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  1. Really doesnt work with Gatecrasher... Literally just ran through every single floor without stopping.
  2. really good well thought out level. gentleman, Ghost and Ninja achieved first play.
  3. Nice simple level... I like it. I would replace some of the doors with Vault doors to make it harder... as it didnt take much use of crosswire - Also not sure I had to use the Blue Circuit at all to complete. Got ninja on 2nd attempt :)
  4. Hi All - Terrible Unoriginal name to start with so suggestions on a post card! It is my first play with the level editor (like many) so decided to keep it simple... get to the top grab the laptop get out. The secondary objective is probably more fun, there are quite a few ways to get to that. It should be impossible not to attract the attention of some guards at some point. Whether or not you kill or injure them is totally up to you :D Anyway any feedback would be greatly received!! Screenshot: Office Block.lvl
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