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  1. Smaller medals in two resolutions: 100x100 as digital distribution stores icons and 25x25 as tics icons in settings table.
  2. And where would you put fix, where you don't know on which platform it works? For example fix could work on linux or mac, but I'm unable to test this.
  3. Good idea. It can be stored in cheat sheet section on sample article.
  4. I'm for not stylized names and when is possible, set up redirect with stylized names.
  5. How about collapsible elements that are hidden by default like this: http://heroeswiki.com/Help:Collapsible_tables
  6. Just quick fix: I've deleted black background and cleaned edges of the PC case. However I have not touched lighter lines inside the case. Will that be enough? I would suggest to trace everything and convert to vectors. I could do that when my schedule clears little bit (which should be at the end of next week).
  7. Can somebody add Get Games, Impulse (or GameStop) and Greem Man Gaming to distributor template? They seems to have quite large libraries...
  8. I'm for in. But even basic skeleton article (like http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/BioShock_Infinite for example ) takes time to research and fill as much information as possible. So I'd rather have red link for a few days than have a blue link and article with only infobox or link to forums (like http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Farming_Simulator_2013 )
  9. Could you also specify what do you mean by meaningful contribution? Maybe show some examples like article cleanup, addition of several fixes etc. Also I have Steam key for Saints Row: The Third from Humble Bundle which I can donate to prize pool.
  10. You can add to rules, that contestants have to enter official PCGW Steam Group. That way you could send messages directly via member list. What about disqualify contestants with empty Steam accounts? Contestants have to set their Steam account to public on 11th February so you can verify that this is legit person.
  11. I've also experienced this issue few weeks back and cookies deletion fix it.
  12. Could you please define "stutter"? Upload Fraps recording to youtube if you can. Is it jerky movement? Sticking on one place and then suddenly jumps away? Massive delay between physical mouse movement and movement on the screen? Some general fixes: - disable V-sync - causing input lag and should be always disable - limit USB pooling rate within your mouse software - connect your mouse to PS/2 - experiment with frame limiter - some games runs badly with capped FPS, some needs to be capped
  13. I've added note yesterday. However Krvavi Abadas did not noticed and added his note as well :lol:
  14. you have to disable Widescreen in rendering menu. My copy worked when I set random 4:3 resolution in menu, restarted game, disabled widescreen, restarted game to check, if it is fullscreen without black bars and then set custom resolution in .ini file.
  15. LDK

    Port Report: Rise of the Triad

    Port Report: Rise of the Triad
  16. LDK

    Port Report: Rise of the Triad

    Port Report: Rise of the Triad
  17. LDK

    Port Report: Shadow Warrior

    Port Report: Shadow Warrior
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