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    OpenAL extracted from a Creative driver installer. This is an official update and is newer than the version on Creative's site. Games that include OpenAL32.dll will not use the updated file unless you delete or replace the game's own version to make it see the new one instead.
  2. Version 1.01


    This fixes the issue with some Tomb Raider games showing a window border when in fullscreen mode on Windows 8 and newer. This fix applies to Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider Chronicles and Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Extract anywhere and run install.bat to install the fix. This fix works by applying the ForceSimpleWindow compatibility fix for the game executables.
  3. Garrett

    Max Payne sound fix



    Fix for Max Payne sound/audio problems on Windows Vista and later. This fix was made by DarkjeThe2nd and was originally downloaded from Steam Users' Forums.
  4. Garrett

    Rodent's Revenge



    Freeware release of Rodent's Revenge. This game was originally downloaded from Microsoft's FTP server. The original self-extracting archive has been repackaged as Zip and updated to include the required DLL files (VBRUN100.DLL and WEPUTIL.DLL). This is a 16-bit game; for 64-bit versions of Windows a virtual machine or emulator is needed to run this game.
  5. Garrett

    Rattler Race



    Freeware release of Rattler Race. This game was originally downloaded from Microsoft's FTP server. The original self-extracting archive has been repackaged as Zip and updated to include the required VBRUN100.DLL. This is a 16-bit game; for 64-bit versions of Windows a virtual machine or emulator is needed to run this game.
  6. Garrett

    Seriesbox: Linking to parent series

    I have made a sample implementation, see what you think. The only parameter is the name of the series.
  7. Garrett

    SteamPlay/Proton Support

    I meant you can add it with "Steam" as the label for the path. I have reworded the path mention in the note.
  8. Garrett

    (Concluded) Edits removed

    Do you remember what it was that you added? I'm not familiar with this game but it looks like most things that were added anonymously are still present except for a couple of alternate fixes such as launching the game with "/B /GDBShaders KKMaps.bf" to fix a "BigFile" error--maybe that is one of the fixes you're referring to? If you're not sure what your changes were you can click on the "History" tab at the top of the page to see the full revision history. Other users might have decided to remove a particular fix if they thought the instructions weren't clear enough or the fix didn't work on their end.
  9. Garrett

    SteamPlay/Proton Support

    Steam Play Compatibility Reports provides functionality along those lines (this seems to be the main community site for this purpose). Additionally, games are also being logged (in a less structured way) on the GitHub Issues page. As a result I would not expect to see a database like this on PCGamingWiki in the near future (but these other sites might be linked to). Some games store data in a userdata path like that in addition to or instead of the Windows paths listed. I have reworded the note to make this clearer. If a "Steam" path such as this isn't listed for a game you can add it (this isn't automated because because use of this folder varies--even some games with Steam Cloud support actually store the files in the standard Windows locations and then upload to the cloud from there).
  10. This game starts after a couple of fixes: Download ogg-winmm. Extract everything to the installation folder. Download dgVoodoo 2. Extract the contents of the MS folder into the installation folder. The game should now start. If you want to disable the watermark you can change this in dgVoodooCpl.exe. EDIT: As noted on Discord, CD music seems to be broken even after these fixes (no music, music slider can't be adjusted in-game) despite following the ogg-winmm steps for ripping the music in OGG format.
  11. This game uses SafeDisc copy protection. SafeDisc has been disabled by Microsoft as part of an update due to security concerns. You could try starting the service manually before running the game (see MS15-097).
  12. Garrett

    (Concluded) Latam language.

    Based on your suggestion I have renamed Mexican Spanish to Latin American Spanish (I delayed implementing this because I don't know enough about the situation for this language). Using either name on a game page will work.
  13. Great, I've added these paths to the page now.
  14. Version v5.91 (


    Unofficial patch for James Bond 007: Nightfire by click4dylan and team. ​ ​Use the "lite" version for non-English game versions or Minimal Installation. About This patch is mandatory for players who wish to continue to playing online after May 31, 2014. The online server browser will no longer function after this date unless you install this update. Changelog Nightfire now supports dynamic lights, the ability to download new custom maps off servers automatically when joining. Also, the game will notify you if there is a new update available and ask you if you would like to install it. Includes improvements to netcode, fixes numerous problems that would cause the game to crash to desktop, improves frame rate, heavily reduces lag and disconnects while playing multiplayer, adds the ability to change the field of view for widescreen monitors. The console is also enabled automatically when installing this patch. Many other improvements over the years have been made as well. Requirements Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Click here to download. If you receive an error message about .NET Framework and you have Windows 7 or Windows 8, please follow this guide: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2785188 Installation To install this, simply unzip the file and then run the Nightfire Patch Setup Wizard. Make sure you are running the game as administrator or automatic updates will fail to install. Be sure to install to the correct folder where your Nightfire installation is located or the update will have no effect. This patch does not require the CD to launch the game and will work with any version of the game. It is fully compatible with older servers, unlike the older 1.1 patch.
  15. Garrett

    Confirmation Email Error

    This has now been fixed.
  16. Garrett

    Confirmation Email Error

    I just checked this and it's definitely broken (as in your case my address is very ordinary so this is not the cause of the error). I've added a Trello card for this issue.
  17. Garrett

    3D stereoscopic display

    This information is part of the VR support template. See the Editing guide section for further details.
  18. Version


    Blank intro video files for WRC 7: FIA World Rally Championship. Extract to WIN32\Movies\ in the installation folder, confirming the replacement of the existing files when prompted.
  19. Garrett

    Outcast patches 1-3



    Official patches for Outcast. Install each patch in order.
  20. Garrett

    Arsenal: Taste the Power demo



    Demo for Arsenal: Taste the Power.
  21. Garrett

    Montezuma's Return! intro skip



    Replacement intro video for Montezuma's Return!. Install the game with the Huge install size. Extract the replacement utopia1.smk into the installation folder. Confirm the replacement of the existing file when prompted. The title screen will still be shown.
  22. Garrett

    Space Clash

    You may be able to get the space campaign to start by doing the following: Download the latest version of dgVoodoo 2. Extract the contents of the MS folder into the game's installation folder. Run the game normally. I have no idea whether this works reliably at this point. Each language was sold separately (so there may be some differences there) and I also had some behavior differences between the versions of Windows I tested it on. Based on my testing this does not fix the temporary color corruption on the main menu and it may also cause videos to show no picture (you can play the videos on the CD outside the game if you want to see what you've missed). If this works on your end do let me know what language your game CD is and what version of Windows you're playing on.
  23. Garrett

    CD audio tracks

    Do you have a particular situation in mind where this information would be useful?
  24. Garrett

    Names without caps

    This wiki follows a naming convention similar to Wikipedia etc. where normal words are written in title case (this does not apply to acronyms and some other situations).
  25. You can use DevCon to disable devices (further details here). This is the equivalent of disabling a device through the Device Manager. You could make a set of batch files that run DevCon with the commands needed to get just the controller you need. x360ce only works for games that use the XInput API since it overrides the DLL. You might need to use a different DLL name (the x360ce documentation lists some known DLL names to try). If a game uses other methods (such as DirectInput or raw input) you'll need to use a different program.