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  1. See Mars icecream's Content. The file wasn't approved, I've done that now. If you don't see a file approved within a day or so it may have been missed (ask a mod/admin to see what's happening with it).
  2. In that linked example a second strategywiki= entry was added rather than updating the existing one.
  3. StrategyWiki has a compilation page for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City and some other similar cases. In some cases it may be necessary to set up a redirect or something.
  4. I forgot all about this--I had mirrored it because the Xentax DropBox link went down. For now I've hidden the file and replaced the wiki link with one to FilePlanet (although from memory this is not a fully translated version). I have reported the false positive to the vendors that are showing detections for the ZIP on VirusTotal, so hopefully they will sort this out soon.
  5. Associating edits with IP addresses is part of the design of MediaWiki, so wikis using MediaWiki work this way except for ones that require logging in to edit. IP edits can't be reassigned to a user account as far as I know.
  6. Game Front mods are in the process of being hosted on Nexus Mods (see the news post for details). Someone has also put up a copy of the original site at gamefront.online.
  7. Version V1.88


    English-language version of menopem's D3DWindower translated by CarLuver69. This file was originally downloaded from XeNTaX.
  8. If you are using MediaWiki for the site you should be able to install the skin on the wiki and then look at the Home page source to see how the styles work for the coloured buttons.
  9. The additional header links are specific to this skin (the default MediaWiki skins don't have this feature).
  10. The template supports multiple entries with vertical bars | between entries, e.g. {{Game data/row|Windows|{{p|game}}\someini.ini|{{p|windir}}\hiscor.ini|{{p|game}}\player\input.cfg}} This template currently supports up to four entries; if you need more than four you could list the folder(s) in the template and then put below what individual files are for.
  11. I have made an example implementation of a default note that is displayed when AA/AF/Vsync is false and has no note provided. This is not a perfect solution since it would be shown for games where there really is no option (hence the tentative phrasing).
  12. SafeDisc support is deliberately omitted from Windows 10 due to security concerns. A similar change was delivered to computers running Windows Vista or later as part of MS15-097; the SafeDisc service can be manually enabled on those versions of Windows after this update (the steps described there do not work on Windows 10). Since SafeDisc games no longer work natively on modern systems after these changes it would be useful to have some standard way of handling this situation on the wiki. I had been planning on expanding the coverage of DRM specifics. I'll see about putting something toget
  13. A distinct symbol for AA/AF/Vsync generic states is certainly an option. This could be handled by the template (so pages would specify "false" to get this result for those rows). I don't know what sort of symbol would work best for that. Many mobile apps use a group of vertical dots or lines as a standard indicator for more options, so maybe something like that would be recognisable?
  14. GameFront files have been archived in bulk by Archive Team, so most files should be preserved. These files are also available when browsing the archived pages through the Wayback Machine.
  15. Version 4.50


    The last official patch for Need for Speed: High Stakes.
  16. 3,138 downloads

    Fix for StarLancer crashing on modern versions of Windows when using the medal case. This file was originally downloaded from mega.nz.
  17. StrategyWiki will need to be added to PCGamingWiki's interwiki map in the format http://strategywiki.org/wiki/$1 StrategyWiki has already added the PCGamingWiki: interwiki prefix on their side.
  18. In the meantime you can link to sections by copying the link from the table of contents instead (since that is not generated by JavaScript).
  19. Some pages also link to the older filefront.com domain. Files from both domains have been mostly avoided already due to the region-locking issue, so it's just a few pages linking to mod hubs and reviews and so forth.
  20. Review copies are usually supplied by the developer/publisher, but some games have been purchased by PCGamingWiki (the code source is often noted in the report). Report writers are not paid at this time (they just get a free game).
  21. I would say so, the GOG.com project is really only useful for internal purposes.
  22. This is for administrative features (e.g. accepting/rejecting applications); you don't need to register in order to apply or request.
  23. The List of VR games is now live. The new template features are detailed in the editing guide. The Oculus Rift launches on March 28, 2016 with 30 games, so it would be a good idea to have the pages for these launch titles made or maintained. Some of these titles were previously released or are special VR versions of existing games. I have listed the main new ones on Home/Upcoming releases. Oculus Rift launch titles (existing pages are linked): Adr1ft Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games AirMech: Command Albino Lullaby Audio Arena Project CARS Chronos Darknet Dead Secret Defense Gr
  24. The Template:VR support upgrade is now live. Note that the editing toolbar VR template option contains the old template (this is part of the skin--Nicereddy/Soeb/etc. will have to update this). All games have been migrated to the updated template. EDIT: The List of VR games is now live.
  25. I will be making some further tweaks to this pending update over the next few days in preparation for the Oculus Rift's release on March 28. Feel free to suggest any other improvements or changes. User:Garrett/VR has been expanded with the project box introduction and is now showing tracked motion controller data from the current Razer Hydra row. Live page name would be PCGamingWiki:List of VR games, or similar. VR support (sandbox) changes and functionality include the following: Headsets section: both headset rows are shown when either is specified (all states are displayed) Tracked moti
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