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  1. A bit harsh. I've honestly never had problems with the interface. You can use WASD to browse inventories and you can use E instead of Enter in most situations. It could be better, but don't forget what a confusing mess Skyrim's interface was.


    Also, "modded Fallout 3"? I'm sorry, but... no. I was playing Fallout: New Vegas before Fallout 4 came out, with a ton of mods. ENB, Vurt's, NMC's texture pack, etc., and I can honestly say, the game's visuals are miles above Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The characters look real, clothes have physics, hair has physics, there are proper shadows shadows, draw distances are MASSIVE (I remember standing a few hundred meters away from something, then I scoped in on it, and it was almost fully detailed, featuring NPCs), and don't forget PBR. Some of these features you can mod into Fallout 3, but Gamebryo back then was a lot less stable, so you would definitely strain the game. Some of these features, however, can't be modded in without altering the engine, if I'm correct, which is not legal.


    When you compare this game to Bethesda's previous games, you might be a bit disappointed, but that's mostly because pretty much everyone modded those games. This game is definitely Bethesda's best launch. It's a bit buggy here and there, but it's much, much better than all the other titles at launch. Hell, if you play vanilla OblivionFallout 3 or Skyrim, even with all the patches, I bet the games are much buggier than Fallout 4 is right now, merely a week after launch.

  2. I can't aim with a controller at all. I used to be able to, but I was just too spoiled by PC gaming and I forgot.


    Anyway, I found the game unplayable with the mouse accel, so I just increased X and Y sensitivity for the mouse by 25, and now the negative acc. is not that bad, but I would still much rather prefer a patch that either removes or has an option to turn this crap off (preferably option, some people like mouse acc).


    I just hope Ubi patches the damn thing. It's obvious that effort went into the PC port with the updated graphics and collaboration with Nvidia, but just not enough bugfixing. I hope that this game is when Ubisoft turn around and fix their messes.

  3. The stealth and hacking are my favourite things. It's like a Splinter's Creed Auto. Except the driving is kinda ehh on the keyboard, maybe it's just input lag. The mouse acceleration, including negative accel, is really suckish and can ruin a lot of the game, but I just raised my X and Y sensitivities by 25, so it's playable. The game is really good, in my opinion, but I can see where it needs to be fleshed out. I think there will probably be a Watch_Dogs_v2  which will be much more fleshed out and will make this one look like a tech demo. Also, the digital trips are pretty cool. My favourite are (in order) Alone, Consipracy! and Madness.

  4. I can't make an order.


    Morroblivion - Combines two of my favourite games of all time, Oblivion and Morrowind. It's essentially a mod for Oblivion, but I think of it as a standalone masterpiece. All of Oblivion's gameplay and graphics (seriously, dem draw distances) and Morrowind's world, atmosphere and story. Pretty glitch free.


    Fallout: New Vegas - It is basically an improved version of Fallout 3. It was better in pretty much every single way. It baffles me to think that most prefer Fallout 3.


    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - This is the only game, other than Clear Sky and Metro 2033, that I prefer to play in Russian, my native language, because the game was made a by a Ukrainian studio and because it's much more atmospheric and immersive like that. It has great gunplay, it always keeps me on my toes, manages to keep me searching for cover all the time, because here it's useful. It's also one of the more balanced games I know, because you are almost equal to your enemies, if not slightly superior. It also looks really spooky at night, like actually dark. Stealth is really useful. It is also one of the scariest games of all time, even though it never managed to startle, or "jump scare", me, but because it has spooky ambient sound, scary monstrosities, spooky environments and more. Unlike other games, however, it doesn't just focus on being scary, because, once again, it also has really good gameplay. I also never turned it off due to fear, because there was just so much motivation for me all the time. Damn fun. 


    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Once again, Obsidian made a sequel to someone's game but everyone considers it worse due to bugs and dismisses the refined gameplay. KOTOR II just fulfilled all of my Star Wars fantasies. The end.


    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - *cries*. Whenever I think of this game, I burst into tears. It was beautiful and amazing, had pretty nice gameplay, really good plot, and a great world, or should I say great worlds? I have, however, only played this game through once and that was in 2011. I still burst into tears.


    Also, I still find toilet jokes funny.


    BOGUS: Katawa Shoujo - It didn't have gameplay, but it had really good plot. The best Japanese dating sim out there, bar none. Still makes me cry. I could also never bring myself to do a second playthrough, because it's painful the second time around.


    Five worst games, anybody?


    Metro 2033 - As a huge fan of STALKER, I was disappointed. The gunplay was unbalanced, the enemies all had super vision or something, and stealth was pointless. The gameplay might as well have been nonexistent, but it was a really immersive experience, especially in Russian. The lack of good gameplay still ruined it all for me.


