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  1. OpenAL Soft Linux Pack

    This is a pack containing a compiled OpenAL Soft libraries and softwares for Linux use. It was compiled by me (KayX291) in order to help newcomers with using OpenAL Soft without trying to compile it by themselves. It can be used for specific software which uses OpenAL or use it in your system as a replacement.
    The main difference between OpenAL and OpenAL Soft is the fact that the latter is not only open source, but also a support for mono, stereo, 4-channel, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and HRTF output. But with the configurator, you can customize and even enhance the sound output with filters, effects etc.
    It contains:
    - OpenAL Soft libraries
    - OpenAL Soft GUI Configurator
    - HRTF files
    - alsoftrc sample file
    and more.
    They are available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
    Dependencies required:
    Qt5 and pressumably SDL2 (For GUI configurator to work)
    Compiled on:
    ArchLinux - 64 bit
    Manjaro 17.0.6 (via VirtualBox) - 32 bit
    Loki Software for OpenAL
    KCat for OpenAL Soft
    Me for compiling em




  2. BStone - Linux (Precompiled)

    This is a source port for two Blake Stone games called BStone, compiled by me since in the GitHub page the creator did not include the precompiled one cept for Windows one.
    It is based on the 1.1.9 source code, than the development version so it is generally stable.
    All you need to do is just put the binary file into the main game folder and you're ready to go. It supports Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike
    BStone was made by Boris I. Bendovsky
    Compiled by KayX291
    Dependencies required to run:
    SDL v.2.0.1 (Also known as SDL2) or newer
    Main page (with instructions) and the source code can be found in this link:




  3. UT Native Linux (451 Patched)

    This is a bundle created for the sake of playing Unreal Tournament on Linux system.
    It is based on Flibitijibibo's UT Linux Steam Install pack, but implemented the unofficial 451 Patch.
    Be sure to read the README-KayX291.txt first!
    The only thing you are required are the game assets which can be found by buying the game from Steam, GOG.com, Retail etc.
    NOTE: If you encounter any issue regarding connecting to servers that rely on UTPG's patch (Such as Multiplay ones), you have no choice but to use the Flibitijibibo's UT Linux Steam Install pack.
    Non-Steam users can just copy and paste the content of his pack into main game folder, but if you wish to use some of the content I've made for this patch, I have uploaded the Extras for that.




  4. Extras For Flibitijibibo's UTLinux

    This is a pack of goodies that were used for my UT Native Linux 451 Patched.
    It basically contains all the content from the Goodies such as:
    * Chris Donhal's OpenGLDrv
    * Loki Compatibility Libs
    * Server Creation Wiki page in text form
    * NPLoader files
    It also includes the "ut-fps" script and the Troubleshooting text file in case if you encounter any issues.
    This was made due to the fact that there is an issue regarding difficulties to connecting server which use 451 version from UTPG's. However, the mentioned version is backwards compatible with 436, which Flibitijibibo's back was made on.




  5. Fixed game.cue sheets for Quake The Offering (GOG.com version)

    This is for the GOG.com version of the Quake: The Offering ONLY
    This pack contains a fix for the incorrect CUE sheets for both Quake 1 and Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity. Unpack both of these files to the main folder of the game.




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