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  1. Oops sorry I missed your earlier post! I had the same mistake, I was looking for it on the output tab, just as Marioysikax said, it's on the input tab.
  2. Awesome!! thanks for the detailed instructions, it's working like a charm now :)
  3. Thanks, I finally got it working! Turns out I was connecting my TV to one HDMI output and my monitor to the other DVI output instead of the output corresponding with the HDMI one. As for the sound, I got it working but it seems I cannot have both audio outputs at the same time, is that right?
  4. First of all sorry if this is not the proper place to ask... I have an ATI Radeon HD 6900 and a LG 42LN570S Smart TV. My computer is in one room, my TV is in the room next to it. I want to be able to play my Steam games in my TV, so I bought a 12 meter HDMI cable. I connected it but I am able to see either my computer image in my TV or in my monitor. I cannot mirror my desktop or expand it to use both screens at the same time, it says it's unsupported My Monitor is connected through the DVI port (my graphics card has two of these). Could the problem be caused by my using of the HDMI instead of two DVI cables? Is it a matter of drivers? Also to my understanding HDMI carries both image and audio but I would think the output of my graphics card obviously is only carrying video info, I guess this is a stupid question and I have pretty much answered myself but is there any way to send audio info through the hdmi port as well?
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