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  1. Garrett

    Amazon Affiliated IDs

    Affiliate IDs are added through JavaScript for Amazon, GOG.com, etc., so the links themselves don't need to include them. :)
  2. Thanks for the information. XInput Wrapper certainly sounds better so I've updated the pages to use it instead. It's currently a very basic description; feel free to expand/improve the details. :)
  3. The problem appears to be with the implementation. This script rewrites on mouseup whereas others use mousedown. I don't know JavaScript but it should be easy enough to find/make a script that works based on mousedown instead.
  4. Garrett

    Integrating SteamDRM into PCGamingWiki

    It's not viable to put a list that extensive in a switch, nor is there an easy way of automatically adjusting the template based on whether a page already has a Steam availability entry (since each availability row is a template rather than being parameters of the header). It could potentially be implemented as a transcluded template but that would still require inserting it on each page so the effort would not be hugely reduced. One way of handling it would be to put the list up on some temporary sandbox page and then have everyone remove entries as they deal with them bit by bit or whatever (there are only about 280 games on the list right now, many of which probably don't have wiki pages yet). The GitHub page has changelogs for each list type so it would be easy enough to keep an eye on it and integrate the changes.
  5. Garrett

    Supporting the Oculus Rift

    Ah, I was thinking these were features used by the Oculus Rift that varied between games. Anyway, I've added oculus_rift= and oculus_rift_notes= parameters to Template:Video Settings. :)
  6. Garrett

    Cheats, Save Games, and Save Game Syncing

    Cheats and other non-fix content are not included on PCGamingWiki at this point in time (unless they double as a fix). I have added a usage description to Template:Game Location Table. It can't really have specific parameters since games vary so widely in this area. I've updated Template:Save Game Cloud Syncing to include standard parameters for the services currently covered on the wiki. Pages with the previous implementation continue working as-is. I deliberately omitted Dropbox because it doesn't have any game support (so is best covered on the general save game cloud syncing page along with various similar services).
  7. Garrett

    Working on Availability template

    This isn't all the stores; Desura and various others are already implemented. See Template:ID for the full list. :)
  8. Garrett

    Working on Availability template

    So what's the verdict on implementing Soeb's suggested overhaul?
  9. Garrett

    Spam filter!

    I have expanded the whitelist to allow all invisionfree addresses. Let me know if you still have problems. :)
  10. Garrett

    Crowdfunded Games

    I have made an example template (see User:Garrett/Backed for the template source, currently very messy). This template would go directly below the infobox. It supports Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight; support for linking to self-hosted funding (e.g. Star Citizen) would be added in the future. Currency symbols currently can't be included in the money totals used to calculate the funded percentage because this breaks the calculation; I'm not sure how to resolve this. A dollar sign is shown by default or a custom one can be set using the optional currency= parameter. Funding percentage calculation differs from Kickstarter (due to decimal handling) resulting in a potential 1% difference between the two, but that's not a big deal. This template is not ready to implement as yet (source is unoptimised, size/padding is incorrect for matching the infobox, etc.) but it's enough to show the concept and get some feedback. :)
  11. Garrett

    Citation Needed

    OK, I've made Template:Citation needed. It sets a category but currently doesn't have a link (as on Wikipedia) because I'm not sure what it would link to; perhaps the citation category description could be its target?
  12. Garrett

    Citation Needed

    What is the intended use? To have all fixes cited with a source/tester/etc.?
  13. Garrett

    Supporting the Oculus Rift

    I'd suggest having only a true/false/hackable entry in the main video settings template which then links to an Oculus Rift section with true/false/hackable for each feature. The supported games spreadsheet lists the features as 3D, FOV, Warp, Tracking, TrackIR5 and Mouse-Emulation. I have made an example template based on that: User:Garrett/Oculus.
  14. Garrett

    StarCraft II Problems

    This is a technical limitation (it sees the equals sign and thinks it's the end of a parameter name) so it can't be fixed in the template. Most store links don't need equals signs so this usually isn't a problem; Steam and Mac App Store links sometimes generate with them but those parts can be removed.
  15. Garrett

    StarCraft II Problems

    When you need an equals inside a template with unnamed parameters, specify the parameters with numbers. See the diff for what this change looks like. :) You only need to make this adjustment for the affected uses of those templates; others on the page can have unnamed parameters as usual. I have also added Battle.net to the ID template.
  16. Garrett

