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    Additionally, turning off head bob breaks the camera position in some of the in-engine cutscenes (inside the player model) and at least at the beginning of "The Freedom Chronicles - Episode 1" DLC it's mandatory to disable the tweak since the activation prompt doesn't appear.

    I still consider the side effects as relatively minor.

  1. Sadly the mod isn't complete as nogripracing.com is down and the game data editor required for increasing FOV isn't available as a result.


    In addition, there are several patches to extend the horizontal field of view
    (FOV). By default, the aspect ratio fix keeps the game's default horizontal
    field of view and decreases the vertical field of view, meaning you see less on
    wider screens than on 4:3 screens. These additional patches extend the camera's
    horizontal FOV to counteract this, so that the vertical FOV stays constant and
    the horizontal FOV is expanded.


    Optionally, install one of the included `FOV-XxY.rtp` patches using BZF Manager
    (http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=119). Generally, you'll want the
    one that matches the aspect ratio of your monitor.


  2. readme:



    DirectInput wrapper intended for Omikron: The Nomad Soul
    Version 1.1
    This is targeted at DInput version 0x500 and written specifically around the Omikron usage case, but may work for other

    For updates and other stuff, visit: http://www.richwhitehouse.com/


    1) Place dinput.dll and dinput_config.cfg in the Omikron directory, where you should already have a file called Runtime.exe.
    2) Run the game.

    DO NOT overwrite any existing dinput.dll on your system with the one in this distribution. This is a wrapper module, and
    works by attempting to load the original dinput.dll from your Windows system directory. If you overwrite your system copy
    with this one, things will break terribly.

    The cfg file may be modified to adjust deadzones and adapt scale/bias of the raw controller axis values. The defaults are set
    up to work for the Xbox 360 controller.



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