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  1. Wow, Thanks for the feedback we really appreciate it! In a few days we may update the maps based of what you said... P.s Boozabell will be happy to hear No complaints about button placements, as he Corrected every button i placed on all The maps i made for this pack (2, 5, 7)
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I'm Glad you enjoyed our maps.
  3. **GATECRASHER NOT SUPPORTED** **Want the Full Experience sell that Perk and buy it back after** This is a Map pack Featuring 7 New Levels Made by Me & a friend Who goes by the name "BoozaBell" These are Short If your plan is to Run & Gun, But if You want to get Ghost and Gentlemen These Map Are Challenging If you do Play the maps Please Tell us How Liked/Hated these Maps Thank you! Check Out the trailer: How To Install: Hope You Enjoy our maps! Map Pack Levels.zip
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