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  1. 1,660 downloads

    Unofficial fix for Postal 3 to remove non-functional ActControl DRM. This fix was originally downloaded from the Running With Scissors forum.
  2. So you can't click on the adjustment option at all in i-Menu? It's the one with the blue square and yellow arrows. This would then let you shift the image.
  3. Since you're using VGA you will have to adjust the output using the monitor's own settings. Going by the manual the power button does the automatic adjustment function for this model, so set your desktop to the resolution that has this problem and then press the power button to see if it adjusts it correctly. If automatic adjustment doesn't fit the image correctly you can install AOC's i-Menu software and adjust the resolution to fit. If you don't have the CD you can download i-Menu from AOC's glossary page. Adjustment is probably stored per resolution, so you may need to repeat this for other resolutions that don't fit correctly.
  4. Did you try the GPU scaling setting? As mentioned by the others above, this will fix this problem (when GPU scaling is enabled the display always receives a native output regardless of the actual resolution being used, so you'll totally bypass this sort of issue). This will also fix having this problem when using borderless with the desktop set to a lower resolution (GPU scaling will take care of the resolution difference).
  5. This feature hasn't been enabled (I don't have that level of access so I can't sort that out myself). In the meantime another solution is to get notifications by email (use the "follow this forum" button for each of the forum sections you want to follow, then adjust your notification options to get the email frequency you want).
  6. Version v1.1


    Official patch for Freelancer. The Freelancer Update v1.1 is primarily a server update addressing server stability and cheating. There are some client side fixes, the most important being a multiplayer ID generation issue. There is really no need to install the update unless you are running a server or are unable to play multiplayer because you can't get an ID. The update itself contains no localized text, therefore it is applicable for use for the English, French, and German versions of the game. An English, French, or German readme file will be installed depending on the language version of the target operating system.
  7. That's great! I have made a wiki page for this game with the fix instructions. Other details are very basic. A demo exists but I didn't include it on the page because I couldn't get it working (the bundled Real Arcade client says it has expired--this was originally used to turn the demo into a full version after purchase).
  8. Are you getting a dgvoodoo watermark in the corner during gameplay? If dgvoodoo is working the watermark would be visible (unless you disabled it in dgVoodooSetup.exe). In case my instructions weren't clear about copying, you copy the contents of the MS folder to the game's installation folder (so the DLLs end up in the same folder as the game's EXE) rather than copying over the MS folder itself.
  9. Put all the files in the dgvoodoo "MS" folder in the game's installation folder (where the main EXE is). You can use dgVoodooSetup.exe to configure various settings such as removing the watermark or in cases where a game needs a specific video card etc. (many games will work right away without having to adjust anything here).
  10. You could try using dgVoodoo 2--this fixes similar issues in various games so may also work in this case.
  11. No, I didn't make this. That YouTube user has apparently posted various widescreen fixes.
  12. There is now a fix for this game. I haven't tried this myself but it looks like it solves both the stretching and the broken menus.
  13. You would have to first set up a custom resolution for your video card or display. The resolution would probably then show up in the config tool (or could be set in the registry if it's still not listed there).
  14. Most older games were not designed with aspect ratios in mind and simply set the chosen resolution directly (so it's then up to the display or video card to handle it from there). Some newer or re-released games do their own letterboxing by using a widescreen resolution and then scaling the output within that (e.g. many of PopCap's non-widescreen games have been updated to do this). As for the resolution, you change the pairs to match the equivalent pairs for the resolution you want, e.g. if you had set 1280x960 in the config tool that first line in the registry will look like this: 00 05 00 00 C0 03 00 00 00 05 represents 1280 while C0 03 is 960. These can be substituted with the appropriate values from that hex values table, e.g. for 1920x1080 you have 80 07 (representing the width of 1920) and 38 04 (representing the height of 1080) so it would look like this: 80 07 00 00 38 04 00 00 This sort of approach applies to many games that require a hex change in the EXE/DLL or registry. I have made a basic wiki page for this game.
  15. 129 downloads

    Blank intro video files for The Polar Express. Extract to the installation folder confirming the replacement of the existing files when prompted. The Bink Video and RenderWare logos are still shown. This fix removes the book opening animation (this can be retained by skipping the replacement of C0Intro.bik when prompted).
  16. Unfortunately there is no single approach for getting widescreen working (even when games share the same engine). In this case widescreen resolutions can be set in the registry but are stretched from 4:3 (this also makes menu backgrounds disappear, but the text still works). Changing the aspect ratio values in the EXE doesn't seem to have any effect, so some more advanced fix would be required. ThirteenAG's Widescreen Fixes Pack has such fixes for many RenderWare games along with others, but these have to be made specifically each game. One option would be to make a 4:3 custom resolution equivalent to your native height (e.g. 1440x1080 if you have a 1920x1080 display) and then change the GPU scaling setting so you get a nice crisp pillarboxed output. You can set this resolution in the registry if it doesn't show up in the config tool. Windowed mode is available, but it's stuck at 640x480 (the config tool resolution seems to be ignored for this). You might be able to force a bigger window with Borderless Gaming or similar. For windowed mode: Use Config.exe in the installation folder to choose a different resolution (if you haven't already) to generate the necessary value. Go to the registry location - this will be something like HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\VirtualStore\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\BlueTongue Entertainment\The Polar Express Open the vidmode value. Change the 01 on the second line to 00. The game will now run in a window. You can also set the resolution in the vidmode value (on the first line replace pairs 1-2 with the width and 4-6 with the height using hex values), but as mentioned this won't affect the resolution for windowed mode. EDIT: for WSGF registration try going directly to the create new account page.
  17. Frame rate capping is covered on Glossary:Frame rate (FPS). The game's own method (if it has one that works) is preferable, of course.
  18. Version Update v9.1


    Last official patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.
  19. 126 downloads

    Blank intro video files for Chronomaster. Extract the CINE folder in this archive to the installation folder. This works with both the Min and Max install types.
  20. 98 downloads

    Blank intro video for Anvil of Dawn. Extract into the DATA folder in the installation folder. This fix was tested with the GOG.com version. NOTE: this fix does not disable the introduction cutscene since it is automatically skipped when save data is present in the SAVES folder.
  21. 2,212 downloads

    Blank intro video file for Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast and Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy. Extract to GameData\base in the installation folder. Intro videos will be skipped for both single player and multiplayer modes. This fix was made using the Quake Video Maker. This fix has not been tested with the Mac OS versions.
  22. 1,892 downloads

    Replacement logos.bk2 for Civilization VI. Extract to \Base\Platforms\Windows\Movies (or similar) in the installation folder (confirm the replacement of the existing file when prompted). See the reddit discussion for further details.
  23. 158 downloads

    Blank intro video files for F1 2013. Extract into the installation folder (confirm the replacement of the existing files when prompted). This fix was downloaded from Lucian Sipos's Google Site. The original RAR archive has been repackaged as Zip. NOTE: this fix has not been tested with the Mac OS X version (it might work with some adjustments).
  24. Version Gold


    Upgrades the original release of Soldier of Fortune to the Gold Edition. This update is not needed for the Gold Edition retail release. See the included readme file for further details.
  25. Version v1.07f Beta


    Final patch for Soldier of Fortune Gold. This patch requires the Gold update of the game (install the Gold patch first to upgrade an original retail version).
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