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  1. "Linux (Proton)" is wrong anyhow, because Proton is open source and hence not bound to Steam, so the save game location could be anywhere. It should be named "Steam Play (Linux)" to reflect that this is just how Steam does it.

  2. I tried, but it wouldn't let me manually add a "Linux (Proton)" path. The "System" column would stay empty, and adding a "Linux" one would be wrong.


    The note is still wrong. The save games aren't located beneath the <Steam-folder> but beneath the Steam settings folder in the user's home folder. That's where they all seem to be. The Steam binary isn't installed at ~/.steam/steam/. That's where its config and stuff sits.

  3. The automatically added save game location isn't always right. For example, my MGS5 savegames are not stored in the prefix but at:


    So in my Linux home folder below the Steam settings.

  4. Sounds like pointless trivia to me. Being first to do something is nothing special.


    It's trivia alright, but why is that pointless? Maybe I haven't grasped the purpose of this while Wiki yet. Someone enlighten me please.


    Anyway, how does it hurt to have that as a bullet point on a single game?

  5. Thanks for the reply. I don't mind the site being full-width at all, but that doesn't have to automatically apply to the text as well. The longer the text lines, the harder it gets to track which line is next, once you're at the end of the current one.


    I mean, basically something like 

    p, li, dd { max-width:800px; }

    might already be enough. I shall take a closer look at it on the weekend and post my results here.

  6. On pages with longer text like on the glossary ones (https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Field_of_view_(FOV) for example), the readability could be improved. Two things come to mind in particular.


    1. Paragraphs don't look like they should. There's currently no visible margin between them, so they look like line-breaks instead. There should be a margin of about 1em between paragraphs inside texts.


    2. If you view the site in fullscreen, the lines of text stretch across the whole screen width, which makes reading hard. I suggest to put in a max-width of around 800px for at least p, ol and ul.


    Those two points would already go a long way to improve readability. If you want explicit CSS rules that work across the whole site without breaking stuff, I can provide those.

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