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    BF4 crashed with white background and strings

    Mirh Thank you so much for your help I find the problem i am playing the game on Ultra and i put the scale resolution on 140 % so i had low fps between 30\45 and thats make my GPU going down Now after that test , i am still playing on Ultra but scale resolution 100% . my fps now between 90/100 and the game looks good no freezing no crashing Thank you again and have a nice day :)
  2. Hello guys I I bought new PC with : Processor AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor Video Card AMD Radeon R9 280x Memory 8 Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1 single 64-bit (original) I bought the game before and i play it on my old PC then now i start to play in the new one the problem is after 1 hour of playing the game crashing with strings and white background after that i can just press restart I had this problems from the first time i used the pc i tried : Another's Driver Another system of windows Removing the game and reinstall it Even i take the pc to the same company and they said all the game are working but BF4 had a problem i am sick of this any help please And sorry for the bad English .... i am so sorry