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  1. Thanks for posting this. Linking to this on the wiki in the best way may involve some technical changes. I'll get in touch with Yepoleb.
  2. Version


    FPS cap remover for Transformers: War for Cybertron. This file was made by Psych and was originally downloaded from MediaFire.
  3. Garrett

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2 patch

    Version v1.23


    Official patch for Jazz Jackrabbit 2. More information is available at the official site (archived).
  4. Version


    Pre-release demo for Descent to Undermountain. This is the last demo for the game. The included README.TXT refers to an updated interactive demo meant to be available from the official website, but this was never released. This file was originally downloaded from AG.ru (the AG.ru EXE installer has been repackaged as Zip).
  5. Garrett

    Tomb Raider Fix



    Fix for Tomb Raider to change the DOS version into a Windows version complete with features such as widescreen support, FOV adjustment, draw distance adjustment, etc. Refer to the game's page and the included How To Install.txt for further details. This fix was made by YouTube user Fix Ya Games and was originally downloaded from FYG's OneDrive page via the .
  6. Garrett

    Generic Troubleshooting Page

    I have rebuilt the example as the Troubleshooting Hub. This separates issues by category instead of OS. The starting page includes some example problems to help guide the reader. Troubleshooting information from the glossary pages would be moved to the troubleshooting pages.
  7. Garrett

    Editing guide

    Currently, the native/true state is not based on the complexity of the process, so it applies even when it involves using a specific combination of options/hotkeys (e.g. AA in Thief: Deadly Shadows requires disabling bloom). It also applies when native support is available but limited (e.g. Gothic only lists low-end widescreen resolutions). Hackable applies to results that can only be achieved though console commands, command line arguments, configuration files, mods, or other manual methods.
  8. Version


    Blank intro video for Konung 2: Blood of Titans. Extract to the installation folder, confirming the replacement of the existing poster.avi when prompted. This fix was tested on the GOG.com release.
  9. Version


    Blank intro video file for Konung: Legends of the North. Extract to the installation folder, confirming the replacement of the existing poster.flm when prompted. This fix was tested on the GOG.com release.
  10. Garrett

    Generic Troubleshooting Page

    I have redesigned the introduction and navigation. Basic troubleshooting has been merged into the introduction page, and the first steps for each page are presented more prominently. Pages for Windows Vista and Windows 8 are no longer included due to support ending for these versions (extended support ended last year for Windows 8 and will end for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017). Anyway, see what you think.
  11. Garrett

    Should Year Name be included in a title?

    You can make the page with the name as given and then move it later if needed (Move is under the "More" menu near the tabs at the top).
  12. Garrett

    Postal 3 NoDRM



    Unofficial fix for Postal 3 to remove non-functional ActControl DRM. This fix was originally downloaded from the Running With Scissors forum.
  13. Garrett

    Need help on 16x9!

    So you can't click on the adjustment option at all in i-Menu? It's the one with the blue square and yellow arrows. This would then let you shift the image.
  14. Garrett

    Realtek 3D SoundBack

    Version Beta 0.1


    Realtek 3D SoundBack used for restoring EAX DirectSound3D features on Windows Vista and newer. See the sound card page for details. This file was originally downloaded from the Realtek website.
  15. Garrett

    Need help on 16x9!

    Since you're using VGA you will have to adjust the output using the monitor's own settings. Going by the manual the power button does the automatic adjustment function for this model, so set your desktop to the resolution that has this problem and then press the power button to see if it adjusts it correctly. If automatic adjustment doesn't fit the image correctly you can install AOC's i-Menu software and adjust the resolution to fit. If you don't have the CD you can download i-Menu from AOC's glossary page. Adjustment is probably stored per resolution, so you may need to repeat this for other resolutions that don't fit correctly.
  16. Garrett

    Need help on 16x9!

    Did you try the GPU scaling setting? As mentioned by the others above, this will fix this problem (when GPU scaling is enabled the display always receives a native output regardless of the actual resolution being used, so you'll totally bypass this sort of issue). This will also fix having this problem when using borderless with the desktop set to a lower resolution (GPU scaling will take care of the resolution difference).
  17. Garrett

    Forum RSS feed

    This feature hasn't been enabled (I don't have that level of access so I can't sort that out myself). In the meantime another solution is to get notifications by email (use the "follow this forum" button for each of the forum sections you want to follow, then adjust your notification options to get the email frequency you want).
  18. Garrett

    Freelancer Update

    Version v1.1


    Official patch for Freelancer. The Freelancer Update v1.1 is primarily a server update addressing server stability and cheating. There are some client side fixes, the most important being a multiplayer ID generation issue. There is really no need to install the update unless you are running a server or are unable to play multiplayer because you can't get an ID. The update itself contains no localized text, therefore it is applicable for use for the English, French, and German versions of the game. An English, French, or German readme file will be installed depending on the language version of the target operating system.
  19. Garrett

    Primal Prey (Problems

    That's great! I have made a wiki page for this game with the fix instructions. Other details are very basic. A demo exists but I didn't include it on the page because I couldn't get it working (the bundled Real Arcade client says it has expired--this was originally used to turn the demo into a full version after purchase).
  20. Garrett

    Primal Prey (Problems

    Are you getting a dgvoodoo watermark in the corner during gameplay? If dgvoodoo is working the watermark would be visible (unless you disabled it in dgVoodooSetup.exe). In case my instructions weren't clear about copying, you copy the contents of the MS folder to the game's installation folder (so the DLLs end up in the same folder as the game's EXE) rather than copying over the MS folder itself.
  21. Garrett

    Primal Prey (Problems

    Put all the files in the dgvoodoo "MS" folder in the game's installation folder (where the main EXE is). You can use dgVoodooSetup.exe to configure various settings such as removing the watermark or in cases where a game needs a specific video card etc. (many games will work right away without having to adjust anything here).
  22. Garrett

    Primal Prey (Problems

    You could try using dgVoodoo 2--this fixes similar issues in various games so may also work in this case.
  23. No, I didn't make this. That YouTube user has apparently posted various widescreen fixes.
  24. There is now a fix for this game. I haven't tried this myself but it looks like it solves both the stretching and the broken menus.
  25. You would have to first set up a custom resolution for your video card or display. The resolution would probably then show up in the config tool (or could be set in the registry if it's still not listed there).