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  1. Confirmed! I first tried that by going to the original solution. Remember to overwrite the sprites by importing them into their destinations instead of dragging and dropping and unchecking the box iwad_lock in Edit > Preferences > Advanced.
  2. Has anyone tested this on the Bethesda.net version of the game? I know everyone loves Steam, but this sure has to work on that version too... And as far as I can recall, the other Doom games doesn't need the Bethesda.net launcher after you installi it. I wish I could tell you about that last part.
  3. I saw it coming from an official port that began as Doom 64 EX, surely their intention was to retain the spirit of the original, and for that adding something like jumping or the ability to look up and down is something that didn't belong to the original. But let's be clear, that features was part of the Kex Engine. It makes sense for older games like Blood, in which mouselook exists because the Build Engine supported it in the original game and thus was improved in the Fresh Supply port. Doom 64 on the other hand, didn't have that feature as well as jumping, and neither does the other Do
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