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  1. Looks good, I just reworded the title and added <code>-commands to highlight the file and location.
  2. Welcome to the wiki, Alerie. Editing a wiki page can be intimidating at first, especially advanced formatting. We use the template "fixbox" to format fixes. Here is a small example how to use it: ===Sub-Headline=== {{Fixbox|1= {{Fixbox/fix|Short Description of your fix # (optional) First step to apply your fix # (optional) Second step to apply your fix }} You can also just add the fix in plain text or explain it in the forum, and somebody else quickly does the formatting.
  3. As I said in IRC, I like the second solution the most. It's easy to understand and edit, and doesn't require looking it up or fiddling around with it.
  4. In case it's a steam game, 'verify game integrity of game cache' should be part of the list too.
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