    PlanetSide 2 - Pointless, unbalanced Pay2Win mess.


    Just Cause 2 - It had no real point, it was really repetitive and unoptimized on PC. It also lacked a lot of detail, which solidifies the fact that I would choose GTA over this any day.


    Dead Island - Repetitive and unoptimized. Even if it wasn't repetitive, it still wouldn't be fun.


    And something else, I'm sure.

  5. I think we should cross-host these as well, just in case the Nexus site were ever to close or the user were to delete the file. We would leave links for both the Nexus site as well as our own rehost.


    I'm not sure if we would be allowed to rehost them if they were Nexus-exclusive, however. 

    The Nexus network isn't closing any time soon, but it does have some server issues which make the Nexus sites pretty slow, so that's a good idea, but I am spoiled way too much with Nexus Mod Manager.

  6. It is pointless to link HLTB to PCGW pages because HLTB does nothing to enhance the experience of a PC game. If we're going to start linking to HLTB we might as well start linking to reviews. What makes a game good isn't its longevity but how much are you going to enjoy the experience. If, say, you look at the Dragon Age: Origins page of HLTB you'll see it's actually a relatively long game. But what if you don't enjoy the game? You just wasted your money on 80h of boring. Then, you look at a page of Hotline Miami and you'll see it's a pretty short game. So, you don't buy it, but what if you would actually like it and you are missing out? Basically, we shouldn't dictate games on how long they are, but on how much we enjoy them. Now, don't get me wrong, I think HLTB is a pretty good idea for a website to see how long games are in average, but I don't think it should be linked on PCGW, because it doesn't contain fixes or anything to enhance the experience, it just tells us how long it might be, and that is not what PCGW is for.

  7. Saint's Row 2 - it was a good game and I didn't have too many issues with the port, but the control scheme is terrible, it had a huge lack of developer support, until recently some Volition employees started talking to IdolNinja about improving it, 4 years after release, and all of that was just talk, they have done nothing about the issues the players still have, even the famous unfixable ones, like the processor speeding up glitch, the low sound quality and the game lacking optimisation. Also, to note, everyone reports bad sound quality in the game, and I used to have it, but it just randomly stopped at one point in the game and never came back. Also, there is a laughable small amount of resolution options, and what makes it worse is that for people who can't quite make out spoken English (eg. me) , the "Subtitles" option is pretty hard to find between the graphics options.


    Dead Space - the sensitivity was strange. It was wobbly and just uncontrollable. I think it was well optimised on PC (except the startup menu, that was laggy as hell for some reason) but it was just impossible to aim, which almost ruined it for me.


    Just Cause 2 - being able to run Skyrim on Medium without a hitch at 1366x768, and then going into Just Cause 2, which struggles with 20FPS at same resolution and minimum settings is something that made the game feel pretty unfinished. The map was too big too, which meant a lot of rendering had to be done, and it was really too big and boring, and going around the map felt like an unnecessary chore. And there wasn't much to render, just bland ground with bland textures and bland trees with bland sprites, deserts are even worse though, they ran pretty laggy and as a fan of deserts in video games (thanks to San Andreas), I can honestly say out of all the deserts in video games, JC2 takes the title of having the worst deserts of all time, just a flat ground with a generic sandy texture on top if it, and how in all hell did that lag?


    Crysis 2 - my main beef is that in graphics options, instead of Low, you have High, instead of High, you have Ultra. Pretty confusing and it feels like my weak computer is slowly dying when I play the game. And the performance felt bad. And the multiplayer really suffered for it, it was pretty much unplayable for me due to lag and how when I got killed by someone it feels really unfair, because I kept shooting them in the face five times with an automatic shotgun, and they shot me three times with an automatic rifle and missed, and killed me. Then, I saw the killcam, and it turns out they were actually jumping around when I could swear they had been standing in one place, and then I actually missed all of my times and they really shot me 30 times in the head.


    Burnout Paradise -  The controls... You can't use a mouse to look around.


    Bully: Scholarship Edition - I couldn't even get past meeting the principal due to a fatal crash.


    Dead Island - Unoptimized and has sound issues that can actually DAMAGE YOUR HEARING!!!


    Deus Ex: Invisible War - The interface feels way too much like it the game was made for console, which it was, kinda. Also, the loading times and lack of compatibility with Intel Integrated Graphics (only god can judge me)


    You should make a best PC ports community questions too, since there are quite a few I can name, like BioShock Infinite, that ran at the same computer as JC2 for me, at 1366x720, and at lowest settings, it ran 50FPS and was much more to look at.

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