    Add Information from WSGF

    The column width difference was due a conflict with .template-infotable which caused the specified width to be ignored when colspan was used. I've removed this dependency and adjusted things so the width is the same in both modes. I've also fixed the off-center spacing and adjusted the WSGF image size to appear the same. Alignment of the medals with the ticks isn't perfect because the tick images incorporate their own padding and vary in size (all are 25x25px but the actual size without padding varies). Ideally the ticks would be updated to have the same dimensions and no padding, with padding then applied through CSS to both ticks and medals identically if needed. Thanks for the updated small medals LDK. :)
  17. Garrett

    Add Information from WSGF

    I have integrated WSGF support into Video Settings. The ratings column is only shown when widescreen_wsgf_award= has a value, so existing pages are unaffected. The ratings display the same hover tooltips as on WSGF and link to the WSGF page when a link is provided (otherwise they are not linked). Unfortunately WSGF's Limited, Unsupported and Incomplete badges are unreadable at this size. They should ideally be replaced with something simpler. They are WSGF_WS_Limited.png, WSGF_WS_Unsupported.png, WSGF_WS_Incomplete.png, WSGF_MM_Limited.png, WSGF_MM_Unsupported.png, WSGF_MM_Incomplete.png. I'm no graphic designer so I'll leave that task for someone else. :)
  18. Garrett

    Home page

    This is because Home hides the tagline, thus moving everything up, which is normally preferred for the main page. One solution would be to move them up into the header area (for all pages, not just Home, for consistency).
  19. Garrett

    Multiple versions or editions

    The situation a fix applies to can be noted as part of the header; "rainbow colours (retail version)", "no sound (HD version)", etc., or if there are a great many fixes for only the one version they could all go under a header for that version. If the new version is completely different (e.g. an HD remake using a totally different engine) it should have its own page. Pages should cover all fixes for all releases, generally skipping issues fixed by official patches (issues fixed only by unofficial community patches should still be listed). If a particular issue can't be fixed for a certain release then buying a re-release can be given as a valid solution. One common example of this is Mac OS games with Classic or PowerPC-only versions; these can't run natively on modern systems so the wiki should note the existence of Mac OS X Universal/Intel versions.
  20. Garrett

    ID Improvements

    Mac App Store links can be simplified by removing the question mark and everything after it, so it becomes https://itunes.apple.com/app/cubemen/id466248661 This works for Steam too, and possibly some others that sometimes generate an equals sign. For stores where this isn't possible simply number every parameter, so in this case it's |1= (the link), |2= (the ID template), and |3= (the notes).
  21. Garrett

    ID Improvements

    I have added Green Man Gaming, GameStop PC Downloads (new name of Impulse) and Mac App Store. I didn't add Mac Game Store since that's the only page that has it. I have updated the template to be case-insensitive (Gog, gog and GOG will all produce the same result, etc.); you can find the complete list of recognised names at Template:Distributor.
  22. Garrett

    Universal Sentences

    So something like this then: User:Garrett/Sandbox. The template itself is at User:Garrett/DRM. The first parameter is the DRM, the second is the DRM exception (optional). Both parameters accept custom input.
  23. Garrett

    Add Information from WSGF

    What if the medals had their own column? This would make it clear that these things are medals and avoid having potentially confusing combinations in the same column, e.g. a Yes for native and an Unknown for WSGF for the same feature (unless the plan is for WSGF ratings to only be shown when a rating exists).
  24. Garrett

    Spinning Camera Issues?

    So, to clarify, this is a pirated version? I'd suggest you buy the game (see Availability for some of the many places you can buy it) and see if the problem persists when using a legal version.
  25. Garrett

    Fixboxes unable to contain equal signs

    To avoid this, specify the parameter number as shown in the Sample Article: {{Fixbox|1= This way equals signs are not misinterpreted as parameters. The Team Fortress 2 example you give did not use fixbox in the suggested manner, hence why problems occur when you include equals signs in the template content. I have fixed the page now. If you have problems like this with fixbox in the future, check to see whether it has the |1= part present. This applies to all templates, e.g. if an availability link needs an equals sign simply specify numbered parameters for that use of the template (other uses in the availability list can omit the numbers as usual).