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  1. I'm not a native English speaker, but shouldn't the bit in the last sentence be "want us to create"? "more articles, more often" isn't elegant too IMHO.

    As for the main topic, I personally don't think the game really needed to be a new benchmark standard, but it's still a shame it's not very well optimized yet.

  2. Perhaps I've been drinking too much American Kool-Aid, but Russia isn't exactly the most responsible with regards to censorship. However, I was indeed mistaken in saying they censored video games more than Australia.

    Yeah, this is a pretty deceitful recent trend in Russian law, but I don't think it will affect video games very soon. Also as shameless and suspicious the data storage law is, it might create some sort of effective opposition to NSA in the IT sphere, which is a good thing considering how dominant it is now.

  3. The problem is for citizens of countries like Russia or (to a much lesser extent) Australia, where they censor some video games.

    Umm, is this a joke? Russia isn't the most free country in the world regarding video game censorship, but it's definitely far from the top of the least free ones right now. As far as I know only Modern Warfare 2 has been censored and only Manhunt has been banned here in 2012 after an incident of mass murder. Meanwhile Germany censors all games that have serious gore or Nazi references and Australian gamers have it even worse.



    I doubt the situation won't change for worse here in this regard, but your statement is not true at all considering the actual state of things. And yes, 1C stopped retail manufacturing of Company of Heroes 2 after the public backlash, but I'm pretty sure Sega hasn't even censored the Steam version.

  4. Hello. I've noticed that some useful articles don't show up both in search suggestions and search results because they have namespace prefixes in the beginning, for example "Controller:" or "Emulation:". When I search for "DualShock" the only related article I get is "Controller" while also getting a result that doesn't even exist, which is a bit weird.


    The search engine seems to handle some of the prefixes like "Developer:" and "Publisher:" properly, but not these ones. And even for those I'd personally prefer if they actually showed up among search suggestions while ignoring actual prefixes in the beginning.

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