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  1. Rob

    Frog Man

    That's a really good idea. I didn't even think of breaking the glass as you jump in. The level now has reinforced glass.
  2. Rob

    Frog Man

    I wanted to explore the concept of an open room where precise jumping and timing are paramount. Here is a look into that. Let me know how you like it in the comments. Synopsis: --- Agent: We have reports of an illegal drug trafficking operation out of an abandoned warehouse at pier 5. We don't have enough evidence for a warrant yet. That's where you come in. The place is heavily guarded so watch your back. HQ out. --- Frog Man.lvl
  3. I was able to beat it without using any links. I only had to break a few key windows and knock the guard out. Maybe consider putting a few more guards around...
  4. Oh, one more thing. I think you put the stairwells too close together in the middle section. You can access all four in a row pretty much bypassing the trap door problem on the right side of the level.
  5. Ha! I beat it! Level works great now. That was VERY challenging. I found an alternate path by linking all the doors together on a loop. Here's what my cross-link looked like at the end: Here's my rating: Difficulty: 10/10 Fun: 9/10 (especially if you like infuriating puzzles) Great job.
  6. Not bad. Here's how I rate it. Difficulty: 2/10 Fun: 5/10
  7. The elevators didn't seem to be working...I found out that there is no actual elevator to go between the floors. After I fixed that, you stumped me on the blue trap door. I can't seem to get any of the guards to go up to the blue scanner, and there are no other triggers that cross over to blue. If there's another way to get the blue trap door back open please let me know. As is, I don't think it's possible.
  8. This was a fun one. Good job. Here's how I rate it: Difficulty: 6/10 Fun: 8/10
  9. Rob

    Terminal 1

    I don't see the attachment...
  10. Here is a first attempt. It shouldn't be too difficult, and I tried to make sure there were no places you could get stuck. Please let me know if it's buggy in the comments. The elevators were freaking out on me, but I think I got them acting stable now. Here's the backstory: --------------- Mission Status - FAIL Agent, you are officially off the grid. We will deny any knowledge of your existence if you are caught. You know the rules. Should you make it out of here by some miracle meet up at safehouse #3 by 2:12am. We will not wait for you. You are on your own. -HQ P.S. If you
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