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  1. This is a good thing, an update could break a game and being able to roll back to a playable state is great.
  2. I agree the loading times are really bad, but with that being said the entire world gets loaded at the start and there's no more loading screens beyond that at least not in the single player mode.
  3. Nope, Played both the console and PC version. The PC version seems to be more difficult as the AI seems to be better.
  4. Surprisngly this game runs really well on my budget system. (AMD FX 6300 Six_Core and a 750ti) didn't have to turn down a lot of settings and it actually matches / slighty beats console performance. Now its not 60fps most of the time, but it never seems to drop too much below the 40fps mark which is still playable.
  5. Been playing this with an AMD FX 6300 6Core and a 750ti and the only thing I had to turn off was the realtime reflections and it performs really well. I also think this has to do with the fact that the game is actually using UE3 (Seriously an old engine) and not UE4. It also shows just how good the 750ti actually is.
  6. O_O ..... Oh god can't believe I'm actually going to say this ..... Aliens Colonial Marines There I said it ...... I actually enjoyed it....
  7. I agree, while some people consider it DRM its actually not traditional DRM. However I think a lot of people seem to think that needing steam to launch game = DRM.
  8. Loving it. Although the overlay has a little too much going on.
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