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  1. I just checked this and it's definitely broken (as in your case my address is very ordinary so this is not the cause of the error). I've added a Trello card for this issue.
  2. This information is part of the VR support template. See the Editing guide section for further details.
  3. 141 downloads

    Blank intro video files for WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship. Extract to WIN32\Movies\ in the installation folder, confirming the replacement of the existing files when prompted.
  4. 874 downloads

    Official patches for Outcast. Install each patch in order.
  5. 65 downloads

    Demo for Arsenal: Taste the Power.
  6. 77 downloads

    Replacement intro video for Montezuma's Return!. Install the game with the Huge install size. Extract the replacement utopia1.smk into the installation folder. Confirm the replacement of the existing file when prompted. The title screen will still be shown.
  7. You may be able to get the space campaign to start by doing the following: Download the latest version of dgVoodoo 2. Extract the contents of the MS folder into the game's installation folder. Run the game normally. I have no idea whether this works reliably at this point. Each language was sold separately (so there may be some differences there) and I also had some behavior differences between the versions of Windows I tested it on. Based on my testing this does not fix the temporary color corruption on the main menu and it may also cause videos to show no picture (you can play the video
  8. Do you have a particular situation in mind where this information would be useful?
  9. This wiki follows a naming convention similar to Wikipedia etc. where normal words are written in title case (this does not apply to acronyms and some other situations).
  10. You can use DevCon to disable devices (further details here). This is the equivalent of disabling a device through the Device Manager. You could make a set of batch files that run DevCon with the commands needed to get just the controller you need. x360ce only works for games that use the XInput API since it overrides the DLL. You might need to use a different DLL name (the x360ce documentation lists some known DLL names to try). If a game uses other methods (such as DirectInput or raw input) you'll need to use a different program.
  11. 1,829 downloads

    TimeShift final patch packaged for the Steam release. This file was originally downloaded from the Steam Community guide.
  12. Version 2.06B_int


    Official patch for Lego Chess. The original WinZip Self-Extractor has been repackaged as a standard Zip file.
  13. I have updated the input settings template to always show haptic feedback when it is set to true or hackable.
  14. You should add this information to the engine page as well (something like this is present but the steps are a bit different).
  15. 5000 pages is MediaWiki's limit for the Special:Export category feature (details). This limit does not apply to page names entered manually. If you don't want to use the API a quick way to grab a full list is to click and drag over the names on Category:Games and copy-paste that into the Special:Export box, repeating for each additional page of results in the category, then start the export once you have the full list. Do you have a particular use in mind? If your interest is in the settings information you can query this through Special:Ask (or the API) using one or more properties to fin
  16. The Semantic Result Formats extension should be installed. This would enable use of the DataTables display format (example). The search box applies a full or partial match for the keyword(s) to all result data for that query, even data that is currently off the page--note how the "Show # entries" and "Previous/Next" controls directly update the display instead of loading a different page. As an example with this wiki's data, you could put the operating system name in the search box (on its own or together with other keywords) to show only games for that system, etc. (For reference,
  17. Version


    Official installation files for Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE. This package contains the last version of the Marketplace client ( and the last version of the Redistributable ( Uninstall the Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace client and the Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable (if either is installed), then extract all files and run gfwlivesetup.exe. This package contains the following official downloads packaged together for convenience: gfwlivesetup.exe gfwlclient.msi xliveredist.msi (renamed from XLiveUpdate.msi to xliveredist.msi to e
  18. Most games can have AA/AF/Vsync forced successfully, so it is more useful to note the cases where this capability does not work as expected. Last month I updated Template:Video settings to show default notes when AA/AF/Vsync is set to false without a note specified, so cases where support has been set to false without further explanation suggest a likely solution. Working methods specific to a game (INI edit, mod, Nvidia flag, etc.) should be set to hackable as always.
  19. 103 downloads

    Star Wraith 2 full version. Re-released as freeware in 2005.
  20. 93 downloads

    Full version of Star Wraith: Shadows of Orion. Re-released as freeware in 2006.
  21. The infobox isn't the ideal place for this. Games with source code available will usually have multiple community projects to choose from and/or have the active project hosted somewhere separate from the initial source code release so there isn't a single best site to link to.
  22. Great find! This has been updated now (pages using the old names will continue to work as expected--I'll update those over time).
  23. Great, I have added Viveport as a store now.
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