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  1. MichaelBuble

    Portal 2 - Hangs on exit

    I haven't tried that but I noticed it wouldn't begin syncing until it was force quit. That and I would like it to sync my progress so I'll put up with it for now.
  2. MichaelBuble

    Portal 2 - Hangs on exit

    Seems like it, I did get the game during the sale around then so hopefully they come out with a patch soon.
  3. MichaelBuble

    Should I get a new PSU?

    Seeing as your crashing started recently, did you make any hardware modifications around that time?
  4. Hi all, As the title suggests, the game will crash when I press the exit button on the main menu after playing a couple of levels. Although it's not the most serious issue, it does get annoying when I repeatedly have to use task manager to quit it in order to let steam synchronise my progress. I've checked the wiki and can't find a solution.
  5. MichaelBuble

    What's the origin of your name?

    Michael Bublé