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  1. Crush

    Bias users editing wiki

    I feel like i should apologize for the title of this tread, at the moment of making it, the wikipage was different (it still had all the other alternatives) that's why i got the impression that someone might have been bias, but that's obviously not the case, so sorry about that. You just have to click "add window" and the hotkey and you're done. It's pretty straight forward ;-) Some features are: Window size options offset options Ultra widescreen support for game-engines that change their view-port. DXWnd plugin to force windowed mode. Locking mouse to game window. Hiding mouse from game window. Can redraw window (for compatibility with some older games) Features that are still being worked on are: Purging unused memory (RAM) which should increase performance on older pc's laptops significantly for gaming. Moving borders off-screen for game-engines that forcibly enforce borders around their games. Obviously I'm not neutral on the issue, but personally i think between the B and the W you cover pretty much all the functionality all the other alternative's offered together. So i'd ask you to consider adding the the W back, whatever your decision, thank you for taking the time addressing my issue.
  2. Crush

    Bias users editing wiki

    So it's just that W comes after B in the alphabet? It's a bit unfortunately and uncommon practice on a actual wiki :-( And they do actually work different. Anyways, i figure i'd make a post and see what happens cause when a big wiki like this decides to forward one program and not the other, it obviously has a big impact on the developer.
  3. On the following page http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Borderless_fullscreen_windowed there has been a entry since 2012 for "Windowed Borderless Gaming" but recently it got removed, i figured by error so i added it again. But it got removed again with the note "Borderless Gaming already works fine enough, there's no need for that many alternatives." Yet the other 5 alternatives don't seem to be an issue, and in addition a multitude of game wiki's link to the entry regarding game fixes. Please advice. Last entry was : ===[http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming/ Windowed Borderless Gaming]=== {{++}} Customizable position axis and resolution size. {{++}} Allows games to lock the mouse to the current window. {{Fixbox|1= {{Fixbox/fix|Instructions}} # Run the desired game in a windowed mode, {{key|Right Click}} on the '''Windowed Borderless Gaming''' tray icon. # Click on '''Add window''', then {{key|Alt|Tab}} back to the game and push {{key|F3}}. '''Notes''' {{ii}} Pushing F3 alone is not going to set the game into a borderless mode. }}