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  1. Tim Sweeney in 2016: Microsoft wants to monopolise games development on PC. We must fight it. Tim Sweeney in 2019: I want to monopolise games distribution on PC. You must buy it.
  2. My user name is inspired by the Thief series (this was long before Garrett went through that weird goth eyeliner phase).
  3. Yes, data caps will be a big problem (if you're playing at 4K 60 FPS, Stadia will use 1 TB for 65 hours of gameplay).
  4. Blocking the ads in the hosts file or router might work as long as the ads are delivered from a different server or subdomain (otherwise this would break the game's online features). There might be other limitations depending on how this was implemented (the game might still wait a certain length of time for the nonexistent ad to finish playing).
  5. Yes, you'll need the May 2019 Update (1903) for this. If you're not getting it when checking for updates in Windows Update you can download it using the Update Assistant.
  6. Streaming services will be very popular in areas with good internet as long as it provides a "good enough" experience. Those wanting the best experience will still opt for native hardware as usual. Streaming is out of the question in many parts of the world due to data caps or poor internet speed. Microsoft's combination approach (streaming plus downloads) is much more accessible because it doesn't rely on internet speed or special server hardware. If your internet access is really slow you can buy the Xbox One disc and only download the latest patch. If Xbox Live (or your internet) goes down you can still play single player games just fine. Xbox Game Pass was available worldwide on day one whereas streaming services will be limited to specific countries. Microsoft's approach also opens up some appealing possibilities that can't exist with Stadia (start streaming a game instantly to see if you like it, then download the native version while you're away from your device). Project xCloud will probably be publicly available around the time Stadia launches, so Google will be facing immediate competition from a much more established rival.
  7. I'd be in favour of this for the reasons you've outlined. @Andytizer If this change happens it would probably make sense to add "settings" to the site tagline in some way to aid incoming searches using that specific keyword. Yes this would make sense as well for the same reasons (it would also be a good idea to revisit other aspects of the VR template, but that's a subject for a separate topic). Cargo table names do not have to match the associated templates (see Special:CargoTables for several examples).
  8. [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic moved back into the main forum.
  9. Microsoft is running the MixPot promotion again: watch the Xbox E3 stream on Mixer (from the Mixer Xbox channel or through the app) and sign in with a Microsoft account to get free games/DLC. See the Xbox MixPot FAQ for details. Last time it was only games/DLC for consoles, but since they will be talking about the PC this time there might be some PC goodies.
  10. That looks good @Aemony, some of the descriptions may need to be reworded a bit but the concept is solid. Tooltips could change based on the state that has been set (only explaining "always on" surround sound when set to that mode).
  11. The Wikimedia Commons uses UploadWizard, so that would probably be the one to go with.
  12. The new "always on" state is implemented. I have revised the Section Table legend state definitions. This state only applies to specific features in the Video settings, Input settings, and Audio settings tables. I have added the new state to the instructions for the applicable fields. This would be best implemented as two distinct rows since there is no similarity in implementation (a companion app involves a standalone device whereas a secondary display is connected directly to the computer). This could be part of a new "Technical information" sort of table (under Other information) with rows for any other advanced/obscure/obsolete features that don't really fit anywhere else.
  13. Garrett


    The MobyGames staff are very active on the Discord server (or for email see the Contact page).
  14. Garrett


    MobyGames is still being updated. If you go to the "Updates" menu at the top of MobyGames you'll find links for pages such as New Games and Game Updates. New games show up more quickly on PCGamingWiki because of a difference in approach: PCGamingWiki has VetleBot automatically adding anything released on Steam whereas on MobyGames any crawled game data has to be approved before it shows up for regular visitors.
  15. It might be best to avoid anything that resembles the hackable state color (since this is quite the opposite of hackable). I have changed the color to the greenish-brown shade Suicide machine used for limited ticks, see what you think of that one. Poor wording on my part. For example, a game's anti-aliasing (AA) state: Game has AA setting, configurable quality: true. Game has AA setting, but only On/Off etc.: limited. Game always has AA (and no option): always on. Game has no AA (and no option): false. Game AA can be configured/improved/etc. with external/unofficial methods: hackable (replaces any of the above). AA concept does not apply to this game: n/a. An always off state would not be needed.
  16. I have made an example update of the Section Table legend with reworked definitions. There is no "always off" in this example (features that can't be configured at all would be set to false as usual). Currently, true has sometimes been used to mean "this is active natively" (e.g. forced Vsync); with a reworking such as this, true/limited would always mean "this can be configured natively" while the proposed "always on" state would be used for any features that are active but cannot be configured. This would require rethinking the implementation or presentation of a couple of settings for consistency, e.g. frame rate (@Mirh has previously suggested FPS support should be redesigned).
  17. Gamer Alex on Discord suggested having a separate setting state for features that exist but can't be toggled. I have made an example below of what an "always on" option might look like. Such a state would only be available for settings where an "always on" state can exist. I would have to disagree with this. Multi-monitor methods combine multiple physical displays into a single virtual display, so behavior beyond that is entirely handled by the game itself (just like ultra-widescreen) apart from a few games using the AMD/Nvidia APIs to determine HUD positioning.
  18. Yes, you can set AA/AF/FOV to n/a for purely pixel-based games, text adventures, and other cases where those concepts can't apply. A note is not required but some pages have notes like your examples.
  19. This information is on the GOG.com Enhancement Project page.
  20. This is a great idea. Notes about VirtualStore redirection are now displayed for Windows paths pointing to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, %WINDIR%, and <path-to-game>. Feel free to suggest any improvements to the wording or other path types that need notes.
  21. I would recommend referring to how MobyGames has determined genre naming/separation. A while ago they changed several terms that were ambiguous. 2D/3D should probably be avoided because this could be confused with the art style or presentation (e.g. many games from the '90s used 3D modelling to make pre-rendered sprites for a purely 2D game).
  22. 62 downloads

    Freeware release of Rodent's Revenge. This game was originally downloaded from Microsoft's FTP server. The original self-extracting archive has been repackaged as Zip and updated to include the required DLL files (VBRUN100.DLL and WEPUTIL.DLL). This is a 16-bit game; for 64-bit versions of Windows a virtual machine or emulator is needed to run this game.
  23. Garrett

    Rattler Race


    Freeware release of Rattler Race. This game was originally downloaded from Microsoft's FTP server. The original self-extracting archive has been repackaged as Zip and updated to include the required VBRUN100.DLL. This is a 16-bit game; for 64-bit versions of Windows a virtual machine or emulator is needed to run this game.
  24. I have made a sample implementation, see what you think. The only parameter is the name of the series.
  25. I meant you can add it with "Steam" as the label for the path. I have reworded the path mention in the note.
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