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  1. Nice report. Figured about the bad ui controls, though never saw anyone mention it tell now.. Ill wait for some mods. Some minor things though: TXAA is an nvidia exclusive technology. It 100% doesn't function on AMD cards. As such it's very rarely seen. Plus it's rather garbage, and is complex enough to require nvidia's aid to implement, so extremely few games have it, and hopefully next to none in the future. Why: It's a render based AA technique, which would be awesome since so few triple A games these days include one.. But it's essentially MSAA + Temporal (post processing) AA. In the end you get the worst of both words: Similar or heavier performance hit then MSAA. (Huge reason it's often ignored on console centric games like this) Similar or worse blurring then TAA So it's like full motion vaseline on the screen like you get with low quality FXAA/TAA, but with added performance impact. That said, the game does have one nvidia designed piece of tech, so it does run better on nvidia cards: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2015/11/04/fallout-4/ And imo calling it a "renamed gamebryo" is pretty foolish. It's a screwed up version of the creation engine (perhaps an upgrade for consoles, but downgrade for PCs with the lack of MSAA) I mean with that logic you can call unreal engine 4 a renamed version of unreal engine 3/2/1.. Or source engine a renamed version of quake 2s engine, or IDtech2.. If nothing was changed, sure it's renamed.. But quite a ton was changed since gamebryo. (Dx11, deferred rendering, msaa broken, etc) Well hopefully there are some AA bits to enable proper AA. I imagine the skyrim ones work at least for SGSSAA.
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