictly match by executable (driver control panels, most notably?)
    • screen-capture tools such as RTSS name images in the format <EXE>_<date>.png — here and there I haven't had any other option than reinstalling a game to find my captures

    I would add a field to #Other_information

    - - -

    On a related note, also the folder titles could be added there — some games use abbreviations and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition directory doesn't even mention its name or series. You could copy the install folder paths directly from the wiki, appending to your game directory path (e.g. C:\Games or C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common).

  2. On 8/13/2019 at 9:51 PM, Andytizer said:

    I don't think this is quite the right fit, the individual patches could be directly linked (or mirrored on our Files system).

    Yes, may be so. Manually patching certainly isn't viable with most games, but if there's space if the infobox perhaps the website could be added when relevant.

    Sorry for the late reply.

  3. I can't get chimera_set_resolution to function, the game always defaults to 800x600. I may not follow the syntax correctly:

    chimera_set_resolution 1920 1080 144

    Change Halo's resolution. Width and height can be either resolution in pixels or an aspect ratio.

    chimera_set_resolution <width> <height> [refresh rate] [vsync] [windowed]

    I've also tried "chimera_set_resolution 1920x1080". This command can't be used while in-game, it seems.

    EDIT: Alright, https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/6916-chimera-10-beta/&page=14#comment-95075


    New command: chimera_set_resolution - This command allows you to set the resolution of the game, refresh rate, vSync mode, and windowed mode. You will need to put this in chimerainit.txt (in either the chimera folder or Halo folder), as this setting doesn't automatically save.

    Still doesn't work, unfortunately.

  4. Chimera version 1.0 build 50

    I've followed these steps:

    chimera_uncap_cinematic true
    chimera_interpolate true
    chimera_throttle_fps 300

    The fps is capped at 30. However, "chimera_interpolate" doesn't accept the values listed in the documentation, only "true"/"false". I can only change my frame rate and Hz in the game settings, I presume that this is incompatible with mods and in any case lacks my native refresh rate (144Hz).

  5. And does the game itself really install to \Program Files\WindowsApps\MSIXVC? The file A23B7721-871B-4AD0-805D-C50F8EAA5363 is 61 GB and there isn't any as large folder on my system drive.

    I'm using the Xbox beta app, if that changes anything.

  6. It looks like that the game recreates the configuration files (the path isn't entirely correct, only indicative). In %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\DeepSilver.ProjectWindfall_hmv7qcest37me\SystemAppData\wgs\<user-id>\ there are now multiple folders with cryptic names, each containing a "container."* file (seemingly encrypted) and a randomized filename without an extension which is the game's actual config file. Notepad++ has reported that the file doesn't exist anymore with some after closing the game.

    Can others confirm?

  7. A well-known issue in the RE2 remake, likely because this post gained so much traction on Reddit. RE7 shares the same engine and this limitation is reported here and there:


    Please edit the article if you have reliable sources or own the game and can test (try to reach the highest frame rate possible).

  8. On 6/11/2019 at 10:46 PM, Andytizer said:

    MobyGames have declined my proposal of mutual linking - not citing any reasons.

    I don't really see much value in linking to them, they don't really provide any useful information for PC gamers - Wikipedia has much more useful information. I would prefer to dedicate resources to more compatible websites, e.g. I was looking at ProtonDB.

    That's unfortunate.

    I consider high-quality cover art (not limited to the front/back image) scans as useful information, this is (presumably) additional design created by the art team and I've sourced images from there.

  9. I haven't yet thought this through, but I'm in favor of removing at least Wikia (fandom.com, wikia.org) as the information in the game wikis is often unsourced and non-encyclopedic (subjective most commonly), in addition to Wikia, Inc. being a for-profit company with millions in funds

    I can't recall of Wikia has hosted the "official" wiki for a major game.

  10. https://sites.google.com/site/0dd14lab/xinput-plus

    This program is occasionally recommend in articles, for instance here: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Prince_of_Persia:_The_Sands_of_Time#Sensitivity_issues_for_XInput_controllers

    The website is in Japanese, considering the Google Translate element on the lower right corner the language likely can't be changed. Is there a permalink for the most recent version so we can at least make downloading convenient for PC Gaming Wiki users?

    The program launched in an Asian language for me, instructions for changing to English are worthwhile.

    2019-05-28 12_01_47-XInput Plus.png

    - - -

    There's this play-old-pc-games.com tutorial, but the site is down and archive.org hasn't saved the images.

  11. The PC Gaming Wiki community only offers 0.5 MB of image attachment size in total. Embedded gallery/album images were broken in some software update* and I started fixing the images in my files, but now have only 0.34MB left after uploading one image.

    Can the allocated size be increased?



  12. Key points give too much power to new accounts (I'm mainly referring to unregistered users) and some very questionable information has even been featured on the front page's "featured articles" . I don't often know what can be added either and a significant portion of my key points have been quickly removed from articles. The editing guide is more of a guideline.

    I've compiled some examples of subjective edits here:


  13. 15 hours ago, Andytizer said:

    Unfortunately a large batch of screenshots were corrupted a long time ago, and backups have been overwritten. We have spent a long time trying to figure out what went wrong but in the end, the original files are lost and need to be recreated sadly. 

    Some more detail here: https://trello.com/c/hxagMLOA/94-some-old-images-are-corrupted

    We will be making a project and having people recreate/resubmit screenshots. Our future systems will be more robust.

    How many files have been lost in total?

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