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  1. Krvavi Abadas

    New Forum and Community sites

    Well i guess the forums are finally here, take a look at me! I can finally log on properly! and it even works with OpenID!
  2. Krvavi Abadas

    You are absolutely insane

    It's supposed to be initial releases if i remember correctly.
  3. This fixed the problem, Thanks.
  4. Krvavi Abadas

    Hotline Miami

    I'm expecting it to end up in an Indie Royale eventually, so i haven't bought it yet.
  5. I just set a custom resolution in Serious Sam: The First Encounter and there is black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Anyway i can get the game to display the custom resolution completely?
  6. The Steam Forums and Neogaf have one, so why not us? :ugeek: Bundle Stars #2 - Indie Jam Unstoppable Gorg Stellar Impact Twin Sector Dead Horde Future Wars Grotesque Tactics Greed: Black Border Indie Gala - Magicka Bundle You Are Empty Trine -- BTA -- Cities in Motion Deponia Magicka (Includes Vietnam expansion) Painkiller: Black Edition Indie Royale - the Snow Storm Bundle Resonance Hinterland (Includes Soundtrack) RoboBlitz (Includes Soundtrack) StarDrone (Includes Soundtrack) Project Aftermath RobotRiot (Includes Soundtrack) Current Game on IndieGameStand: Alien Hallway (also includes Alien Shooter, Zombie Shooter, and Thesesus if you BTA)