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  1. I have mostly fixed the width issues (it was using a class that enforced a maximum width). Text box width isn't entirely consistent because the form types don't directly support auto/percentage width (from what I can see) so this would have to be set via CSS.
  2. Yes, manual editing would be available as always. Game pages would have tabs at the top for each type of editing (this is already used for company pages). Form-based editing would be the default for game pages (like it is now for Company pages). WYSIWYG form editing would be possible once it is supported by Page Foms (this is listed on the planned features list for this extension).
  3. I have made an initial version of the form interface for editing game pages. See Development:Forms for some sample pages to experiment with. This is an initial version to demonstrate the viability of this approach. Let me know of any errors in the settings, e.g. dropdowns missing values that should be supported (or vice versa) or multi-instance templates not having the correct minimum/maximum use limit. The form layout is done with standard wiki tables, so any spacing issues etc. can be adjusted as needed. The biggest change is that form editing works around all form content being cont
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Windows Mixed Reality support has been added now.
  5. A Steam Controller API setting has been implemented for the input settings template. The additional information was hidden due to its length although this is not ideal either.
  6. I have added Steam Controller support for prompts. This is currently represented by the pad symbol because the regular ABXY buttons are the same as an Xbox controller. Feel free to suggest improvements or alternatives to more clearly represent this type of controller. I have also added simultaneous input to all the examples (this was initially excluded because I had considered rewording it).
  7. 80 downloads

    Fix for Prophecy of the Shadow freezing at a black screen when using the Roland MT-32 for music. The original release does not have this issue (affected releases include a QUEST.TXT changelog file). Extract MT32MPU.ADV to the installation folder, confirming the replacement of the existing file when prompted. This fix was made following steps provided by VOGONS user ripsaw8080 (see the VOGONS topic for details). This change can also be done manually by opening MT32MPU.ADV with a hex editor (go to offset 43C and change bytes 8B 46 06 to B8 30 03).
  8. Version v1.3


    Aleshar: The World of Ice developed by Hypothermia for DOS. Re-released as freeware on 11/7/2000.
  9. Unfortunately it looks like this is one the many games that were broken by changes introduced with Windows 8 (it works on Windows 7). I found a solution online for removing the disc check (open HEDZ.EXE in a hex editor and change 74 06 B0 03 to 74 00 B0 00) but it doesn't get much further without it--with dgVoodoo 2 it starts but only get as far as the initial copyright screen before it crashes.
  10. 211 downloads

    Fix for missing sounds in some releases of Lords of Doom. This is known to affect the Starbyte Software CD-ROM release. Affected releases show a "sound open error" message during gameplay when sounds are meant to play. Extract the SOUNDS folder to the installation folder.
  11. 74 downloads

    Blank intro video files for Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II. This fix works for both the DOS and Windows versions of the game. Copy the VIDEO folder on the CD into the installation folder. Go to the configuration file location. Open FTA2.INI. Change the VideoPath= line to match the full path of the VIDEO folder in the installation folder. Extract the intro skip package into the installation folder (confirming the replacement of existing files when prompted). Intro videos will now be skipped and the game will also no longer ask for the CD to play any videos.
  12. Garrett


    Version Version 1.03


    GemWorld is an overhead-view 256-color VGA adventure game for DOS developed by William O. Cain. Find the 3 gems and save the realm from evil. This game was re-released as freeware in 2000 by the developer.
  13. Version Version 1.1


    Version 1.1 patch for Alien Logic: A Skyrealms of Jorune Adventure. Extract to the installation folder and run PATCH.EXE. This is the same as the earlier Version 1.02 patch (only README.TXT differs).
  14. 135 downloads

    Fix for the impossible jump in the original North American release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The European release (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles) and the North American re-release (Version 2.0) are already patched. Extract the DATA folder and its contents to the installation folder (confirm the replacement of the existing files when prompted). This fix replaces L3-06.ATP and L3-06.MPP with the corrected versions used in later releases.
  15. 319 downloads

    Fonts for DOSBox SVN Daum printer support. Extract the FONTS folder in this ZIP file into the DOSBox SVN Daum installation folder. This package includes courier.ttf, roman.ttf, sansserif.ttf, and script.ttf. Some games may require other fonts (font errors are shown in the DOSBox console window). These fonts were extracted from DOSBox Megabuild6. The license information is below (copied from fontlicense.txt): "Script" (Domestic Manners) and "Roman" (Dustimo Roman) fonts provided by Dustin Norlander Homepage: http://www.cheapskatefonts.com "Courier" and "Sans Serif" fonts provid
  16. 164 downloads

    Demo for Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire from the PC Home magazine cover disc (June 1993, Issue 8).
  17. 153 downloads

    Save fix for Bloodwych needed to get past the game-breaking "Welcome Back" bug in The Keep (a stairs tile is missing). Run this program in DOSBox on modern systems. Specify the program name followed by the affected save file, e.g. to fix save slot 5 use the command WBFIX.EXE BWYSAVE.5 This package has been updated to include CWSDPMI.EXE (required by WBFIX).
  18. Did you install the DirectX End-User Runtimes and remove the SwiftShader DLL from the installation folder?
  19. Did you install the DirectX files? Modern versions of Windows don't include this. Many games install it during setup, but it's certainly something to try.
  20. Version 2.20.903.0


    This is a generic 32-bit version of the InstallShield 2 setup engine. This file can be used as a replacement installer for games that use 16-bit versions of InstallShield 2. To determine if the game uses InstallShield, check the list of files that are in the setup directory (normally, there should be a dedicated folder for the installer somewhere on the game disk). If the file "_inst32i.ex_" is included, then the game uses InstallShield in some form. From there, the version of the installer currently used needs to be verified to ensure that the replacement file will work. In the setup
  21. The DLL error you got is probably because you don't have the older DirectX files installed. Install the DirectX End-User Runtimes and remove the SwiftShader DLL from the installation folder.
  22. This is normal. Some store links have an affiliate ID included automatically. This currently applies to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, GamersGate, Gamesplanet, GOG.com, Green Man Gaming, and Uplay.
  23. HDR support is now implemented. Supported values are true/false/hackable/unknown. The row is hidden when set to unknown. Note that some games with advertised HDR updates have only actually been updated for this on consoles (as is the case with Gears of War 4), so for those it can be mentioned in the notes.
  24. [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic reinstated.
  25. [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic reinstated.
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