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  1. Batman: Arkham Origins PC Features Detailed Nvidia has announced details on the PC version of Batman: Arkham Origins. The game, currently under development by Warner Bros. Games Montréal, is using Unreal Engine 3 just as Batman: Arkham City did. However, also like its predecessor, the engine will have a number of graphical additions, including: Direct X 11 Tessellation, allowing for Batman to alter the environment (eg. real footprints) Percentage Closer Soft Shadows, allowing for more realistic shadows Physx Turbulence, Cloth and Particles systems which react to Batman's actions Temporal An
  2. So is the best plan of attack to go through and add the information to each game page, deleting each one from my user page as we go? If we did that then the general DRM information could be added onto the related DRM article on the wiki to complete integration.
  3. Its a pretty good idea, but I do have the same problem as Soeb in Chrome (two tabs being opened for each one link, though neither are blocked even with an adblocker). I also think that the Sitenotice could be implemented better as it seems a little messy at the moment.
  4. I don't know how helpful it is, but I've copied the majority of the source up here to do with as you please: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:EdenCrow/SteamDRM Not included are descriptions of the DRM techniques and intert & removed DRM (please feel free to add these if you wish). It might be an idea, if this page is helpful, to put the data into tables under "Game Name" and "Notes".
  5. It would be good to see this implemented at some point as it is something that users could find useful and it isn't something that would take a lot of time to put into relevant game pages once the template is finalised. I would help with finishing up the template myself, but I don't have any experience with MediaWiki apart from creating simple pages.
  6. I agree that it should be done. The information for each game should be added to its respective game article (which would involve going through each game individually via the GitHub source) and the list itself could have its own page, linked to from the Steam and DRM pages as suggested by Pendragon (perhaps a script could be written to create a basic page quicker using the GitHub source?).
  7. New medals have been added for 21:9 and 4K and the original medal design has been changed also (see http://www.wsgf.org/news/new-medals-wsgf). Perhaps we can have these changes be reflected in the video settings also?
  8. Awesome, thank-you. Yeah, that would make sense. The Rift gives both input (head tracking) and output (3D video), but personally I think that it would be better suited to the video settings as it is a visual device.
  9. Adding the Oculus Rift to the main video settings template would be great. A simple "Oculus Rift = True" would be all that is required as 3D and Tracking are the two features that the Oculus Rift provides, whilst Warping is just a part of the physical hardware that allows the Rift to work. It doesn't use Mouse-Emulation at all as far as I know and TrackIR5 isactually a different piece of hardware entirely.
  10. I really like the idea of the blog and have my first article uploaded, with a second in the works. In regards to a full report I think it could be best to go for the kind of length that Dillonator did with his article on Resident Evil 6 and harness the way that it mirrors the same style as the Port Authority series. Not only does it achieve a length that gives more detail, but it also lets contributors have a template to base their reports on which should result in quicker turn-arounds. However, I personally don't like the idea of using a score as I find they often feel thrown in, don't re
  11. I agree, though perhaps the icon itself could be changed slightly to suit being the small size that it will be?
  12. I agree with Nicereddy that the icons are too small to be recognisable, but they should definitely be in the 'Native' column. Perhaps someone could redesign them to make them clearer? This could perhaps be a good idea if the redesigned icons look good enough so that the column look neater.
  13. Okay. I had totally forgotten about that thread :?
  14. Currently, in a lot of articles there is a link to the Widescreen Gaming Forum under the notes in the 'Video Settings' section (such as on this Battlefield 3 article). Personally I think it doesn't really look in place being within this section and should perhaps have a section of its own, as explained more in depth (including pros and cons) on my Sandbox page. Any feedback on this idea would be welcome :)
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