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  1. In GTA's case they switched some of their codebases to the mobile versions (I'm not sure why, perhaps the mobile codebases were more stable), which added some features and removed some others. The other issue was the music, and in that case I doubt even GOG would be able to distribute it without incurring very costly lawsuits except for some edge cases. Also, saying "Steam is really falling behind right now." is kind of silly. Most publisher don't take advantage of the Steam version because Steam is publisher-driven where publishers provide the tech support, and they REALLY want to have th
  2. 4,145 downloads

    Official 1.02 patch for Final Fantasy VII. Fixes various bugs and is required for running from modern Windows (quits immediately with default install). A host of the original file.
  3. 3,011 downloads

    Installs and registers the DirectShow TrueMotion 2 codec (tm20dec.ax). Required by default for viewing FMVs in the original Final Fantasy VII release. Original link defunct.
  4. 2,161 downloads

    Contains the official patches for the original 2000 Final Fantasy VIII PC release. Original download directory (ftp). 18.77MB download size. FF8SqeaNVPatch.zip: 1.2 patch for Nvidia Geforce users. FF8SqeaPatch.zip: 1.2 patch for other users. FF8_Yamaha_Fix.zip: Specific fix when using DirectX 7 only with the Yamaha software synth. For further details read the text files in the archive.
  5. 6,906 downloads

    Patches the main executable of Final Fantasy XIII-2 to remove the frame rate pacer. Original file link. Original Steam Forum post.
  6. I corrected it when you posted from personal testing.
  7. The argument has been over since Witcher 3. What is currently on the page is incorrect, and encourages edit wars. Editors need to cite sources or test for execution DRM if they are going to slap something on an article. Thanks! EDIT: Made less lazy and terse XD.
  8. Nowadays though... it's kind of misleading. Years ago it would have made since, but there are a variety of XInput-compatible controllers out there, and since DirectInput has been depreciated for years, naturally nearly every new controller has a XInput driver. Which kind of leads me to a question: do we have a centralized page for XInput? I searched the past few days and didn't find much other than a page with workarounds for the R2/L2 thing, but it was deeply buried in the search results. I'm assuming just an XInput page andhave a near-noob-proof statement to start it out. Also, as a poin
  9. Even in that case I'd say there should be a (ref) footnote about it ("recommends controller on game start" or something) so it can be verified. The Steam page itself states nothing of the sort, just a general statements of what controllers it supports - no recommendation. Really if the devs/pubs recommend a controller that much they should contact their steam rep to flag the game as such so it appears prominently on the steam page.
  10. Just a heads up that I've begun finished removing this statement, which appears to be always a key point, where it is not sourced and not backed up by the steam page or publisher pages, followed by the specific controller recommendations by the publisher/developer in the sysreqs. This particular phrasing is also only used by PCGamingWiki according to a google search. It affects about 15 articles here. ADDENDUM: For those who don't know: if a controller is a strong recommendation Steam will put it above the pricing on the Steam page.
  11. Sorry for the late-ish response but you made some really good points here that I've been thinking hard about since you posted ). Also, I think the 60/120+ thing is certainly a step in the right direction. Now, this is going to sound odd considering my stance mentioned earlier, but the first thought I had after seeing the new changes was possibly hiding the 120+ option if it is marked as unknown (or maybe even if 60FPS is marked false as well, though not sure how the on-wiki coding works for that) - somewhat similar to touchscreen support et al.. Anyway, one thing that keeps sticking th
  12. This being the case.... I'll throw some props to Blackbird, who has been putting work into this, including cleaning up the cloud save tables along the way. I'd feel bad without mentioning that despite my own opinions on the matter.
  13. I just meant to document if it had a frame rate lock at all (games like DmC run completely unlocked, for example), and if so what it is - I personally think the definition of "High Frame Rate" is too arbitrary as I mentioned above. That's all - thanks!
  14. Personally I think that it is a bad idea in general as this is not documenting native support built in by the developer for the target platforms, just a third party tool. This makes it exponentially harder to maintain, and shows an unusual amount of bias.
  15. Well, this has certainly drawn a lot of activity. Honestly I think the high frame rate cell should be migrated to any type of lock as even now it isn't very future-proof at all with 144Hz monitors slowly taking off in more affluent areas. Just something to think about for now :D.
  16. Your explanation makes a lot of sense, actually, and rereading from stuff from google seems to confirm that. EDIT: As for Iron Galaxy, not sure. From Rocksteady's tweets it seems Iron Galaxy is still the "PC Developer" with assistance from Rocksteady's engine team as well as some NVIDIA devs, though they do mention Rocksteady "leads" the developers - so could be either or I guess.
  17. Updating this article is going to get a little weird; here's Rocksteady's roadmap if no one has read it yet from the 8,000,000 sites it's been linked from XD: http://steamcommunity.com/games/208650/announcements/detail/145587678178226617 Currently they've claim to re-enabled "rain effects" (does that mean both shaders as well or just textures?) and AO, while noting that they are trying to "improve it further" which confuses me. Maybe I'm just tired ATM. Also they claimed to have fixed the crashes resulting from turning off motion blur proper in the .ini files. No note of the missing bokeh
  18. It's broken to the point where they are in a situation where a near-full rewrite of the port may be required - I think my edit says it all.:(. I feel really bad for those that got this game expecting a great experience on PC.
  19. Oh, I meant someone else reverted it on the wiki, nothing changed in the game (Garrett was one, full disclosure, but he helped me out a lot early on editing, so...), Sorry for the confusion. Also apologies if the post was too harsh; was meant to be blunt and straightforward, not condemning of anyone (thanks to anyone who helped me out here). DRM-Free seems to stick on Origin for some reason, even though it works the same way more or less (or as they call it "DRM-Free Technology"). The color idea by Ratchet isn't bad, though you would of course want a tool tip and it linking to an expl
  20. If PCGamingWiki got it correct in the first place this discussion would be a lot less hostile (worst case you can just separate the service and execution DRM...). The current "standard" is nonsense and at best heavily misleading, and why I avoid editing here. Back a while ago I tried "DRM-Free Steamworks title" for one, and that got taken out fast, then I was suggested something along the lines of "Does not require Steam to be running" or similar, and that got taken out. THEN I was suggested to put it on that giant inexcusable mess of a page that is "The Big List of DRM-Free Games on Steam" (w
  21. The last sentence is a hair disingenuous - of course it isn't going to require a full PS3/4 disc worth, it's a... "compact"... game. If anything people should expect the standard 50 as that's about what the PS3 media was, and we are many years past that even.
  22. Well, all Steam games do come with their installation script. For Execution-DRM-Free games on Steam only the literal download is required - you then can make your own installer (I've seen some real die-hards go so far as to argue that this is better than typical DRM-Free solutions). As for refunds and fit for purpose etc. on Steam it is designed to be done at the publisher level through whatever Steam rep they have. Of course in practice this doesn't work out well since it isn't in the publisher's interests to do so. Indeed. Though outside of CEG you do have those edge cases that
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