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  1. Yes, you can upgrade a local profile into an online profile but not the other way around; this is part of GfWL's design and not specific to Fallout 3. There's really no reason to use an online profile unless you want to use multiplayer modes or really care about achievements. Games and DLC need to be activated on an online profile but it doesn't have to be the profile you use for single player; you can log into an online profile, activate the game/DLC, then log out and log back into the local profile you are going to use for actually playing that content. Windows 8/RT store apps use a completely new Xbox Live implementation unrelated to GfWL. It will be interesting to see whether this is made available for desktop games at some point.
  2. Garrett

    Xbox One Controller PC compatibility in 2014

    It could be that the controller already does show up as a 360 controller for some games but they're going to do some extra work to improve its detection and avoid a repeat of the problem a few games had with wired vs. wireless 360 controllers. Games specifically targeting the new controller will need an expanded driver anyway since the Xbox One controller has new vibration motors in the triggers that can be tweaked individually. It still has motors in the handles (as with the 360 controller) so older games will probably feel very similar on the new controller.
  3. Steam entries will list "3rd-party DRM: Microsoft" (or similar) but only when that is the only DRM; Grand Theft Auto IV has SecuROM plus GfWL so only lists SecuROM on the store sidebar. You can also check The Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam for details on the specific form of each DRM used by a game. Remember that GfWL supports making a local profile for single player modes. Local profiles don't talk to the server so are unaffected by server connectivity issues; as long as the Games for Windows Live client software is installed and you've done the activation required by the game's form of GfWL DRM you're all set. There are even a couple of games where you can skip GfWL completely by running an alternate executable included with the game (I think Fallout 3 is like that).
  4. Garrett

    Portal 2 - Hangs on exit

    Does the problem still happen if you disable Steam Cloud for this game? Of course doing that would disable save syncing so if that's a feature you want then that isn't an ideal workaround.
  5. Garrett

    Files and posting format

    The ideal solution would be to modify the system to automatically put the file name in the information area to the side (and possibly a checksum hash too). This would also keep the URLs short and accommodate file name changes between versions without breaking existing links. The edge cases (e.g. zipped DLLs) could still be manually mentioned in the page title when needed. In the meantime I'd say it would look better with the file name after the description; normal text is easier to read and many file names don't carry any extra information anyway (game_name_thing_fixed.zip).
  6. Garrett

    Xbox One Controller PC compatibility in 2014

    I don't currently plan on getting the new controller; I already have a wired 360 controller. Having backwards compatibility sounds promising but the game developers' implementations may factor into it; there were a couple of games that worked correctly with the wired 360 controller but not the wireless one so there could be similar problems with the new controller. DualShock 3 wasn't supported because there was no official driver and the unofficial ones were primarily designed for DirectInput (prior to XInput Wrapper), so any developer wanting to properly support PS3 controllers would have to implement overall DirectInput support anyway.
  7. Garrett

    New Forum and Community sites

    New forum is fancy! (This may or may not be a test post for testing purposes).
  8. Version 5.1.2600.0


    d3drm.dll file needed on Windows Vista and newer for some older games that crash citing this file ("d3drm.dll is missing from your computer" or similar). Extract the DLL into the same folder as the game's main executable. This file was extracted from a genuine Windows XP installation CD.
  9. Garrett

    Icon changes

    These look great. Bronze for limited also solves the problem of that grade being the same.
  10. Garrett

    Games with the same name - policy change

    Options 3 and 4 have similar limitations: with options 1 and 2 a search for Tomb Raider will go to the expected game at least some of the time but with disambiguation or series pages those searches will never end up at the correct game. Wikipedia often does this anyway because the base name contains a series overview but this wiki doesn't have that sort of content.
  11. Garrett

    Games with the same name - policy change

    I'm in favour of option 2 for the visitor reasons Hungry eyes outlined. Additional page name changes will be very uncommon; even if Tomb Raider or whatever gets rebooted yet again in a very short time that would probably involve a subtitle or other changes to differentiate it from its recent predecessor. Popularity isn't going to be a problem most of the time either since the original game is generally old enough that those searching for that title will still be expecting the newer game and those wanting the older game will at least be aware that a newer game exists by that name.
  12. Garrett

