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  1. I'm stuck with the middle two vault doors, blue and green. I can get the yellow/gold one easily enough, and the purple one, which stays open if you link it to the motion detector a couple of floors below. But I don't see a way of getting the middle two open. There are no alarms or other devices with a delay which can be activated and give you time to get back to the doors when they're still open. What am I missing?
  2. Evilpilch

    Frog Man

    Nice level! Though I didn't really play as intended - I don't think. I did less precise jumping, just activated the guards and picked the pros off one by one and then wired up the vaults and away I was! Really enjoyed it though. Very different!
  3. Hmmm - having real difficulty with this one! Love the concept though. I got the guard down to the 3rd level once, but he doesn't seem to always follow the triggers for some reason. Basically what I did was use the alarms to bump him down each floor. But the first floor he drops down to (second from top) has that gold door which will kill him if he goes through it. So I stop him from going that way by first using the motion detector on his original floor to close the red door which leads through to the gold door. I kill the lights on that level to make him use the light switch and I wire
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