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    Markie reacted to Methanhydrat for a file, Max Payne 3 - FOV Fix   
    The Max Payne 3 - FOV Fix allows changing the base FOV (field of view) of Max Payne 3 without breaking cutscenes or bullet/kill cams.
    Download Sources:
    PC Gaming Wiki Nexusmods Quick Start Guide:
    Extract all files to the game’s installation folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Max Payne 3\Max Payne 3\"). Start the MaxPayne3FovFixGUI.exe to configure the mod (might require .NET runtime 3.1.0). Start the game as usual (e.g. through Steam). Features
    Set base FOV for aiming and looking around Preserves native FOV scaling of the game Does not break cutscenes or bullet/kill cams Simple to install, use and configure Supported Versions
    This mod is designed for the latest version of the game and might not be compatible with older or modified executables!
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    Markie reacted to Suicide machine for a file, Medal of Honor (2010) FOV changer   
    A basic FOV changer for Medal of Honor (2010).
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