    Icon changes

    I have updated Template:WSGF to visually match these new icons.
  13. Garrett

    Duke Nukem games

    Done. The settings for the first game are very basic but there they are. I also added a key point about the Nukum naming.
  14. Garrett

    Topic: Need help with Assignments

    I have updated Notable releases with Steam's current/future releases. What determines whether an assignment game should have a Port Report? Is this only applicable when it is specified in the assignment post?
  15. Garrett

    Key points regulation

    I was referring to the mention of planned Linux ports etc., not the quality of the game itself (I've reworded that part to be clearer). When a game's quality is a key point the point should briefly describe the problems and have one or more references to a review or Port Report or whatever to explain in more detail. Some pages list Wine compatibility as a key point but this should be avoided because Wine compatibility changes based on various variables; possible implementations are currently being discussed in a different topic, WINEHQ Information on Pages.
  16. Garrett

    Key points regulation

    System requirements should only be key points if they are currently relevant. Halo 2's Vista requirement is now standard and expected whereas Crysis 3's DirectX 11 card requirement is still unusual; Crysis 3 would then lose this key point once that requirement becomes the new standard. Details of future ports for Linux etc. shouldn't be key points. The wiki's scope is dealing with what exists. If it's confirmed it goes in the infobox. EDIT: reworded the second part for clarity. :)
  17. Hmm, I don't have the full version to test, but that's the location used by the GameSave Manger database file and some forum threads. The trial version saves into a comparable location within the same tree. The location might differ on XP if you're still using that, or for some other reason, but either way it shouldn't be only found within HKEY_USERS. Yes, you can add or change registry entries in the standard locations a game expects, either manually or with a .reg file, and those will then carry over to the applicable user account(s). Some fixes on the wiki already use such methods, e.g. SimCity 2000.
  18. HKEY_USERS isn't used directly; it is mirrored into the other HKEY locations when logged in as that user. The string of numbers is a globally unique identifier specific to each user. In this case the correct paths are: 64-bit Windows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Games\Age of Empires\1.00 32-bit Windows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Games\Age of Empires\1.00
  19. Garrett

    XBox One reveal

    The Kinect doesn't have to talk to anywhere for its standby watching/listening functionality, it's done locally much like Windows' speech recognition (which can similarly be set to an always listening mode). Registering games was expected and inevitable. This solves publishers jealousy of the used games market and has some added benefits for players (losing the disc doesn't equal losing the game). It's not yet clear how this will work without an internet connection. As for the online requirement I wouldn't be too concerned about that; a very large percentage of 360 owners don't have Gold, so any game that artificially requires it for single player would probably see worse sales. The console already has inherent piracy/second-hand blocking so there's currently little benefit to implementing an online requirement as a form of DRM.
  20. Some players might prefer having mouse acceleration enabled so it should still be given as false if it is locked at an off state. In general: True means there is a visible option listed in-game or in the launcher/setup tool bundled with it. Hackable is anything not given as a visible option; this includes shortcut parameters and in-game console commands. Settings that are seemingly possible but don't produce the expected result should be listed as false. Some games can be set to widescreen resolutions but everything then stretches/letterboxes from 4:3. There are also some cases where features that were true/hackable back in the day no longer work on modern Windows versions, e.g. a windowed mode now displays corrupted graphics; these should also be listed as false with the incompatible setting mentioned in the notes.
  21. I have renamed the parameters to borderless_windowed which should make it clear that this is not related to normal fullscreen mode. I will begin moving old pages towards this format. Any occurrence that doesn't specify the borderless method in the notes will be changed to unknown.
  22. Garrett

    Responsive System Requirements template

    This is possible but would require a lot of nested calls since there is no one parameter that is always present. It would be easier to set it up so that individual rows span across both columns when the recommended data is not present.
  23. Garrett

    Nice Article Andy

    You'd probably get a bigger response from a PC-specific site; PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, True PC Gaming, etc.
  24. Garrett

    Game Expansion Infoboxes

    I suggest removing them. They don't provide additional relevant information.
  25. Garrett

    Amazon Affiliated IDs

    Affiliate IDs are added through JavaScript for Amazon, GOG.com, etc., so the links themselves don't need to include them. :)