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  1. 153 downloads

    Official patch for BioForge to fix issues with the Gravis Ultrasound sound card. See the readme for further details.
  2. I just tried the demo on Windows 7 and didn't have this problem (AMD R9 270, Radeon Crimson 16.3.2) but I do get that result on Windows 10 on the same system (Radeon Crimson 16.10.1). The Big Fish Games topic indicates this problem is varying between various combinations. You could try changing bFullScreen=1 to bFullScreen=0 (as recommended in that topic) to play in windowed mode, but this doesn't seem to be a total solution either (on Windows 10 windowed mode gave me an almost entirely black output). EDIT: I have made a wiki entry based on the available information.
  3. Version v1.0


    Cheat Engine table for Risen 3: Titan Lords. This table does not work with the 64-bit (Enhanced Edition) version of the game. Features include field of view (FOV) adjustment, free camera, time of day, and debug key enabler. For field of view adjustment press F1 in-game after activating the table, then use the plus and minus keys to adjust the FOV. This file was made by k_putt and was originally downloaded from Dead End Thrills.
  4. Soeb's suggestion of a supported controllers list would encompass the DualShock 4 etc. regardless of how the developer chose to implement official support for it (also separate from any lightbar support).
  5. If you are wanting to use the lightbar row for information that isn't related to actual lightbar use it may be better to reword it in some way. The current implementation only shows this row when it is true or hackable. Either way, the manual "Native support without prompts" list needs to be removed (this information should be covered directly on the game pages or not at all).
  6. That would depend on the complexity. Disabling processing methods like f.lux would be under basic since it's all about eliminating third-party interference. Other stuttering causes will be more about determining bottlenecks or choosing between driver versions, so that would be more of an advanced thing.
  7. Metal support has been implemented. I'll update the documentation etc. presently. Metal is only displayed when true/hackable.
  8. 189 downloads

    Blank intro.avi for Alien Nations. Extract to data in the installation folder (confirm the replacement of the existing file when prompted). This fix has been tested with the GOG.com version. Using this file with the retail version may require additional steps.
  9. Glossary:Field of view (FOV) covers some suggested values, so that could be expanded into a table to link to.
  10. The file doesn't work. This is the same case when downloading from the original site. Do you happen to have a working copy of this file?
  11. WSGF currently only has a HUD scaling setting for 4K grading, but it can still be noted in the text for other aspect ratios (the rating can also be set to a lower level if it is a significant enough issue).
  12. The program is still valid as far as I know. Some stores record the affiliate code for a certain time (so it applies even though it isn't kept in the URL). Amazon does this, and GOG.com probably does too since their links have always lost the ID right away.
  13. I have added a basic mention to the Origin page (under other information since this is not essential nor specified as a solution for a specific issue).
  14. 138 downloads

    Blank intro video files for Neuro Hunter. Extract to data\video in the installation folder (confirm the replacement of the existing files when prompted).
  15. Your screenshot shows your monitor is 4:3 while this game states a minimum 1280x720 in the system requirements. If your monitor's maximum resolution is something lower than that (e.g. 1024x768) that may why it isn't working. Settings are apparently stored in a ratof.xml file in the installation folder, so you may be able to force your resolution there (I don't have this game to test).
  16. Both those methods could go on the basic troubleshooting page. The refresh feature is not specific to Windows 10 (it was introduced in Windows 8).
  17. Following an IRC discussion with Mirh and Soeb I have updated User:Garrett/Troubleshooting to have each OS page cover the applicable fixes for that version. EDIT: As Mirh noted above, the most generic information would go under basic/advanced troubleshooting pages. Things like ensuring you have the latest drivers and OS updates applies to every platform. The OS-specific pages would then have just a very basic section (currently called "First steps") reinforcing the bare minimum of installing the latest updates. Much of this content is mostly still written based on the reader already having
  18. Version v1.2 Updater


    A-10 Cuba! 1.2 updater for the Mac OS version of A-10 Cuba!. This file was originally downloaded from The Patches Scrolls. The original BinHex HQX file has been attached inside a ZIP archive.
  19. Version 1.0.2 Update


    Spider-Man Version 1.0.2 Update for the Mac OS version of Spider-Man (2001). The original Stuffit archive has been attached in a ZIP file.
  20. 1,526 downloads

    Replacement intro videos for Dirt 3. Extract into the installation folder, replacing the existing files when prompted. This file was originally downloaded from SkipGameIntro.
  21. I don't currently have a way of checking for this but I can figure something out. This is done manually, so pages with only a few stores could remain as-is.
  22. Andytizer has suggested having the smaller stores hidden in an expanding section to reduce the visible length of this section. The main list would show the official/publisher/developer site along with Gamesplanet, GOG.com, Origin, Steam, and Uplay. I have made an example implementation of this at User:Garrett/Availability/sandbox. Row usage is the same for both sections. This implementation is fully backwards compatible.
  23. The Amazon stores other than Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk are retail only, so I'm not really in favour of adding them. Amazon.co.uk sells digital PC games.
  24. The old assignment system has been replaced with the assignments page. As mentioned there, "high profile releases may not be listed here unless a request has been made prior". You can still specifically request games that aren't listed (regardless of whether it is sold on Gamesplanet).
  25. Either way, this capability should not be noted under hotplugging unless it is actually applicable (hotplugging is a separate feature, but there might be a few games that support simultaneous input only if started with a particular control arrangement).
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